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Game Maker Games - Ciel Gris
 Ciel Gris by Salim
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Review by cactus
Ciel Gris is a real Japanese shoot 'em up, since it's in fact made by a Japanese. To be more precise; it's a boss centered, bullet curtain style shooter, with some fairly original ideas. The player is a blue butterfly that can shoot lasers. The bosses look just like the player, except they're darker and shoot black blobs at you. This sounds rather simplistic, but Salim's managed to turn it into an interesting and fun experience.

The graphics however, aren't what you'd expect. They're in fact mostly ripped from other games. Explosions have been stolen from Metal Slug, the clouds in the background seem to be from Cave Story, and Salim's own logo is a Space Invader sprite. The problems with this doesn't stop at the unethical side of it, but the aesthetics are also greatly affected, since the graphics don't always match eachother with a satisfying result. The resolution of the sprites are different, and the quality of animation is extremely varied. The same goes for the music, which has been ripped from various classics, such as Megaman for instance. This is all very disappointing, but the final product still manages to look fairly polished. The menu is very nice, and it's all presented a lot more professionally than what you'd expect from a game that uses ripped material.

The gameplay is very fun and interesting. Despite the fact that the bosses all look the same, and act fairly similar, you can never know exactly what to expect from the next enemy you'll encounter. The player also gets to upgrade his weapons each time you defeats a boss, and some of the bosses give you special weapons during the fight you have with them. There's also an intriguing feature that for some reason is called a "shield". When activating one of these, the game starts scrolling backwards, and the player sucks in all of the enemy's bullets and shoots them back towards your closest foe. This feature is extremely powerful, and sometimes seem nearly necessary to beat your opponent.

As for difficulty, the player has three lives. Every third enemy that the player defeats gives you an extra life. This doesn't mean that the game is a picknick, though. I haven't actually beaten it yet, so the game is fairly hard. This also means that I can't tell you any real information about the game's length either. But I'm pretty sure it's challenging and fun enough to be worth the download (despite it's use of ripped resources).

Salim wrote:
This innovative overhead shooting game only ends when the player reaches he's limit...

Download Ciel Gris (EXE, ~2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.27 DRa90NBoi
Rating: --

Yea, I was only being sarcastic, but be sure to state things like that better so it doesn't come off as a kind of "point-a-finger" comment. Those kinds of comments might not be taken lightly by some people who dislike being designated by race/ethnic background--whether of hate or otherwise.
2006.11.25 cactus
Rating: --

''Ciel Gris is a real Japanese shoot 'em up, since it's in fact made by a Japanese.'
--That's racist! This is a biased review in my opinion.'

That's a joke, right? I'm merely stating that because japanese GM users are relatively rare, and that it seems to be a trend to copy Japanese style games.

I do agree about the ripped content being a problem, but managing to create such varied gameplay using the limited amount of resources the game has is not an easy thing to accomplish. And the game does things I haven't seen in any other game. In my opinion the staff rating might even be too low.
2006.11.23 DRa90NBoi
Rating: --

'Ciel Gris is a real Japanese shoot 'em up, since it's in fact made by a Japanese.'
--That's racist! This is a biased review in my opinion.

Anyway, I would rate this game (no offense to its creator) lower since it was made with a majority of ripped content.
2006.11.23 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

That's not racist, it's a statement of fact. BTW, the review is fairly positive, so... yeah, it can't possibly be racist.

I personally liked this game quite a bit, though I didn't realize the graphics were ripped because I haven't played any of the games they were ripped from. Still, it's pretty well done.
2006.11.18 Phreak
Rating: --

Goddamn it, I was making a similar game (Though not with ripped sprites) and now it has less chances of scoring since people would think Im copying this.
2006.10.02 cactus
Rating: --

Wow! Nice game, too bad you use mostly ripped resources... I will probably review this game soon, so if you want to get a higher score, I suggest you revamp it with more original material. At least replace the graphics and sound you got from wellknown video games :/
2006.09.01 Lava
Rating: 1

Graphics from Doukutsu Monotagari/Cave Story and other then that,Game is not fun so I give this a 1.
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