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Game Maker Games - Seiklus
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Review by Malaika
Seiklus is a diverting exploration-style game, by Cly5m. The main character is separated from his girlfriend by a meteor. He must find his way through a new land, collecting little coloured balls and treasure chests, so that he may be reunited with his love.

The graphics in Seiklus are simple yet well made, with the levels and particle effects especially well constructed, creating an ambiance almost unseen in GM games. The interesting ways in which the protagonist is transported through the levels, including being carried by an angry eagle and even being eaten by an octopus, is very well thought out and executed.

The background music enhances the mood of the levels considerably. Though the music itself is not Cly5m's work, he has incorporated it excellently into the game. You will soon find yourself bopping along to the retro tracks while you run through the levels jumping and... well, just jumping really.

Gameplay consists of making your way through the side-scrolling levels, picking up fore-mentioned coloured balls and treasure chests. The point of the game is lost, however. Why do you need to collect the little coloured balls? I often found myself giving up the attempt to collect the little coloured balls because it simply wasn't worth taking the time to get them. Perhaps if there was some clear reason for getting them, the attempt would be worth it. Although the gameplay is solid, it is also somewhat frustrating at times. A few levels are quite difficult to beat, and you often find yourself punished in frustrating ways (like being teleported into a hole continuously). I also found the controls unresponsive at times, and lag was evident (though surprisingly very rarely).

Don't get me wrong, Seikus is an excellent game, and Cly5m should be praised for his work as a designer. It is one of the few games I have played for more than a few minutes. It takes a good deal of time to finish, and the levels are all quite diverse. It is already one of the best Gamemaker games. With a little more work, perhaps some enemies, and clearer goals, Seiklus will be a very good game in its own right.

Download Seiklus (EXE, ~2.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Seiklus

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Overall: recommended

Showing: GMG Staff (3) · GMG Users (5)


Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.09.22 Tyler387
Rating: 9

Just beat the game with 100% completion. The game was fantastic, except for some slowdown and a few glitches. The graphics were simplistic but still beautiful. This game really is a wonderful bit of artsy escapism.

2008.08.18 My Buddy
Rating: --

Sometime a while ago, I thought, 'you know what, I might even be able to get more attention then Seiklus, said to be the greatest gamemaker game of all time!'
Then I played through it a second time. I changed my mind.
In my opinion, this is the best gamemaker game ever. The music is quite charming, the graphics are very good, and the controls work well. I've found a couple of glitches, but nothing that ruins the gameplay.
My only complaint is that the computer slowed down at some of the areas. Maybe we just have a bad computer, although it was really annoying.
This game was probably the reason I started using gamemaker more. If someone asks you to prove that gamemaker can make top-notch games, show them Seiklus!
2008.05.20 HamHacker
Rating: 9

Sweet. This game simply brought tears to my eyes. and the sad thing is i still cant figure out what to do with the treasure chests.. but yet it still blows my mind!
2008.05.05 Dralxon
Rating: --

I thought Seiklus was an good game. Music was very good and graphics were average. I don't think this game is even close to being one of the best though, I think people like this game because it's easy.
2008.01.07 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 10

Seiklus is a masterpiece. The graphics and music come perfectly together to create an experience that feels fresh and unique all the time. This is the example I always use when defending my view that games can be art, and that they don't need extreme violence and high definition 3D graphics to be great.
What amazes me most, though, is that this was clysms first game. This game is the reason I admire him so much. In short, this is a game that's not to be missed.
2008.01.05 Mr.Pineapple_Head
Rating: --

Though it is over 5 years old it is still considered one of my favorite gamemaker games. Seiklus was perfectly designed with the graphics, music, and animations fitting in beautifuly.
I give this game an 8.7 which is almost the staff's rating. The only reason I didnt give this game a nine is because it lacks storyline which is a key element in games. But still a great game, good job Tapeworm
2007.12.24 homesoftware
Rating: 10

Oh my god! I loved this game. It gave me a very acute sense of accomplishment as i collected all of a type of orb or solved a puzzle. Loved the simple graphics, Music was awesome, can Cly5m ever go wrong?
2007.12.17 Tainic
Rating: 10

Great ! Great ! Great ! Great ! Great ! Great ! Great !
2007.08.13 calium_b
Rating: 8

This is still one of my favorites of all time. Excellent Gameplay, depth and atmosphere, Graphics, Music...everything is perfect really.
2007.06.20 RoyalSmacketh
Rating: 10

This is a really nice game. Im not sure what those blob things that you have to collect are though.
2007.01.30 Taicade Studios
Rating: 10

Nice game. A bit too easy, I beat the whole game in an hour and half on my first try. Very, very well made though. 10/10
2007.01.30 zewie-x
Rating: 7

this sound crazy!But do some one know a programer
that can make games with 3d tools like 3ds max,CharacterShop,and so on. i can toose so go in on my game lorty2
2007.01.20 Ergo2
Rating: 10

Beautiful game, my girlfriend should enjoy this one.
2007.01.18 gmfreaky
Rating: 9

I love this game, but maybe you can add a hint function... also accidently i placed a vase against a wall so i can't let fall it...

Graphics: 7/10
Nice graphics, a little simple but nice.

Gameplay: 7.5/10
Standard gameplay, what is the 'W' key for?

Story: 8/10
Pretty short, but still orginal

A question, what is that circle level in right-top
in the overview panel?

