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Game Maker Games - Deo Dorant
 Deo Dorant by Majs
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Review by Jabberwock
Briefly put, Deo Dorant is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting Game Maker platform games to be released this year, possibly the most interesting. It's purposefully modeled off of old DOS platformers (I guess I must be a little biased, since those were the games I grew up playing), and I think it does a pretty good job of it.

Whether or not you're in the mood for a blast from the past, though, this game might amuse you. It features some vague semblance of a storyline, though it isn't one that makes a lot of (or, well, any, actually) sense. I won't explain it. It's too weird to explain; also, it's not really the game's selling point or anything.

The game mechanics and programming are all sound, though there are a couple of design flaws; some of the enemies and obstacles are a little too erratic in their movement, making the game unneccesarily frustrating (though the addition of a save/load on the spot feature makes things a lot easier, should you choose to use it). Anyways, the game consists of a series of linear levels that start out a single screen and gradually get larger and larger. In them, you must press switches and avoid various types of spiders and obstacles, like lava, spikes, and shooting darts. It's all pretty well-excecuted, and the level design is admirable. The main character is exasperatingly slow-moving, though, which, while it might contribute to the suspense while being chased down by an enormous spider, is still very frustrating.

The graphics adhere excellently to the formula; they're some of the best retro graphics I've seen in a while. They remind me a lot of the graphics of several old Apogee platformers, specifically Crystal Caves and the Commander Keen games. The backgrounds are all pretty similar, since the game takes place in a cave; there are a couple of different tilesets, but graphical diversity is not the game's strongest quality. The animations are well done and sometimes pretty amusing; one of the things that endeared me to this game is the way the main character's hair flops around as he jumps, and there is a certain enemy which hangs from the ceiling waiting to devour our hero's brains that's pretty funny to watch, as well. The opening and ending videos are pretty interesting also. All of the graphics fit nicely; I can't think of anything that was out of place.

There isn't a lot of sound; there are a couple tracks of music, which I rather like and which fit the motif well, and there are a few simple sound effects scattered around. Overall, in the area of sound it's about what you'd expect from a freeware job that only took a few weeks or so.

No one part of this game is really stellar on its own, but when you take them all together, they somehow manage to make magic - modest magic, but magic nonetheless.

Download Deo Dorant (EXE, ~1.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Deo Dorant

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2011.05.23 wulf
Rating: --

Found a mirror http://www.planetfreeplay.com/download/Deo-Dorant/
2008.08.01 MOG 10
Rating: 8

Was a fun and clever game. My favourite part was the lava jumping! The level design was spot on and the tasks were fun and challenging. Music was pretty good to. Graphics were perfectly suited to game like this. Nice ending also! Well done!
2008.07.25 The HammerHead
Rating: --

I like the way it brings back memories of old games. Ever played Lemmings? The little character you are made me think of a lemming. Well done...
2008.07.18 Matyr Muu
Rating: 7

I liked it; bar the random setting of the game. The level design was very creative and interesting however.

2008.06.02 erty906
Rating: 9

Deo Dorant ? Weird name...

The game was really nice, good job !
2007.06.18 EagloBane
Rating: --

The link doesn't seem to be working for me... but it looks interesting. Please fix.
2007.06.11 E.G. Ordacle
Rating: 7

Cool game. Reminds me of old times. Everything is well made, altough the little character was a little slow for my taste. Still, pretty cool. You did a good job with the level design.
2007.06.11 Mooseyfates
Rating: 8

The graphics and the gameplay was great. it was too short and would've been better if it had been less of a puzzle game.
2007.06.10 Nobody
Rating: 9

Awesome game, great gameplay. Make more stuff!
2007.06.10 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 5

Music was repetitive, but still worked. Graphics were pixelly and terrible, but somehow fit the game. Overall game mechanics flowed nicely, game got increasingly harder. It did everything it was supposed to do, but it had no plot, no weapon/skill upgrades (or weapons/skills in the first place), and there wasn't much to do. I understand it was supposed to be a nice remake of a dos game, with that sort of feel to it, and the puzzles were well crafted, but I just didn't care for it all that much. There was no final boss, the game didn't make much sense, the game just sort of randomly ended at a weird party. It needs more. It needs more levels or worlds, a story, lots of things.
2007.06.09 Spector__Killer
Rating: 6

It was an ok game the graphics were quite nice but the player was to slow for my liking, which annoyed me so much I quite playing after dying a couple times on this 1 annoying level.
2007.05.30 Majs
Rating: --

Hey, thanks for the review! :)
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