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Game Maker Games - Kylšt
 Kylšt by Sampe
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Review by Jabberwock
Kylat is a short, punishing and unusually entertaining adventure game, with a surreal setting and quite a bit of originality. In it, you play as a fisherman who gets dragged underneath the ocean and must solve a conflict between two races, with the help of a trusty sword and some sort of magical shield.

The game does not really have that much to it - only a half-dozen or so rooms. But don't let that fool you; the game will probably take you quite a while to beat. The game is quite difficult from the get-go, probably excessively so; obstacles are numerous, pickups are few, and unless you remember to put up your shield in time (unless you don't have any charge left, in which case you're really screwed), your health will disappear as quickly as a black puppy on a moonless night. The gameplay is not really well balanced at all, and there are a few small-but-annoying errors that don't help matters. Still, the challenges are never unsurmountable, and the interesting levels and relatively amusing (despite sometimes-rough English translation) storyline are incentive enough to keep going. Also, despite their difficulty, the levels are quite fun; they usually take more strategy than just muscling through, and the final challenge in particular was pretty original. And the programming is (mostly) sound, so if you die, operator error is probably to blame. I guess that's really not all that comforting.

Graphically, Kylat reminds me a lot of a couple of darthlupi's games, specifically Legend of Shadow and The Cleaner. In fact, had I not known otherwise, I would have thought that they were made by darthlupi. I don't think this is a bad thing; if you're going to imitate someone's style, I'd say darthlupi is a good person to choose, and the imitation is a very good one. Like The Cleaner, the animation is clean, the locales interesting, the particle effects nice and juicy, and the creatures pleasantly bizarre. The cutscenes also resemble those of The Cleaner, but in this case I don't think they are really as well done. The game graphics are quite nice, but the sketchy cutscene graphics leave something to be desired.

There isn't a lot of sound; only a couple track of semi-musical ambience to add drama during the cutscenes, a little bit of not-bad but extremely unmemorable music ingame, and some sound effects for stuff like swinging the sword. It's all good-quality, but nothing exceptional.

Conclusion? In spite of pretty poorly-adjusted gameplay, Kylat manages to be a winner (literally as well as figuratively, as it won the Three-Word Contest). The style is spot-on, the levels, though few and too difficult, provide interesting challenges, and the game as a whole, though it borrows from darthlupi, is pretty darn original.

Download Kylšt (EXE, ~8.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.10 Sampe
Rating: --

Jabberwock, thanks for the honest review. :) You brought up the points where I could have improved a lot. Yeah, to make this clear, I was inspired a lot by Darthlupi. :) Well, yes, I agree with almost everything you wrote. :D
2007.09.30 cranegames
Rating: 7

It had graphics similar to The Cleaner, and it also had attacking and stuff like the shadow ninja game (I forget the name).

I found it really hard though...and difficult to adapt to the controls. I also didn't like the talking. 7/10
2007.08.17 excalibur333
Rating: 7

Pretty cool. I like the particals. It seemed like Ledgend of Shadow only not quite as good, but it is still a very cool game.
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