9/10 because i like this game ;-)
well done.
2006.12.17 Ultima Games
Rating: 9

I love it! I think the character is cool looking!
(What are those colored blobs??)
2006.12.13 funkymonkey007
Rating: 8

I do thing this game is very good, but it does have some boring moments from lack of ACTION! But it is a good game otherwise.
2006.11.22 jer903
Rating: 10

i highly reccomend this game it has gr8 graphics gr8 sound and gr8 gameplay! oh yeah HEY EVERYONE I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!! =)
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

SWEET!!(you should make a sequel)PLEASE?!
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

best game maker game ive played..........EVER!!!
2006.11.10 Trogador
Rating: 8

I don't see how this is the best GM game ever. it's inconvinient to have the music in a separate zip file, and I am a n00b in winzip.

the guy is simple yet well animated. Tapeworm is a good pixel artist. the particles were amazing. the splashing of lava, flying eggshells, and sliding down mountains, creating a dust trail behind you is awesome.

the music, i haven't heard, due to the fact that the music is in a separate zip.

this is the backbone of Seiklus. it's nonlinear to the point where you are sitting for a while deciding where to go next: underground, down a mountain, into a tree? the possibilities are endless. plus, you unlock something for collection a lot of orbs. but here inlies the killer of Seiklus: the lack of variety. you can jump, collect millions of orbs (FUN!), open chests, swim, and jump. did I mention you can jump?

Seiklus is a good platformer. it will amuse you for a longer period than other games, and there is a huge deposit of nonlinear GOLD to be found. However, awarding it the best GM game ever is a little too much, not that it shouldn't be on the list.
2006.10.24 vony
Rating: 10

Thats exelent! Well made! They also made the sprites themselfs! Awsome! Nothing else to say then, exelent!
2006.10.08 israel5000
Rating: 10

Very Good, one of my (few) favorites! If I could, I would give it a 100/10!
2006.09.30 zon3r
Rating: 10

When I first rated Seiklus, I gave it a rather poor grade due to how I was unable to save or incorporate the music. After a bit of...shall we call it experimenting...with the program, I...uh...removed these issues, aswell as a lot of the lag. Four thumbs (and big toes) up for Seiklus!

We also need a new professional review, since this one puts it in a bad light due to the reviewer not knowing what to do with the little colored wisps.

In case somebody reading this doesn't know either, here.

There are 6 different MAIN colors of wisp, found in the six areas. Then there is the rare WHite Wisp, which is only found in very secret areas.

Green--grassy area
Blue--wet caves and underwater caverns
Red--Monsters belly
orange--dungeon/tomb (with the pots in it)
Purple--Ice and Purple Acid area

Now that I know what I'm doing, the game is perfect. Excellent gameplay (aside from the stickman's too-quick movement), perfect graphics, and neat music.

In short, it's one of my faves.
2006.09.24 zon3r
Rating: 8

My favorite game in the world is the little-known-about The Neverhood. If anybody has played it, they are familiar with intense difficulty, devious puzzles, and a lonely landscape. Seiklus reminds me more than anything of my hours spent writing down codes, memorizing color patterns, exploring vast environments, and pretty much just having a great time. In short, I love this game. Graphics have their own charm, and get a definate 9. The gameplay is a little odd at times, but so was Neverhood, so I can forgive it. But what really vexes me is the sound. It requires a password to extract the music into the game, so that I have to play in silence. I love 'Puzzle Game'! It's an awesome peace, and I want to be able to listen to it while I play. But no. I need a Paaaaaaaassword. Grr. If anybody knows how to fix this, please tell me! It would raise my rating by a half-point :)

There needs to be a sequel to Seiklus, with a real plot, a plot that unfolds without cutscenes. My advice for Seiklus II would be to have less aimless wandering and more acomplishing goals, even if you don't know what to do with them yet.

2006.08.31 cpc_kids
Rating: 9

great game exepet it's a bit mushy,it gets boring
2006.08.25 madhat
Rating: 7

It is a well crafted game, but I don't really see why it is the best game ever. It is a little boring. There is very little action.
2006.08.19 ABI GAMES
Rating: 1

i dont see what the big deal is about this game. the only good thing in this game is that it has good grafix, nothing else. i mean, all you do is walk around in a world with like, 5 object, practically no sound, and a storyline that has been used for over 1,000,000,000 games. its just not that good of a game. siple as that.
2006.08.12 alexxzius
Rating: 7

i dont know may be im not a genius i though i was. But Ive been in every goddam corner and ate evry goddam fire thing, and still cant figure out how to finish this game. I dont like games that chalenge your brains rather your gameplaying. Wally land of the Wallows is much better.
2006.08.07 Phreak
Rating: --

Sadly, I don't think he'll do a sequel anytime soon. Well, unless someone makes a petition with an assload of signatures, though highly improbable.
2006.07.25 deathzero02
Rating: 6

i have no idea why this game is said to be the best... i think it sucks. well not everything, the graphics are good, no errors or anything. But weres the fun? it was very boring, and is there any meaning with the collecting thing, hes trying to get to his girlfriend so why does he have to collect orbs? Anyway, this games boring, theres no enemys and all you do is walk very slow and jump around to get orbs that have no meaning. Boring!
2006.07.14 Link4000x
Rating: 10

Seriously, where is the sequal to this game? It NEEDS one. This game is so awsome, me and all my friends love it. I'm pro by now, I can beat it in like 40 min, but its still fun as ever. PLEASE make a sequel though cause that would be awsome.
2006.07.13 Rokuji
Rating: 10

I love these kind of games, peaceful exploration, just fun and happy. A great way to spend time.
2006.07.12 davnovak
Rating: 8

I played this game, because first time I seen it I knew it will be interesting. So, I tried it. Then I finally knew this is veeery good game! Classic jumping game, but very good advanced. Really - One of best of Game Maker games I ever seen. My rating is 8!
2006.07.06 King_ty
Rating: 8

2006.06.28 bwanasluchas
Rating: 10

This is THE best game I have eva played bot best gamemaker game THE BEST GAME EVA. Do you think you could send me the editable file plz. My e-mail iz bwanasluchas@hotmail.co.uk. Thnx
2006.06.24 conalight
Rating: 5

realy i don't get why everybody likes this game,
graghics i didn't like much and i get stuck on parts.
2006.06.12 Absolute Zer0
Rating: 10

