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Game Maker Games - John Packadge and the Packaging Machine
 John Packadge and the Packaging Machine by jazzuo
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Review by cactus
Another bizzare and highly original game by Jazzuo, fairly known in GM communities for his unique style and interesting ideas. This time it's a puzzler designed for a game making competition with a packaging theme. Sounds like quite a hard theme, right? Well Jazzuo has managed to be quite creative within the tight limitations set by the contest rules.

John Packadge and the Packaging Machine is a puzzle game unlike any other puzzler I've seen so far. You control a black object that lies in the hands of mr Packadge, you then guide it around the level trying to "wrap" it with the red wrapping objects, until it's completely surrounded with 'em. If you screw up, you can restart by pressing R and try again. There is a good explanation within the game of how the gameplay works that makes it a lot easier to understand what to do. Once you're acquainted with the game mechanics, you'll notice that the game is actually based around a very simple idea. As such, it's no surprise that there are only nine levels. However, each puzzles is harder than the previous one, which makes the game quite challenging, despite it's short length.

It's very hard to say wether the presentation of the game is good or not. Most of the graphics look amateurish and would be awful in any other game, but Jazzuo has managed to make it feel like he's made the graphics look like that on purpose. The menu is hilarious, with mr Packadge rapping to a slightly distorted MIDI tune, with some pretty funny lip sync. Each level is presented with a fun audio commentary by Jazzuo himself, which adds quite a lot to the charm of the game. The in-game graphics look pretty crummy, though. The movement is stiff, and the graphics are simplistic without any real style. Not that it matters a whole lot.

Overall, the game packs a lot of challenge. The gameplay is original and the graphics are horrible (in a good way). Definitely worth a look, the main menu should be enough to make you smile at least.

Jazzuo wrote:

Puzzle game
Based on Tangram games.
When a game starts there is a black object that you have to pack in. Use the arrow keys to move it and push it against the red tiles (these will become blue and move together with the package). At this manner you have to pack in the object. R = restart level, return to previous room

[URL=http://www.savefile.com/files/125835]miror savefile[/URL]

Download John Packadge and the Packaging Machine (EXE, ~4.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2006.11.03 ronnoc
Rating: --

Jazzo, as always, I am in aw of your increadable awsomeness.
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