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Game Maker Games - Decontrologic
Decontrologic by cactus
This is a smsll game I made in a couple of hours for the GMG Retro Adventure competition. It's a short and sweet game about nothing in particular. But I can guarantee that it's good fun if you like adventure games.

If you think really hard, does this make any sense?

Download Decontrologic (EXE, ~1,14 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.03 moran
Rating: 9

I agree that this is unique and should be checked out. It's like what all those old Atari games should have been. Question - are the test results at the beginning just a randomly generated number?
2007.08.30 Jabberwock
Rating: 7

Good, awesome, tiny, strange game. You're good at making those.
2007.07.22 The Third Man
Rating: 7

I don't know if this game is worthy of all the 9s it's getting, but it's certainly worth a download. Original and very amusing. Too bad it's so short.
2007.01.13 VGFox
Rating: 9

Cool game! I liked how everything felt very real. What I mean is in some games, when you do something the result may seem forced, but in this game everything feels just how it should.
2006.12.10 mrscience
Rating: --

I would have liked to play this, but I wasn't able to download because of an extremely slow server.
2006.10.29 emofire games
Rating: 9

This game rules so hard. Download it now if you don't already have it. A bit short, though.
2006.10.25 christiandaniel7
Rating: 9

I don't know why, but I really, really, really, enjoy this game. I think it is awesome, although it is short. It's simpleness and ending are just so appealing to me, and I could definitely see myself playing this game every so often, that us why I give it a 9.
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