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Game Maker Games - Balloon Fight
Balloon Fight by Goomdaddy, MattB64
"In Balloon Fight, the player controls a Balloon Fighter who flies around with two balloons on his back. The object of the game is to defeat all of the enemies in each level by popping the balloon on their backs. When the balloon is popped, the enemy will float down on a parachute, and either land on the ground and survive, or fall in the water and drown, although sometimes a big fish will come out and eat the enemy before it can touch the water, but it can also eat the player if he is too close to the water. If the enemy lands, the player must harm it before it can blow up another balloon or it will change to a different color. It can also be harmed by hitting its parachute. All of these ways of harming the enemy will cause it to fall into the water which will cause a bubble to float up that can be popped for bonus points. If an enemy pops two of the players balloons, the player loses a life. It is also possible to lose a life by falling in the water, getting hit by lightning, or getting eaten by a fish. After every three phases there is a bonus stage where balloons rise up out of pipes. Each one popped will give the player a certain amount of points.

The levels get progressively harder, with each one featuring new and faster enemies. After completing enough levels the game starts reusing older levels with more enemies and an item, the flipper, that knocks characters away.

The game also has a two player mode. Two players (one with blue balloons, one with red) play together in a similar fashion to the single player mode. However, it is possible for the players to pop each other's balloons.

There is also a minigame called Balloon Trip, a side-scrolling level in which the player must avoid electric sparks while trying to pop balloons."

For those of you who haven't played balloon fight, here is you chance. Balloon Fight is trully a clasic and Goomdaddy and MattB64 have re-created it for you, so you can have the honor of playing it too.

Download Balloon Fight (EXE, ~2 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.06.13 Horseman
Rating: 9

Wonderful game. I've had it on my computer for over 6 months and I still play it from time to time. The graphics as a whole work together and with the music, make a classic game feel. I also like the flawless physics, too. The only thing I think was missing was the ability to view highscores without dying on a level.
2008.04.26 Etsamaru
Rating: 10

This game is a near perfect replica except it would be nice in fullscreen.
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