Amazingly fun! There is lots to explore and enjoy, and it'll keep you entertained for hours! One of a kind, this is the best GM platformer yet!
2006.06.10 jchalase
Rating: --

Jojo le Barjos wrote in English:
This plays is super, immense. Only for the graphs and the idea, I note 10! I will give some soluces for French (and Swiss) and those which take the trouble to translate... ¬ _ ¬ The decorations give full with infos, amongst other things for the piano. In the caves, follow the skeletons forming arrows (if, if...) and, small easy way, you can climb the stalactites. In the volcano, a small fly indicates a passage. A tag takes again the colors of the piano and a number takes again the keys of the piano... And in each universe, if you have the treasure, you can see the secrecies of these worlds (ground blocks, caves traps) and others... I am at 100%, but I do not include/understand the role of the castle in the sky... GOOD GAME!!!
2006.06.09 Jojo le Barjos
Rating: 10

I speak french, then... je parle français ^^

Ce jeux est super, immense. Rien que pour les graphiques et l'idée, je note 10 !

Je vais donner quelques soluces pour les français (et suisses) et ceux qui prennent la peine de traduire... ¬_¬

Les décors donnent pleins d'infos, entre autre pour le piano.
Dans les grottes, suivez les squelettes formant une flèches (si, si...) et, petite astuce, vous pouvez grimper les stalactites.
Dans le volcan, une petite mouche indique un passage.
Un tag reprend les couleurs du piano et un nombre reprend les touches du piano...
Et dans chaque univers, si vous avez le trésor, vous pouvez apercevoir les secrets de ces mondes (terre->blocs, grottes->pièges) et autres...

Je suis ? 100%, mais je ne comprends pas le rôle du château dans le ciel...

2006.06.07 jmanjman47
Rating: 8

Yes I beat the game today!! The piano had me confused for a while. Game took me about a week.
2006.06.06 Armana1
Rating: 10

It's a very good games and very good graphics .I like it.
2006.06.02 ShrooboidJr.
Rating: 10

It' a good, um..., great, um..., exelent, ummm.......... I can't describe it. Well, everything is perfect, if I wernt so tired of the STUPED FLOOR EATING ME! it drives me NUTS! >=(
2006.05.31 Pokeshadow2
Rating: 10

To make a long reveiw short, If I was the head of Super Smash Bros, I'd ask you If the little man could be a character. (The artifacts being his attacks)
2006.05.27 E.B
Rating: 9

The Game is beatutifully designed. The collisions are perfect, and the sounds fit where they are placed. The graphics never clash. Six Months well spent!
2006.05.19 conalight
Rating: --

i didn't think the graghices were that good but it's fine
2006.05.02 mazimadu
Rating: 9

clysm (tapeworm) is real inspiration. for me. The games original graphics, music, gameplay and scale make this a product of genius. A MASTERPIECE
2006.04.16 S!GN
Rating: --

You can actually find walkthroughs in google
2006.04.16 clam_is_good_28
Rating: 9

Simple and elegant but at the same time complex and gripping. Graphics and music were excellent and the way the emotions were conveyed without dialogue worked perfectly. I think it's great that apart from a brief description of the controls in the help file, there is no explanation given (unless you look on the site or at a walkthrough). It leaves you to figure things out. I also liked it because I was able to finish it completely.
2006.04.08 ericman
Rating: 8

This game is sooo hard! How the heck do you beat it?
2006.04.06 ericman
Rating: --

When I get to the volcano, you have to slide down. When I get the bottom, I always wind up in an earier place.
2006.04.04 kramgogo
Rating: 8

Great game... good whit some new stuff in the world of gaming.

Rating: 8
2006.04.01 si3792
Rating: 9

very good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.03.11 KboutR
Rating: 9

Seiklus is a brilliant platform game, combining aspects from games like Metroid and Myst (and probably a lot more) into a colorful magical world.
Seiklus is the only Gamemaker-game yet I keep replaying every few months.
2006.02.18 Yeare
Rating: 10

Beautiful, Wonderful. This is the first game i am rating a 10. It truly is not just a game, but a work of art. The graphics are good. The sound is probably the best attempt i ever heard. This is probably the best platformer game i've ever played... ever.
2006.02.18 HCS0001
Rating: --

Very well done game! I enjoyed it a lot and I hope that you make a sequel for it. Way to go, guy! (or gal)
2006.02.14 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

It is an extremely hard game to beat. It is also very fun though. It is one of the best games on the site.
2006.02.12 Pizzaroni
Rating: 10

nicest platform game around, nice music simple graphics(in a cool way) and nice story
2006.01.23 mrscience
Rating: 10

When love and skill come together, expect a masterpiece. Well done.
2006.01.15 Concrete
Rating: 9

I think this game deserves a 9 because like other games it gets boring quite easily..all because of the No die construct but don't get me wrong i can honestly say the music is supreb.
Keep up the good work!
(PS : Thesodamachine is cool)
(\ /)
2006.01.15 fedor sinev
Rating: --

u know people i think i'll go with S!GN's comment enough with da crappy reviews it is bull (%*#)
2006.01.12 rrrobyp
Rating: 8

Great game: well made and quite original. I had fun exploring it and I think that inability to die is OK for a game like this. Just now that I arrived at 77% and don't know what to do I'm a little bored. Anyway, I'd like to see more games like this (maybe with more puzzles).
2006.01.10 fedor sinev
Rating: --

for this game I do not recmmend putting in MOD files for music it just dosent seem right even if my computer can read IMG and other special files sheesh! you could just put an MP3 or a WAV files and he had one tiny bug that doesnt harm the game that all the DLLs and MODs are on your desktop! ------------------------------------------------ can some one reply my comment
2006.01.04 S!GN
Rating: --

Goddamn it, enough with the reviews already. We get it. This game only need one review, the rest is just spam.
2006.01.01 dreamisle
Rating: 10

