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Game Maker Games - Midnight Offices - 3D FPS
Midnight Offices - 3D FPS by SilentWorks
Midnight Offices

Midnight Offices is a 3D First Person Shooter.

You have just completed your training program, and become the member of the T.E.C. team.

T.E.C. is a secret team of the government. They are sent to mission if a security crisis emerges.

GoldTech is the leader company in researching aliens and high-tech robots. One of the laboratory was attacked by unknown terrorists who turned off all the security systems, which caused some of the aliens and robots to escape.

Your mission is to go through the GoldTech offices and clean up the area from terrorists, aliens and robots.

Good luck!

Press [E+forward] on the proper computer, it bleeps, that means the doors are open.

Download Midnight Offices - 3D FPS (EXE, ~5 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.05.31 White Mist Games
Rating: --

The Silent Walk FPS Creator was made with Game Maker by the same person who made this game. Thus, it was made with Game Maker.

This game is generally very good. I never expected to see full 3d graphics on a GM Game!
2008.01.04 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Am I the only person, well maybe besides xtreme0ninja, that knows this wasn't made with GameMaker? This was made with 'Silent Walk FPS Creator'. I forget who made it, but it's in the GMG archive, and it's a good FPS maker. I can tell by the graphics.

On the actual game, however, I didn't download it, so how would I know how it is.
2008.01.02 fre3do
Rating: 10

This game is very good, and good graphic, but it is a little bit hard.
2007.09.25 xtreme0ninja
Rating: 10

silent walk rocks!! woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007.08.05 /\seangames/\
Rating: 9

this is like half life kinda. great game
2007.01.24 ImmuneShadow
Rating: 10

This is sweet, best 3D game in GameMaker I've seen. One problem, where is the reload button?
2007.01.23 King Alfred
Rating: --

Although I think that this game is a great acomplishment, it was not really engaging. Still you are probably one of the best game maker game creators around.
2006.12.10 Joe
Rating: 8

For GM, that was a really great 3d game. However it bugs out after about 2 minutes for some reason.
2006.11.13 Morgo Games
Rating: 10

I think it's the best 3D game made with game maker. full 3D graphics. very nice.
2006.11.02 Midnight Slayer
Rating: 8

This is awsome.
who ever thought of offices at night time?
if it was daytime grocery market or
morning cooffee house,
then it wouldn't be that awsome.
but its not, so it is.
2006.11.01 bloodgames
Rating: 10

How did you made the weapons 3D?
2006.10.20 Blitzboy4
Rating: 1

hey I reconise that hud! you made that with silent walk fps creator!
2006.10.20 percsich.hu
Rating: --

...which is also my Game Maker program. Nice comment...
2006.10.01 c_87
Rating: 9

Very good game with excellent graphics! If you haven't played it before, download it now!
2006.09.30 Chris13
Rating: 10

That was an amazing game. It looked more like a game made by another software.

(The computer is in the room with the van. Than behind the van is a door.)
2006.09.13 mr 3d
Rating: 10

oh may ur great! when u do somethig you do it properly! just 2 laggs:
3d models of weapons have no collision! they can go through a wall.
and you can get stuck between 2 shelves (in the room
with the omnichopper)
else it'a a great game with no facing sprites
2006.09.04 superdevon40
Rating: 10

Youve done it again, i very nice game with 'amazing to GM' graphics
2006.09.04 MadClown
Rating: 10

if only i can figure out how to put in that code, great game otherwise
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