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Game Maker Games - God Came To The Cave
 God Came To The Cave by cactus
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Review by Jabberwock
Since the La La Land series gained popularity, a startling number of abstract and avant-garde GM games have been released, some mere copycats and others quite original. Here we have yet another of these games: God Came to the Cave, from the mind of cactus, and it definately fits into the latter category.

As with the La La Land series, if you're looking for great gameplay, you're sure to be sorely disappointed, and if you can't appreciate a game for its artistry, you'd be wasting your time to download it. The game engine is quite simple, and the tasks you are assigned are mostly dull and repetitive, at least if you don't take into account their significance to the game as a whole.

Once again, the game's graphics are quite similar to the aforementioned La La Land series. They're pixelated and very simple, though they have a strange attractiveness to them. The game's environment is purposefully bleak and mazelike, and it feels very much like a cave, as it ought to.

I could go on about the game's technical aspects, but frankly they're unimpressive and unimportant. What really matters is that this game is, in a strange, abstract way, truly beautiful. I won't ruin the game's message for you by describing it; you have to experience it for yourself. It's quite deep and meaningful, and it plays almost like a parable- an extreme rarity in the video game world. Few games I have ever played have impacted me emotionally as this one did, and for this alone would I recommend it. The music fits perfectly with the game's theme; it's solemn, almost hymn-like, as, I think, it ought to be.

This is living proof that video games can be used effectively as an art form, and I admire cactus greatly for what he has created here. It's short, and shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes to play through- why not give it a shot?

Author's Description:
There is a cave somewhere between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Inside of it lives the soul of a man who refused to die. From time to time, another soul that won't accept death comes along. Knowing that it will do them no good, the man who refused to die tries to help them move on.

I made this game in one day. Don't expect something awesome!

Download God Came To The Cave (EXE, ~1,14 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.09.22 Tyler387
Rating: 5

Although the graphics and sound definitely weren't anything special, the game does have a unique, creative vibe to it that i did enjoy.
2007.12.21 omnimedium
Rating: 8

Ever since I played your 'Mongo Medicals' game,
I've been quite interested in playing in your
other games, and I have been. They're all(that I have played) very good, whether it be your shmup games or your more surreal type games. Then I came to this one, and, as I was playing it, I had a wave of familiarity come over me. I had played it before. As I came to comment on it, I saw that had commented on it before, too. I read my comments and was rather shocked at the foolish ignorance of my comments about the story. Playing it again, I very much like the story and feeling of the game. Excellent work.
2006.09.29 zon3r
Rating: 7

I don't know how to describe GCTTC. It just...is. Its a very odd, very original, very weird game.

And I love it. The music, while tinny sounding, as the same ethereal dirge-like qualities of the Johnny series.

It's a nice break from the hard rock beats of Jetz Fusion, but doesn't manage to capture me like that game did.
2006.09.14 tjg92
Rating: --

I enjoyed this game. It was interesting the whole way through, and that's basically the purpose of a game. I'm not rating it though, because I honestly don't know what to rate it. I had fun, but technicaly the game is poo.

And the message was nice, I felt kinda happy at the end of the game, like 'Yay.'. There was a real sense of joy in the characters words when he says 'IT'S MY PANTS!' that got to me as well, as weird as that may seem.
2006.09.11 HCS0001
Rating: 8

It's an abstarct masterpiece! You've created a very meaningful story with your own touch of originality. Simply put: your game is very thought provoking.

Congratulations on this artistical achievment!
2006.09.11 Elidragon
Rating: 1

There wasn't anything deep or meaningful about this game. It was simple in gameplay, story, and message. It didn't merrit a review, and certainly not such a positive one. There's nothing deep about 'god has a purpose for you'. Nothing.
2006.09.11 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 4

The message wasn't all that great, the game play was dull for the most part, and the ending was non-existant. The music was really good, however. I'm not sure I'd call it a work of art, but it isn't all bad.
2006.09.11 mrscience
Rating: 8

Hey cactus; you did a nice job with this in creating a real simple and beautiful game, but I will say that it seemed a bit unpolished (I got stuck halfway through the game in a wall and had to exit). Overall, however, I found it a very artistic and original game (the review hit it dead on) if a little bit too much of a 'game' for the storyline (I would have preferred, actually, something a bit closer to the La La Land Series, personally).
2006.09.11 omnimedium
Rating: --

Well first off, I know I was way off. I was using a tad bit of sarcasm. The story, to me, seemed flawed, because in the intro, it said that your character wouldn't accept death, but then goes on to say that he knows that it will do no good.

However, as you said, you made this in one day.
You can see in my newest game'is it possible'is an abstract type game, which I made in a day, is no where near the quality of this, but I wouldn't say it's horrible either, you guys should check it out...I mean, this isn't an attempt to commercialize one of my games...lol

and BeakyBoy2006, I was having the same problem of the screen shot not showing up. The reason being, because the proportions of the image were not 320x240, or 640x480. hope htat helps.
2006.09.10 Mooseyfates
Rating: 4

It was not very good at all actually. It was quite boring and the graphics were not good.
2006.09.09 BeakyBoy2006
Rating: --

Can anyone tell me how to get my pic to come up when i submit my game?
2006.09.07 cactus
Rating: --

@omnimedium You're not close at all!

@cpc_kids I didn't 'get' Jabberwock to review the game, he chose to do so on his own. It was just good luck on my side :)

@tomatoeworm Sorry about the ending being a bit dull, I was under time pressure to finish it and didn't have time to add something fancy. I guess I should do so now, though, since it's being reviewed.
2006.09.05 cpc_kids
Rating: --

How did you get Jabberwock to review this game?
2006.09.04 cactus
Rating: --

Thanks for reviewing the game, Jabberwock. I'm glad you liked it. Glad, and very surprised.
2006.09.04 omnimedium
Rating: 6

I just played through this game. I enjoyed it, and it's not just a copycat of lala land or anything. It's very unique.
However, in the words of jabberwock'I won't ruin the game's message for you by describing it; you have to experience it for yourself. It's quite deep and meaningful'. here is what I got out of the message:'Accept death and move on, but make sure to get a good wardrobe for heaven' am I close? at all? please explain, but maybe I'm just simple minded. but overall, nice work.
2006.09.04 tomatoeworm
Rating: 8

After i got my whole body, the screen just stayed there, i never saw any credits. Did i win? I just went into the body, raised up, and nothing happened. Kinda weird.
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