Simply love this game. It has excellent graphics that are detailed but not overdone, and the way the uer gets to adventure around so many different areas is amazing. Definately would like to see more done with this, IE a sequel???
2005.12.27 drdemention
Rating: --

Please, Clysm. This is one of the best games on this site! Please make more! The entire community has anxiously awaited another complete work from you for almost a year!
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 8

I think that Seiklus is a good game. Good, but not great. Compared with graphics of game maker games, the graphics are good and the world is large, but the gameplay is like another platform games and so I´ll give... 8 points.
2005.11.30 Ferdricko
Rating: 9

Wow! This is one of the best games (especially platform games) I have ever seen. The only thing that could be better is the storyline, for example, why do you have to collect the orbs? What are they? etc.
2005.11.26 LostOverThere
Rating: 9

The Game just screams FUN!!!
This must be one of my all time favourite games.
2005.11.25 Zeka
Rating: 8

Wonderful game. Many challenging areas that keep you playing.
2005.11.20 scronix
Rating: 10

Well I understand why this is SO famous!
One of the best GM game evah!
sound: 10/10
graphics: 10/10
everything else: 10/10
good job!
2005.11.18 fishykorps
Rating: 10

this game is like the best platform game I have ever played, great job on making this game
2005.11.16 DarkGMDude
Rating: 10

This game is really cool the eyecandy is perfect well my favorites are the games from Shawn64 but this one is great too!
2005.11.08 REZ
Rating: 10



very cool.
2005.10.23 MattCreations
Rating: 9

For people who are having trouble with the mud part, open your eyes. There are little white things on the ground that indicate where the mud traps are.
I didn't beat the game 100% yet, but I did open the door to the guys girlfriend and everything. I need 20 more white ball things and I don't understand where this snake evil labratory thing is... Can anyone tell me? Also, are the last 20 white ball things in there? I can't find them.
2005.10.15 Farn
Rating: 10

Some people said the graphics were bad on this game, they must not know what a classic arcade game is. This game is one of the best GameMaker games I have ever played.
2005.10.14 joman726
Rating: 9

It's an excellent game! But it's a little hard... I got really annoyed at the mud that swallows you.
2005.10.13 Funk E. Gamez
Rating: 8

I was amazed by this game. Definately one of my favorite GM games ever. I'll just give you a short reveiw of the game.

Ok well the character isn't the best, just a white figure with the basic shape of a human. Then there's the plants and grass, they were ok. But what was really amazing is the special effects in the background of the levels. Very good job with those.

The sound is very good, and it gives a good feeling to the game. Also the sound changes depending on where you are, as if that's the way it would sound to the character in the game. Like when you're underwater, it sounds like it would underwater, etc.

Awesome gameplay, and defenitely very challenging. Collecting everything takes some time, effort, and skill. (also some patients along with time) The game runs very smoothly, and the character walks well.

Replay Value
Most definately the worst part about the game. Once you've played through it, you'll probobly know really well what to do and going through it again will be a breeze and not that fun. This however, would not be the case I'm sure if you went a long time without playing it.

I found it pretty easy to get most of the game completed. Getting to 50% was really easy. Then I got to 75% rather easily, but there were a few things a little trickier than others. As far as 100% goes that was a real challenge. Although I gave this game a 7 difficulty rating, that it as for the overall rating. Because I was talking about its exact difficulty, I strongly beleive though that the difficult is perfect. Difficult, but yet, not impossible.

Very nice game, I would highly recommend it if you're looking for a good and challenging GM game. Until next time, see ya.
2005.10.08 relyt_123
Rating: 3

I don't see what everyone is raving about...I don't think its that great, its very boring and frustrating. No plot. You go around and collect little balls. At least make it interesting.
2005.10.06 capgamer
Rating: 10

Seiklus is one of those games you either get or you don't.

Either you see, listen, and appreciate the utmost pinacle of beauty as presented in this game...
Or you wonder why they didn't add in a flamethrower powerup.. ^_^
I personally got this game. I think it's beautiful, I love the music, I give it a 10/10.
2005.09.26 SiLenT
Rating: 10

I love it. It's like Mario and Myst put together. Brilliant stuff.
The whole being sucked into blackness was a little frustrating though.
2005.09.18 sircyrus
Rating: 10

This is, undoubtebly, the best Game Maker game ever created. The storyline is brilliant, the animation is brilliant, the music is brilliant, the graphics are brilliant, the gameplay is sheer genius. This game doesn't have guns, or enemies to kill, but it just shows how great a game can be without mindlessly killing monsters.
2005.09.09 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 6

it's okay, I guess. give it a 6.
2005.09.05 Phreak
Rating: 10

Great game, my favorite so far. But I agree with TopHat, anyone can make a better game than this, its just that people get bored making the game and just stop halfway through. Oh and as for the piano puzzle, why is everyone afraid to reveal the puzzle.

The first part of the piano puzzle you solve it by hitting the piano keys according to the colors of the graffiti found in what everyone calls 'the spirit temple'.

The second part of the puzzle (when colecting the earth pieces) you hit the keys according to the numbers in the weird snake laboratory place.

UH OH, here's another spoiler. The W key. Guess what it does, or better yet, guess what the W stands for. WARP.

Anyways, great game, I'll give you a 10 for being determined... and not stopping halfway through.
2005.09.01 Link4000x
Rating: 9

Great game. When i saw the pic I didn't expect the game to be so deep but I was really wrong. I liked the game alot, but there could have been more bad guys and the end part, the story with the Earth Pieces didn't make sense. I liked the music, but the volcano one got sort of annoying. Otherwise great game! Please make a sequal!
2005.08.29 Trent W
Rating: 10

This game was great by far the best game I have downloaded from this website, it took me a while to finish but I did and I defenetly think a secual should be made.
2005.08.25 IceBlueSpartan
Rating: 10

'Beautiful game!!! I love it, if you wanna download a good game, THIS IS IT!!!'
2005.08.18 tim0123
Rating: 10

This is the best gamemaker game I have ever played. It defenetly tops my game on here. I give you an E for effort and a 10 out of 10 for gameplay, graphics, music, and storyline. This is the only gamemaker game I actually enjoyed playing after an hour. This game shows us the full use of the software and that there is no limit to what you can do. Im hoping for a sequal
2005.08.15 Superaj127
Rating: 10

This game is AWESOME!!!!!!

