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Game Maker Games - Hard Hat: The Rebellion
Hard Hat: The Rebellion by Damaged
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Review by Serrellious
Game Overview

The theme of Hard Hat is simple: you are a disgruntled Met from the MegaMan series who has become seriously perturbed with Dr. Wily for not having an action packed life. Thus, you take it into your own hands to make some action for yourself, and go join Dr. Light. Personally, I found this entire series of events quite amusing, and that in itself was enough for me to try out the game.

Graphics: 9/10

I have to give congrats to the author of this game for well done graphics. Although when contrasted with other games, Hard Hat’s graphics may be articulated as simple, you only truly realize how much work went into creating them once you try and make similar graphics yourself. I’m sure you’ll find that it’s actually quite complicated to create a pixilated robot with the same refined quality that is found in Hard Hat. To top everything off, all of Hard Hat’s graphics don’t vary at all in style, which makes each graphic look almost natural to the picture—unlike in other games, where 3D objects may be posed against a 2D background or vice versa.

Sometimes, however, I felt that the Met sprite was a bit too simple and that the backgrounds were a bit too empty. A little bit more doodad in the background would certainly have added quite a bit in my opinion.

Music: 10/10

I have absolutely no complaints with the music. I rather liked the entire 8-bit theme as well, seeing as to how it went well with the graphics in the game. And most of all, the music was as it should be in all MegaMan games: fast paced, brilliantly composed and something that gives you a natural rhythm while playing. It’s this kind of music that really adds depth to the game.

Sound Effects 10/10

Never once did I find the sound effects annoying or nagging in any way. Quite the opposite, in fact—whereas, in most games, I often find bad choices for sound effects, here, I liked every sound effect for how it blended in quite well with the music, making everything quite enjoyable.

Game Play: 9/10

Although the entire game was stages exactly as a MegaMan game should be, with cool enemies, insane obstacles to get past and such, I found some key elements that I really loved from the MegaMan X series missing. This included the charge beam, the dash, and the wall jump. As I remembered, those moves are what really made MegaMan so “Mega”. But, sad to say, a Met isn’t that “Mega” so I guess my hopes were somewhat in vain when expecting such a move from them.

Besides that, however, everything ran and played as smooth as silk.

Replay Value: 10/10

Like all MegaMan games I have played, I would certainly go through the entire game at least once more in order to flaunt my skills to myself and have fun as a "truly" skilled robot with a gun! I mean, I especially love how after beating an entire MegaMan game, if you go back and defeat previous bosses, you tell yourself "what? And I was having trouble beating THIS guy?!"

Overall: 9/10

I honestly hope that the series is renamed to “MegaMet” and Met given the dash, wall jump and charge beam back. But besides that, everything ran so well together…this was certainly one of the smoothest GameMaker games I have ever played. It is a must-download for anybody, MegaMan fan or not.

Highs: Everything fit one common theme, and thus ran extremely smoothly. Simple but great graphics, awesome music and very fitting sound effect choices.
Lows: Met sprite was a bit too simple, backgrounds were sometimes too simple.

The Author Wrote:
A Mega Man fan game where you play as a "Met" from all of the games in the Mega Man series. Hard Hat is PO'd at Dr. Wily for never making him a robot master.

Download Hard Hat: The Rebellion (EXE, ~2.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.14 deadcarno
Rating: 9

A fun and challenging game. I made it more difficult on myself than necessary by forgetting to use my special weapons during levels. I'm used to using my cannon in Megaman games.

The first Wily level is especially frustrating. The later ones are easier and generous in E and W-tanks.

Good music, 8 bit graphic goodness, and has that addiction that brings you back even after you're frustrated. Onto Hard Hat 2!
2008.08.21 The HammerHead
Rating: --

You do know why the game freezes for a split second when the music starts over, don't you, 'Some Guy'? Midi music does that to Game Maker for some reason. It was fixed in later versions of GM, but as far as I know, with GM 5 and down, it does that. How long the pause is depends on how big the midi song is. Just thought I'd let you know that there is no way to fix that to my knowledge.
Anyway, 'Damaged', good game.
2006.02.13 vorpal86
Rating: 7

About the sound, gameplay and graphics. Yes, Capcom did a wonderful job on the graphics. ;)

Gameplay is cool, however. I never knew Game maker was this nice, prolly cause I hadn't gotten that good yet.

Keep up the inspirational game design!
2005.08.23 Papereater productions
Rating: 9

You know i love this game... all of them.. 1,2 and version three!
2005.06.14 Some Guy
Rating: 7

The levels range from very easy to somewhat difficult. I am a huge fan of Mega Man games and this one follows in the tradition quite nicely, with a new twist. You're the famous Hard Hat character. What might be cool is if you could charge the main weapon. If you can, I haven't found out a way to do it. Another thing is, I've found all of the bosses I've faced to be extremely easy to beat. I went in with half my energy and won. I haven't fought all of the bosses yet, but I have a feeling that they will be pretty much as easy to beat. Overall, it's good with some bugs, like the game freezing when the music starts over again and sometimes I find myself stuck for a brief moment for no reason. Hmmm...
2004.10.10 metal chao
Rating: --

This game is fantastic, like the prequal!
Even though I find it very hard, like the prequal :P
2004.09.19 The Red Mage
Rating: 10

I just love this game! I've already beaten three bosses! (Needle, Spark, and Metal)
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