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Game Maker Games - The Boomlands
 The Boomlands by Shane Heres
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Review by Quimp
The Boomlands is a Medieval Clash-inspired game which differs on various aspects from its source of inspiration. The game takes place in medieval Europe where a king of two countries gives half of his power to each country when he dies. Eventually, one country becomes jealous of your country's power and wages war on you for your half of the king's ruling emblem.

Even though the historical background could lead you to think you're in for a never-ending and serious battle, the opposite is more appropriate. The Boomlands is in fact a mini game that captures originality and humour. It has several negative points but the positive ones outweigh most of the downsides.

To start with, the graphics are well-crafted and original. In his way, the creator spangled humour all over the game, and a funny side is always refreshing. The lack of music didn't bother me in-game because the graphics and sounds make up for the absence of music, and together they bring a lot to the atmosphere. The main menu is however an exception, I would have enjoyed an ambiance-building background music to introduce me to the game.

The game is without a doubt very fun but it has one major flaw: its replay value suffers. To give you a glimpse of the repetitive game play, the creator didn't even bother including a way to go back to the main menu once you complete the game, thinking no one would want to play twice in a row. You will be forced to end the game and launch the application again to keep playing. There may be three different kingdoms to conquer but once you have mastered the enemy once, there is nothing more to improve on, since your enemy's country of origin doesn't alter its tactics. It has to be said that it's a good time killer nevertheless. The engine is solid, not exactly flawless but close enough. I encountered two minor bugs but they never interfered with the game play. The game takes a quick 10 seconds to learn because of the intuitive graphical user interface and provided in the package is a useful and comprehensive guide.

Overall, The Boomlands is an excellent creation that could use improvements to make its lasting longer: modifications on the game's lifespan and difficulty would be a plus. Rumours say the creator expressed the desire to make sequel; in the mean time make sure you give The Boomlands a try, whether you like strategy games or not.

The creator said...

The Boomlands is my entry for gamedev.nets 4 elements compo. It is my first completed game. The game was inspired and plays very similar to Medieval Clash.

The Controls are simple, use the mouse to set up a game and then just click on units to hire them. Units can be upgraded at 300 coins and again at 600 coins.
There are also building you can build. The buttons for them are below your castle.

The game contains a manual with all the game details.

Download The Boomlands (EXE, ~2.47 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.09 F1ak3r
Rating: 8

That game was funny. Just... yeah... no replayabbility value. You might want to make the different factions have different abilities/advantages for the sequel/next update
2007.05.31 pondwater
Rating: 9

I love this. Something we're familiar with, but it's refreshing because of the humour, the uniqueness in setting and the artstyle.

Fine stuff during a coffee break.
2007.01.03 worubouk
Rating: 10

What can I say? WOW! Amazing I couldn't stop playing! Keep making these games. DONT EVER Add music its good silent. Thank for making this game!
2006.12.30 Deeje
Rating: --

Just wanted to let you know your download bandwidth is maxed out. I hope you can find another server, as the game looks very promising!

2006.12.27 Darthmarshie
Rating: 10

I can't explain how awesome this game is! The absolute best GM Game ever! This is one of the only GM Games I have ever played for over 1 hour!
Well Done!
2006.12.24 cactus
Rating: --

I love it! Very awesome graphics, and the gameplay is fun for a strategy game!
2006.12.17 edenb
Rating: 8

Like a svelte dancer skimming across the dance floor, 'The Boomlands' is a tightly rehearsed, flawlessly timed string quartet of a game which echoes throughout the hallowed halls of strategy gaming as being a unique little bagatelle that stands apart from the others.

The main goal of The Boomlands is to defeat the opposing kingdom by deploying upgradeable troops across the land, and defending your castle by means of a shield and canon. It's a rather simple method, which is fine in itself; but it is perhaps too simple, as gameplay can turn into a bland palette of potatoes and tripe after a while.
The strategy required just isn't that much, and it begins to feel as if the AI's gone to sleep after playing for more than 5 minutes. To be blunt, it becomes merely button clicking, nothing more.

However, there are minor elements of the game that give gameplay the shiny curves and sleek corners of a European car, such as the satisfaction of your king, which varies depending on how good a job your doing. The ability to upgrade units adds a bit of red-hot chili pepper to the mix, which is no doubt needed.
Unlike most European cars, The Boomlands has a distinctive style of humour throughout the game, something that is lacking from most things the giant canteen of video games throws onto our proverbial trays.
The graphics, too, have a dose of humour in them, and are certainly very well done. Together with the overall polish, they create an atmosphere without the aid of music of any sort (though it does have sound effects).

This svelte dancer of a game starts to fall and tumble after you realise The Boomlands lacks replayablity. It breaks one of its delicate ankles when you find out you can't press 'restart' to restart it, you must close then launch it again. Though, as I have stated before, 'Boomlands isn't the most replayable game in the world.
A minor flaw this game has is when it trips up by thinking it can dance without music. No music isn't a large problem because the rest of the game makes up for the lack of it, but I feel the inclusion of music would have let The Boomlands soar off the stage and into the sky.

The Boomlands is best compared to one of those really expensive gourmet dishes that can be bought at those really exclusive restaurants. It's small, essentially a mini game. It is well polished and certainly of high quality. Even if you're only going to play it once, it's worth a download.
2006.12.03 Brian the Great
Rating: 10

Best remake since like evar. sma4prez
2006.11.30 Nobody
Rating: 9

I love this game... On of the most stylish graphics ever in a gm game, but of course, that is what we expect from a hero like sma... :) Poppen power!
2006.11.30 omnimedium
Rating: 10

Haha, this game is very very AWSOME!
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