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Game Maker Games - The Criminal
The Criminal by JaJ
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Review by Jabberwock
The Criminal is a short but intriguing puzzle-adventure game in the distinct style of the NES. In the past, I've found JaJ's games to be consistently well-done and very creative, and this one is no exception.

The storyline is remarkably unpredictable, with several plot twists along the way. It plays kind of like a hard-boiled detective novel; the main character narrates the entire game in past-tense, and gives some rather interesting comments here and there. Unfortunately, some of the dialogue seems rather rushed, and the ending, particularly, wasn't as well executed as it could've been, though it was still quite interesting. That said, I won't give away the storyline.

The game engine is simple; you walk around, and manipulate the objects in the game using a variety of commands (e.g. 'look', 'talk', 'use', etc.). The gameplay consists almost entirely of various puzzles, none of which are too difficult, though they might take a few minutes to figure out. There aren't any seriously disruptive errors to speak of, though there are one or two small, annoying bugs.

The graphics are made using the NES color pallate, and all in all they're a pretty accurate reproduction. They're simple but detailed and quite nice to look at; there isn't really much else to say.

Here's another impressive and unique game from JaJ, and in my opinion, it's one well worth playing. Why not give it a try?

Author's Description:
You stop by in a random bar to get something to drink, when the place gets robbed...
Use the arrow keys to move
Z and X to scroll through menus and C to select
The screen is resizable

Download The Criminal (EXE, ~1 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.17 MarkGamez
Rating: 9

I like this game alot!!It has a nice storyline good gameplay but it was TOO SHORT....but it was good though!
2006.12.15 Ultima Games
Rating: 8

I love the game but i can't figure out what to do with the matches...
2006.12.14 shadowcrawler
Rating: 7

the game is very good but to short and random i love the retro style and it is very interative well done i would of give it a higher rate if it was longer but heh its good
2006.12.06 Lycaziuz
Rating: --

You need to press C. You use C to choose stuff.
2006.12.05 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

I have a problem in which when I start the game 'Poppenkast Presents something killing...' shows up and just stays and doesn't go away. So I can't play the game...
2006.12.04 Lycaziuz
Rating: 8

A quality game. The graphics are very retro and well done, i loved them. The music is also quite good. The story is very entertaining, though i find it a little strange. But it's still good. The only thing that keeps this game from a 10 rating is the lenght. This game could have been evolved to so much more. You can complete it in 5 minutes, for gods sake!
2006.12.02 freelancer
Rating: 9

it's so evil... I'm going to cry now... I helped a criminal... and... and killed a poor helples baby!
2006.12.02 TempestCrescent
Rating: 8

Good game after all is said and done. Very interactive, too short though, but it would require a lot of programming to make it much longer. Weird storyline, and why would a burgular want silverware? =) Couple glitches, screen glitches once and a while, text sometimes says something that its not supposed to, but overall a good game.
2006.12.01 spygame
Rating: 7

Well done, few errors, frustrating at times, but very nicely made. Great plot.
2006.11.30 Ness2022
Rating: 7

The story's really good, and I liked the puzzles. The ending was kind of weird, though. I guess it's sopposed to be!
2006.11.30 jellyfish
Rating: 7

Like a keyboard based AGS game. Shame it's so short... also easy if you've played a lot of sierra-style adventure games. would have been a 9 if it was of decent length...
2006.11.29 gamshobny
Rating: --

I can't satisfy the criminal :-(
2006.11.29 Re_jex
Rating: --

ha ha, so funny. Anyway, you need to give the criminal lots of stuff, try searching vases and talking to people.
2006.11.15 PnE Productions
Rating: 10

I loved this game. Very challenging and very retro :).
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