Rats, I didn't use 30 characters.

Wait, now I did.
2005.08.14 drdemention
Rating: 10

PLEASE Cly5m, this is a work of genius, and although I have not yet played your other 2 games, I think you really need to make another game like this- the true beauty lies in the free exploration, the ability to choose your own path and discover new places- MAKE ANOTHER PLZZZZZ
2005.08.13 GamesPenguin
Rating: 7

Very fun little game. I love the unlinearality, and the little balls were hard to find. I actually liked that there weren't too many enemies, although there were some. It set the tone and made it more original. The minigame I discovered by sliding down the volcano was a heck lot of fun. The graphics were very good. Not the most realistic and fancy graphics ever, but they fit well together and they make you want to keep playing. That's how I judge graphics. The sound was pretty darn good. The music - oh my god! It's so annoying! But you stop noticing it after a while.

I fail to see how this is considered the best GM game ever. Or even the best GM platformer ever. It would be on my top #10, but maybe 8 or 9th place. I don't get the total obsession. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because of the annoyingness of the cave level (no matter what you do, you get sucked up by the holes) and because it was a little too strange for my taste. Very strange. Some places in the game didn't fit the adventure/puzzle style (e.g. avoiding holes in the cave and there's no way to tell if the place you land in has those little holes; the octopus's heart where you get attacked by giant viruses) But overall, it's a pretty good game.
2005.07.30 rachelrg10
Rating: 10

This is the best game I have played so far and its really addictive! I have so far managed to collect all the balls except for the white ones which are quite difficult to find.
2005.07.27 sc(+)pe
Rating: 5

Ok, dont get me wrong but this game was soooo dull. I didnt get what anything was! AT ALL! It was pretty good modled, but thats it. Otherwise I dont get it.
2005.07.18 Hugzmeister Games
Rating: 6

Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! i don't get the hype! I mean, this game is alright, but its SO BORING!!! how can it be said as awesomely brilliant or anything? I don't like to dis things, but i JUST DONT GET THIS GAME. don't quote me on that. it's my opinion.
2005.07.14 Hermit_Crab
Rating: 7

i find this to be the best of any platform or puzzle game made on GM, but it didn't appeal to me very much gameplay-wise. I'll have to admit, the graphics werent that good but were put together very well, so it just goes to show that a game is more about planning than drawing
2005.07.13 Kimachee
Rating: 10

I love this game!i found that their is propaly a secret in every level!
I wish it waz longer though...
I would love a second one!

(sorry bout my spelling im kinda supid about spelling)
2005.07.12 duckman35
Rating: 10

How does he make such an awesome game. I think it is the best gamemaker game ever. I tried making a game similiar to Seiklus but I had absolutely no idea how he did it. Seiklus is really fun, I played it for hours!
2005.07.07 Erathoniel High Elf
Rating: 10

I love it and it has pretty much everything perfected.
2005.06.29 Nerd-Man
Rating: 10

The best game of all time. Period. So many secrets, so many paths... it rocks. I once had a great dream where Cl5ym gave me the editable and I made my own game on it. Just lets you know how much I like this game...
2005.06.18 musicmansg90
Rating: 9

I wouldn't say it is the greatest GM platformer ever made, but it is the first GM game to keep me hooked for over half an hour the first time I played it. The idea is simple, yet unique, and the world is HUGE!!!!! I couldn't keep up with that many rooms!!! I LOVE the way the ground isn't flat, yet there is no collision problems whatsoever!!! I would like to know how long it took to make???
2005.06.17 Sampe
Rating: 9

This is an adventure game, where you move a little white stick-man. He was on a cliff with his girlfriend, and then a meteorite crashed the little stick-man down to the land. Now starts your exciting adventure. The whole place is so full of exploring and finding, that you can't stop! In the game you collect small things with different colours. It gets boring sometimes, but because you want to know, what happens in the end, you have to collect them. :)
Graphics were really nicely done, cool shading and really colourful. Really original, too. I didn't see any black contours, but hey, do you see black contours in real life? No. :D It was nice variety. Almost every game has contours, but this didn't. :)
Music - fits really well! Makes you happy, and creates a great atmosphere. You can't tell the feeling with words. You have experience it. Funny sound effects, like the heartbeat in the octopus. :D They sounded real, which is important. The particle effects were cool, they really looked alive. Well, not alive, but smooth. You can play this game a millions of times, but it gets pretty boring, because you know, where is it, and where is that. So, I recommend that you play this once, but play that that time with feeling. Of course, that's just my opinion. ;) Maybe I could play this through again, this is a fun game. :)
The game was laggy in some places, but that didn't make any troubles. Level design was really good as well. It wasn't made with blocks, it was a real terrain! There were some funny secrets and small details. Controls were easy and useful, so the game was easy to play. And fun. Maybe a little more amazements when you are collecting the coloured things, and this game is amazing!
Overall - don't just read this review! Download it! Play it! NOW! Heh, I love this game. Just try it out, and you are hooked. :)

2005.06.14 dude
Rating: --

I like Seiklus, but it never was actually fun for me. I found the music extremely annoying at first, then I got used to it. This is a well made game, but it just isn't fun.
2005.06.11 thycos_games
Rating: 10

Perfect Sounds and Graphics
Excelent Gameplay!
and the replay is high!
I love this game...
2005.06.04 JoJo McLeod
Rating: 10

