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Game Maker Games - Super Sawman
 Super Sawman by Oddwarg
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Review by tapeworm
First, a warning: Super Sawman is a violent game. I'd put it on about the same level as Doom or The Lawnmover Massacre in that regard.

Oddwarg's games tend to be deceptively unpolished. Behind the messy and sometimes ripped graphics hide some impressive coding and depth. Not to say that the graphics look bad--when you've been exposed to a lot of independent games, you develop a taste for rough-looking games. At least, I have. I found a few of the enemy creatures pretty incongruous and at least one of the backgrounds possibly a little too rough, but even these things seem somehow forgivable when considering the game as a whole.

Super Sawman is an odd-looking character who is called upon to save a city from invaders, who are setting fires and causing trouble under the direction of a giant metal egg. I’m not sure what the status of the city is or who lives there, exactly. In fact, there are several aspects of the story that I don’t quite follow. I get the impression that it's part of a mythos that extends to other games. But the general idea is clear, and Sawman's goal seems to be a noble one, even if his methods are unpleasant.

Which leads to the violent theme. This is something that surprised me somewhat, given Oddwarg’s past work. It’s not a chainsaw that you wield, but a plain crosscut saw (at least at first). Although I’m not especially a fan of gratuitous violence, I suppose that this game is at least more honestly violent than some others. Enemies don’t just flash a couple times and disappear. You can even continue sawing their remains in some cases, if you’re so inclined. You also have a ranged attack: you detach and throw your head.

One thing that struck me about this title was the cinematic feel of it. Oddwarg uses quick unobtrusive cutscenes, and often makes good use of the entire screen. I was especially impressed with some of the screen-warping effects toward the end of the game. Some of the boss battles can get pretty intense, and I’d even say kind of epic.

The attention to detail in Oddwarg’s games always impresses me. They might seem haphazard on the surface, but in the end, the surprisingly deep coding and attention to detail shine through. If a violent game of this type doesn’t fit your taste, you might still enjoy one of his other titles. They have some of the same qualities but are quite a bit tamer.

Author's description:

Super Sawman is an action packed platformer with many enemies, bosses, and more!
Fight for peace in the post-apocalyptic city destroyed by the corrupted Death Egg!
Slice and dice your blood-red enemies with your mighty saw! Launch your head into
them for additional damage! Unique expressionistic audiovisual style unlike any other
Oddwargish game!

Warning: Excessive amounts of blood
(Made with Game Maker 6.1)

Download Super Sawman (EXE, ~5.0 MB , Content warning )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.13 moran
Rating: 4

This is not any good. Kind of disappointed by the review.
2007.10.04 Iceofsweden
Rating: 7

Graphics:5/10 It's a little crappy graphics.
Some were stolen.
Sound:6/10 The music were ok but the sound of the bananas were bad.
Controls:7/10 Easy controls but kinda simple
Gameplay:8/10 GIANT MASSACRE! Chaos everywhere!
Nice done ;)
2007.06.22 lahymers-sparx-productions
Rating: 7

To me from the picture looks the sawman is eggman from sonic
2007.06.11 catscratches
Rating: 5

bad graphics, ok programming, it was ok, but could really need better graphics
2007.06.07 cardwise
Rating: --

i though it was good, although you might want to get someone to spice up the sprites for you. nice gameplay not sloppy programming at all, altogether alright.
2007.05.18 Oddwarg
Rating: --

The picture is not there.
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