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VERSUS by Nobody

VERSUS is a game I made in three days, for a little contest. It is basicly a simple arcade game where you fight yourself trough waves of enemies to get an as high score as possible. The highscores are displayed online. You can upgrade 9 different statistics of yourself by leveling up or earning certain amounts of score (5000,10000,20000, etc.).
It actually is a very addicting game once you get used to it a bit!

And by the way, very usefull is to check this help file:


Link to highscores:

(Thanks to JaJ)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing versus and good luck beating the highscore!

Download VERSUS (EXE, ~1.8 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.04 edenb
Rating: --

Versus, by Nobody.

What do you get if you cross asteroids, one of the classics of the arcade, with Electroplankton, a brilliant non-game by Toshio Iwai? Maybe something like Versus.

The first thing that distinguishes Versus from other games like it is the sublimely abstract presentation of it. The visuals, of course, are instrumental in establishing the game's overall theme, and it does so with an elegant simplicity. The backdrop doesn't detract from the glowing dots that represent yourself and your enemy and the visual elements of the game blend together to create a perfectly harmonized "gamescape" that is a joy to play in.

There is no music to speak of apart from sounds that occur when you "kill" an enemy and so on. Rather than decreasing the games' atmosphere it somehow makes it more intense. You could compare the atmosphere to battling in an abandoned warehouse. Speaking of which, the time in which it takes to play a game of Versus can be as copious as the space in an abandoned warehouse or as short as the lifespan of a fly thatís about to be sprayed. It all depends on your skill level.

The gameplay, needless to say, is fast & intense with you, a blue orb thing, fighting through a myriad of enemies attempting to survive.
Versus is well designed and enjoyable although you probably suffer a quick death on your first playing of the game. Versus is also addictive. Very addictive. (Donít say I didn't warn you).

Yet another feature which makes this game addicting is the online high scores table, and the desire to top it. (Unfortunately I didn't).

Overall Versus is a highly original and addicting game, which is presented in a sublime way. This game has so many elements that make it a model arcade game; not only that, but it is a truly different experience.
2006.09.19 Rolf Soldaat
Rating: 8

This game is addictingly fun, its cool how you can upgrade your skills (though i have never come far enough to get Łber strong).
the online highscore list makes it a lot more interesting, if a little bad for my blood pressure :P.
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