To be honest, I didn't find this game that difficult. I completed the entire thing (100%) in a couple of days. But it's still one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. One of the best things about it, I reckon, is how everything can be so easily interpreted as some kinda analogy for an aspect of one's own life.
And Seal, what are you on about? This game gave me that 'feeling' stronger than any other. You can just feel the love that was put into this, this...creation. I mean, how else can you describe it?
And one more thing -- I found it interesting how the un-one-pixel-wide-ified (if that makes any sense) outlines, generally frowned upon in pixel art, are (well, to me at least) one of its most endearing qualities.
Well, that's my two cents. Thanks for reading, if you did, and if you didn't I can't blame you.
2005.05.29 alson
Rating: 10

2005.05.26 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Ha! I just beat the game, all 100%! Hahaha! Man, that thing is amazing! Just when you think you've won... Oooh, the W key can be used now? Whoah! How'd I get to a creepy evil laboratory? Wahaha! Even after that, you have to collect all 6 golden pieces of a circle and do something to end the game for good! Hahaha! Even more amazing is that you use the Piano for treasure not once, but TWICE! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I swear! This thing is AWESOME! Hahaha!
2005.05.24 Pie_4
Rating: 1

Pa its ok i guess... im not really a fan of it
2005.05.21 wobe_studios
Rating: 8

graphics : 5/10
gameplay : 8/10
Sound : 9/10
Difficulty: 48%

Aldo most rate the graphics a 10, i'd consider not. These are just very basic drawings who it think could be better drawn.
Sometimes the difficulty is a bit too much like getting eaten by those blk things!
But overal i think the game isn't that bad.
2005.05.10 Bawbag
Rating: 10

Fantasticly super-cool game. it rox!
2005.04.12 Litq
Rating: 9

Very nice game. I`ve completed it twice, and I've found the last secrets too (:
'Maybe' the best gm game I`ve ever played

Graphics 9/10
Sounds 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
2005.04.09 zeusbenedict
Rating: 9

i really like this game i played it 30 times hee hee
2005.03.30 Dark Krim
Rating: 9

This game is awsome. I love the gameplay, the environment, graphics, gameplay, and other's I can't think of right now. I was amazed when I read this was your first project with Gamemaker. The only reason I gave it a nine is that because some of the movement was a little glitchy on my computer. For example it wouldn't always jump. I wish a choice was 9.5.
2005.03.28 Download King
Rating: 10

how the hell did you make sutch a well graphed game 11/10 is the overall mark [the extra 1 mark is becaus i havent beaten it yet.
2005.03.19 stevenup7002
Rating: 10

I want this game so badly to be on handheld devices
2005.03.19 Rocko Choco Chip
Rating: 10

Best. Game. Ever.
erm, by game maker, of course. Various other games out there are better, but none in game maker match it's splendor.
Oh, and this is getting freaky. Stevenup7002 has rated every game that I have in the last few days.
2005.03.17 necopodalex
Rating: 10

wat u gus takn bot ths gam suxxors go 2 mi websit

this is the best F'n game i ever F'n played! why can't all GM games be like this? 10 for everything!
2005.03.13 Rocko Choco Chip
Rating: 10

Awesome! everything- from graphics and music to the secrets of the keyboard and warping technique- give this game the feel of something Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft would create. By far, this is at least in the top tens of game maker games, and I would say it's THE best. best part = no violence. A two year old could play this game, and assuming they can actually play, would have a great time! I reccomend this to every last person out there, save POSSIBLY those hideous, groteusque monsters won't play anything rated lower than 'M.'
2005.03.13 Rocko Choco Chip
Rating: 10

Oh, and Orangepaint, the piano puzzle answer is: ok, i'm not telling, though I will say that in the castle section, that grafitti is more than just writing on the walls. And one other thing: once you get to the robot lab, there is something in a different form than the graffitti that still has to do with your piano. Hope I didn't give away TOO much,
~Rocko Choco Chip
2005.03.11 zemni
Rating: 8

Seiklus is an amazing game and is truly original. The odd, yet perfectly fitting, plot gave the game a weird, otherworldly feel.
2005.03.05 stevenup7002
Rating: 10

What amazes me about this game is that it was one of the greatest gamemaker games evr made, but it was a FIRST GAME!!! beat that!!!
2005.03.05 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Best game ever! This thing is so addictive that I will probably keep replaying it until something disaterous happens to it! By the way, many folks get stuck on this, so I'll help. You can get the last 50 green fireballs by solving the Piano Puzzle. There is a hint that appears to be graffiti somewhere in the game. Sorry, I cannot say anymore! Good luck, though.
Now, for my final message: You end the game in the exact same place you started. Who'd-a guessed???
2005.03.05 Orangepaint
Rating: 10

Dude, I downloaded this game Months ago and I am still playing it and listning to those simple, but damn catchy tunes. Everything melded togother perfectly. I also don't know how to get past the Piano Puzzle. I agree it that it would sell as a gameboy game. Absolutely the best f***'n game i've ever played.
2005.02.21 Saq22
Rating: 10

This game rocks and i haven't even downloaded it LOL.
I took the words of reviewers and downloaded afterwards.. (After a while).. WHHHOOOAAAAA!!!!, this a good game that was made up by an ordinary person like you and me. I give it 10/10
2005.02.10 lmt32
Rating: 10

I have to say, this game is amazing. I am deadly serious. This is the best GM game I have ever seen. This is the best flipping computer game I have ever seen! It could even be justified as art, in my opinion. The reason I love it so much, I suppose, is that it is so self-explanatory. There are practically no words. You instinctively know what to do. Plus, the world seems so big, and it keeps revealing new things to you. The music is beatiful, and so are the graphics.

