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Game Maker Games - Deep Magic
Deep Magic by Excalibur
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Review by happysister
This game wins because it has a little Gnome wizard. The end. No, seriously! It’s the cutest little Gnome wizard that I’ve ever seen! I mean, I guess it’s a Gnome wizard. Looks like one anyways.

Okay, okay, I admit that there are other things about this game besides the Gnome wizard that I enjoyed. Take a quick glance at all the text below. No, don’t read it yet. Just glance at it, okay? You see all that? That’s proof that there are many things about this game that I like. I mean, who would write up an entire review just about the Gnome wizard? … … … And now that I have overcome the temptation to write up my entire review about the little Gnome wizard, let us take a deeper look into the magical realm of Deep Magic.

First off, when you load the game, the point of the game is flashed on the screen in the form of a short story. You are not able to skip this, but thankfully, it’s very short and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Then you come to the menu screen. From here, you can see that the game has the feature to auto save games and load previously saved games. I like this, especially for this game. You probably will too, if you start feeling the need to grind a couple levels like I did every once in awhile.

Since one of the first things you tend to notice in a game is the visuals, we’ll discuss that first. The graphics of Deep Magic are very simple, but pretty well done. I thought they fit the game nicely. The creator also used the particle system to his advantage, making some special effects that tended to be slightly more advanced-looking than the rest of the playing field, but there weren’t many of them, and they were such small details that it fit nonetheless. In fact, those tiny, little details are one of the reasons that I enjoyed playing the game.

The music and sound were also quite fitting. The entire atmosphere of the game seemed to me like the creator was going for an old school/arcade kind of game, and I believe that the music and sound helped them achieve that. Now, I will admit that at first, the music made me go “Eh…”. It was rather soft sounding, and parts of it sounded a little lacking at times, but after hearing the music for awhile, the tunes grew on me and I started to enjoy it.

Alright, now we’ll get into the level design and game play. To be honest, the levels were merely okay to me. You have a “lobby” area where you can test your spells and grab a bit of experience before entering the level select menu, which is kind of nice. But nothing about the levels themselves popped out and made me go “WHOA!!! Now that’s cool.” They were just plain, side scrolling levels. Use your magic to get you from Point A to Point B.

Speaking of magic, you have a total of 20 spells to use at your disposal, providing you are at the correct minimum level to use them. I never used all 20 of them. In fact, I think I used only about 5. I don’t even think one of them has a use in the levels, unless there’s some secret that I missed. I only used it in the “lobby” to collect some otherwise impossible-to-reach experience orbs.

By now, you probably realize from some of my previous words that there is a leveling system in this game. I find this a little more interesting than the usual leveling system in games. Usually, you kill enemies and you automatically gain experience at their death. Right? Well, in Deep Magic, after you slay an enemy, they explode into these little experience orbs, which you need to collect in order to gain experience. Sometimes they float over to you, but most of the time they just scatter all over the ground, making a big mess. I thought this aspect of the game was fun. Not only do you have to kill stuff to gain experience, but you have to run around and grab it off the floor in order for it to count.

Now that I’ve pretty much stated everything about the game that I enjoyed, I’m going to make a short mention of the one thing I hate the most about this game. YOU CAN ONLY FIGHT THE FINAL BOSS ONCE PER GAME! WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT?! Seriously, after you kill the final boss, it won’t let you go back to kill him again in the level select screen. You have to start a whole new game all over again just to do so. To me, that partially defeats the purpose of a level select screen.

Oh, I lied. There’s something else about Deep Magic that I dislike. When you die, it doesn’t send you to a “Game Over” screen. It just shoots you back to the title screen menu with no warning. The same thing pretty much happens when you beat the game. No congratulations. No wrap up to the story. You just go back to the “lobby”. Weak.

But, other than that, I think Deep Magic is worth the download. I enjoyed it a lot, so kudos to the creator. If you haven’t tried this game out yet, do so, and behold the awesome power of the almighty Gnome wizard.

Download Deep Magic (EXE, ~1.63 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.07.18 LegoCrazy1
Rating: 8

I'm about half way through the game and have came to the following conclusion.

The minor flaws I felt definitely took away from the fun of the game. Especially for someone like me, whom is not the biggest fan for this type of game. Plus I feel that the music was quite annoying, even more so since I was using a headset.

Overall, though, it has been fairly enjoyable thus far and it is a game that I plan to finish.
2009.07.17 Spector_Slayor
Rating: 9

Personally I'm suprised it took so long for this game to be rated. I had a lot of fun with it and the game is still one of my favorites. I was disapointed by the fact you couldn't repeat the boss and that there weren't more levels. Other then that I have no complaints, again great job excalibur.
2007.10.20 excalibur333
Rating: --

I still think everyone is giving me to much credit but oh well.
2007.08.28 JackRussel
Rating: 9

I've told you before, it's a very well done game my friend. I definitely think it should have done better in the competition though...
I can't wait for your next release!
2007.08.11 excalibur333
Rating: --

Wow thanks for the review. I feel you were a little to nice but it sure made me happy.
2007.08.07 trose7
Rating: 9

Deep Magic
Golf is frustrating, fun, and you always hate when it ends. That’s exactly what Deep Magic was like. Excalibur did a great job with the replay value which is what I believe to be the most important part of a game. If you have a game that looks great, plays great, but you just can’t seem to find a reason to play again, it didn’t reach its full potential. Luckily Deep Magic did.

I’m not exactly sure how the level system worked but that’s ok. You had these little white floating balls that transported you places, so you might end up playing a level twice or even three times because you couldn’t beat another level since you weren’t at a high enough level to beat that level. Whew, lots a levels. Anyway, the thing that really made it fun was that you unlocked new spells with every level up. You could experiment with what you liked and didn’t like. That was what kept its replay value up. The only aspect it’s not like golf in is that golf takes a while to complete and Deep Magic doesn’t. Still, it drew you in, with new enemies, moves, and traps every level. Definitely a great job done on game play. The only thing that’s missing is a decent storyline, some more levels, and some improvements to the beginning of it. The beginning started off very slow and boring because of how long it took to kill enemies. And then there was the story line. The storyline was like a waiter at a buffet. Although it’s not that necessary, if you’re going to have one it needs to be good; and this storyline was too short and undetailed to be good.

Graphic wise this game impressed again. It was a freshly cut and watered golf course, ready to be played at any moment. It introduced you nicely, looking as professional as it gets. The title screen was by far the best I’ve ever seen in a Gm game. With little goodies like a tutorial and the much needed load/save system, it was like a golf course in Mexico, a free bag of balls, markers, and tees to go along with the enjoyable game. In game the graphics did not disappoint. Most animations were fluent, all except the character shooting. You could shoot backwards which I didn’t like. There should’ve been a system that when you shot backwards your character turned around to do so. Still, the cursor was a nice feature so you knew where you were shooting and the enemy’s looked fantastic. What a game!

I know you all must be getting tired of all the great things I’m saying but unfortunately I can’t say anything bad about the sound. The music matched the game so well you barely noticed it. He same with the spell casting… Just unbelievable. Nothing disappointed me yet again…

And nothing did at all. This was all around the best Gm game I’ve ever played. Period. This will not be leaving my hard drive anytime soon and I guarantee it won’t leave yours. What a masterpiece. With the only flaws being that it seemed to boring in the tutorial, too short, and a bit of animation trouble. With this said, a sequel is calling!
2007.05.17 David Lindberg
Rating: 8

Since you are a moderator on my forums, and stuff... You know what i mean... I just thought i would drop by with a comment, and a rating.
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