This is, in short, brilliant.
2005.02.03 ImSneaky
Rating: 10

This game is the best game ever.
But the character was cute.
I give you a 9999999999/10.
This game is the best even you could make a game better than me!!!
2005.01.30 Tonymaster
Rating: 10

this game is very very very very very very very very very very (ten thousand verys later) very good!
2004.12.22 Ergo
Rating: 8

Great platforming, but no plot to compel me, and no replay value, it seems unfinished, just like a very long tutorial on basic platforming physics, I understand why there are no enemies, it's not that type of game, but it could include some puzzles maybe, but, yeah, good game, better than anything I could make..
2004.12.18 Tainic
Rating: 10

:o) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004.12.12 meister_of_peister_games
Rating: 10

AMAZING! This is the best game maker game I have ever played!
2004.11.26 Feet First
Rating: 4

Yes, this game has nice graphics and it does look pretty good but whats the point of a game if it isn't fun. In my opinion no matter how much effort was put into a game if it is as boring as this. It's bad!
2004.11.25 thesodamachine
Rating: 10

Seiklus is, simply put, quite possibly the greatest Game Maker game of all time.
2004.11.15 GameMakinryan
Rating: 10

The Revered 'Seiklus', said to be one of the greatest platform/adventure game created. I'd have to disagree. This is obviously one of the best Game Maker Games Created Ever.

The Wonderful graphics of this game, including all of the backgrounds, sprites, and everything else, have made the visual effect of this game amazingly appealing. The perfect mix of colors strewn together with obvious artistic talen have definitely give the Graphics rating for this game, and A+.

Who can forget the sound? The effects and music fit perfectly into this fairy-tale atmosphere, adding to the overall effectiveness of the game. With the wonderful melodies to the dark operas, the music in this makes it some of the best MIDI compositions I have heard. Overall, the Sounds and Music of this Orchestral Masterpiece gets an A.

The Gameplay. With wonderful realism in your movement, you're not playing this game, you're living it. With all of the perfect elements of an action platform adventure swirled into a ball of Amazingness. The coding is structured well just by pressing the buttons. Movement, environment interaction, various enemies, puzzles, etc. All have added into the grade for this games Gameplay rating which is most DEFINITELY, an A+.

Difficulty would definitely add to the atmosphere of the game. Puzzles ranging from relatively easy, to painstakingly hard, will constantly bake your noodle. I personally am always up to a good challenge, but some of these challenges can get REALLY hard, so the difficulty would get a B+ for having great puzzles, but some elements of 'too much' difficulty.

Replay Value is definitely present in this title. With what seems like an evergrowing, ever continuing world, this game is 100% replayable. After playing this game for a few hours, I didn't feel that 'I don't feel like playing that again' feeling. This game keeps drawing you back in, you get stuck at a puzzle and 15 minutes later you >BING< got it and you're instantly at your computer solving that puzzle, and that 15 minutes of thinking and fun is what gives this titles replay value of an A+.

Originality is teeming in this game, but also, because of its genre, it cannot be 100% original, but with the differentiated motion mehcanics and other various elements to be discovered in this game, give it an originality rating of A.

Overall, this game would average at an A with the Stunning graphics, wonderful sound and music, varied difficulty, and a mastered gameplay. Have fun with this game and don't get too stressed out with the puzzles, but all in all, have fun :)
2004.11.06 Herbicide
Rating: 10

I dont get HOW THE HECK you get past the piano
2004.11.04 BILLY
Rating: 9

Seiklus is one of the best game maker platform adventure game i have ever played and the graphics are great.
2004.10.13 ubersmackgames
Rating: 9

Its a good game but I never realy knew what was going on your

kinda just droped it to this world with nothing and your jsut roming

around colecting or eating strange flowting things and there are some

chests with gold things in the it kinda twisted and sweat to put it

lightly I think you where trying to find your girlfreind or some thing

but the animation for you is wonder ful it must have took the creator

days to get all the sprites made and there where some rocks that realy

where jaged and lots of other wonderful stuff it also seamed very

open ended you start out and there is a bunch of difrent paths to take

and one way theres this key bord and another theres this thing that

eats you but you cant die that i experianced you just have to find a

way out but itsgood times for puzzel gamers others may find it a bit

difficuty:7(1 easy 10 hard)
game play:7.5
over all:9.5
2004.10.11 teagaming
Rating: 10

The amazing thiong about this game is how good the play, and interactment with its sourrounding areas'.
Also the Little white boy that you play as has a unique sense, as if you are in the game.
But, the beauty of the enviroments you visit are just as Unique as when you first saw them, but the real Joy that is playing the game comes from the beauty of the sky, the grass and of course, the sliding down the mountain, and eveything else, this game is probably one of the best made with Game Maker,and is one of my favorites.
The Story Line is not Exact but you can tell, it may be because they Lost someone close, someone near, but the stroyline is beautiful in its own way, So I think, look at this game and amazment will be on its way.
The Game and its its nature are great but the true beauty is how it was built, it is made up of a system, much like the old Zelda games, it tells you how much you have completed through out this game, if you like Platformers, please take a look at this and the best thing is about to be revealed.
The best and most enpowering thing about this game is the sounds, it has little birds tweetering in the existence, and further more the background music is hardly there, with its smooth texture, and unviolating speech, how wonderful this game is to have, have put on my desktop, and will play it through out my life, this game is inspiring to the human exsistence, not only does it give you happiness, but love, has you feel for all those memories the person must of had, and to help us all regain strength and pull through this life, unharmed, but the beauty, but the power, but the magnificent, life is surly in this game and no one shall ever give it a bad home.
The object of the game is to collect all of the little flames or objectile like puff-balls, as you try to get back to your darling friend, never give up and love shall soon follow, has you go through this game you will be introdouced to many enviroments and interact as you play this game, give it a home and Cherish the best Game Maker Game Of all, at least the best Platformer, you decide, has I give this game a 50 but it only goes to 10 so be it.
2004.10.04 FooDude
Rating: 10

very well done! nice fx, nice mods, nice everything-- so surreal, no voilence. it's just plain ol' spiffy!
2004.10.03 Seal
Rating: 8

This game is very good. The only problem is that it gets boring after a short period of time. I like the graphics and music, but it just doesn't have that 'feeling' that you get when you play a great game(I'm not saying that this is bad, it kicks all of my game's ***).

So, I rate it a 8/10. :)
2004.10.02 catch22101
Rating: --

What on earth are you on about top hat, since when was it nessarsy to have shooting or fighting in a game to make it good. Isn't that what the whole of super mario bros is all about? Beside this game as Freezair says, this would make a brilliant sp game as will, hopefully, the sequeal to this.
2004.09.26 The Red Mage
Rating: 10

:) The game is great. I just love it!
2004.09.21 TopHat
Rating: 8

Whats wrong with you people.. graphics are not that good as you say it is. Gameplay isnt great either. The programming of this game is a 10/10, but everything else isnt so great. I dont know whats up with all the '10' perfect ratings... I cant make a game like this if my life depended on it, but there are some of games in this site that are better. I like how all (or most) of the objects in the game you can interact with. Partical effects are good aslo. So what's the whole point of the game? To run around and collect things. No fighting or shooting, just run around and collect things. Run around and collect things. For the good programming and attention to detail.. It's ok.
2004.09.15 Freaky Games
Rating: 9

Very nice graphics, music, controlls and pro. made. This is how a real Plattform Adventure game should look like. It feels a bit arcade like tough. There is no 'talkings' in the game, wich isnt needed. But it would be better if the story would be more clearly, this is a great game and has its own spirit. Good Work

//Freaky Games
2004.09.12 Bluemouse
Rating: --

I can't get rid of it! plz fix! it won't go away!(the music is nice though)
2004.09.06 Holmholm
Rating: 10

High quality.Healthy game
Author set a good example
2004.09.02 halofrteak1331
Rating: --

Outstanding is the only way to describe this game. It has all of the elements of an adventure game, plus classic style graphics. The playability is great, and the puzzles are flawless. I must admit, that piano puzzle had me stumped, but I wont reveal the secret. Games like this don't come around that often, and I give it a 2 thumbs up. A definate 9 out of 10! Great job!
2004.08.31 JackRussel
Rating: --

Look at the scenery near places there are sometimes clues (better not say nething else incase someone gets angwy)
Ha! got 100%
Great great game, truely inspiring.
2004.08.21 radagastBrown
Rating: --

I'll re-bring up Pacula's question: Where are those last 50 light greens? And what's the point of the piano thing?
2004.08.12 zazoostudios
Rating: --

What a game!
One of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
The graphic and the music was very very good!
2004.08.07 Clay
Rating: --

Wow! This game is a lot better than I thought. Although I'm only doing this to see if I can get a promotion to reviewer status, I really enjoyed this game. The music is fine and really fits into the well-designed gameplay in each level. I also liked the simple yet fitting sprites and the game story is very amusing to play. Even though it is very simple to learn and to play, it has that 'wonderful-addiction' every gamer who has experience with a game like this can relate to. 10/10
2004.07.21 Serrellious
Rating: --

My Review for Seiklus

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics for Seiklus were all very smooth and well-drawn; they were very fitting for a game of its caliber: simple yet at the same time captivating. Not many game maker games come close to the sort of brilliance that Seiklus achieved with its graphics.

Music: 10/10
The music was great! Most of the time, I found myself humming along to the tune. I especially liked how the music slowly faded out and didn't just abruptly change--that really gave me an idea to how much work truly went into polishing and perfecting this game.

Gameplay: 10/10
A simple story...simple controls...yet the game makes you keep on coming back for more. It's with the well-designed
2004.07.21 Kenogu
Rating: --

I am totally amazed at this game. The work put into it was tremendous, but the product was one of the best Game Maker platformers around. A hardy congrats and a lookin' forward to a sequel, if you make one!
2004.07.14 Pacula
Rating: --

Why the hell doesn't Freezair like this game????? IT IS SO COOL!!!!! by the way how do I get those last 50 light green balls? I can't het them!
2004.07.05 Pacula
Rating: --


graphics = 10/10 beautiful
music = 10/10 each song fit the area it was played in very well!
gameplay = 10/10 very nice! I love collecting stuff!

I rated it a 10!
2004.06.22 Mocha Man
Rating: --

This game is stunning. It's one of only a couple game maker games that I've played for hours straight. There's so much cool stuff to see and explore and solve... there are even graphical motifs that you'll notice after playing it awhile. Took me awhile, but I did make it to 100% eventually.
Extremely highly recommended.
2004.04.18 Freezair
Rating: --

This is not, as soem have said, one of the best Game Maker games of all time. It is one of the best games of all time period. On his site, Tapeworm says that he believes video games can be works of art--well, if ever there was a gaming masterpiece, this would be it. MOD music is not typically used in games in favor of the much easier MIDI, but the choice to take the road less traveled by was well-made here. The graphics are vibrant and beautiful, giving the game a sense of ambience few others have. It is fun and easy to play, meaning everyone can get in on the action. If this game were profesionally published, preferably for a handheld like Game Boy Advance SP, I'm betting it would sell millions.
2004.03.30 TheAnemic
Rating: --

Said by many to be the greatest game-maker platform game ever made. It's hard to pin-point exactly makes this game so good but if there ever was a game where all aspects molded together perfectly, this is it.

Seiklus' story is a simple premise. He and his girl are lying on a hill watching the stars when they are seperated by a meteor. What follows is Seilkus' adventure through the depths of fantasy as he makes his way back home.

Backing up the story's sense of humanity is the constistently simple but beautiful graphics that add sympathy to Seiklus' situation. And what really holds this together is the perfectly incorporated MOD/chip music that reminds you of the hay-days of gaming.

Some may argue that the lack of action takes away from Seiklus. But the idea of collecting stuff is as good a reason to play a game as any. A must-play for anyone hoping to be inspired.

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