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Game Maker Games - SOCK RACING
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Review by Quimp
After horse and dog races comes Sock Racing, an interesting alternative for the gamblers. Bet virtual money, race, triple your stack, become rich and loose your pile as you make bad choices.

Sock Racing almost exaggerates on the notion of mini game, as it consists of nothing more than the core needed to provide a certain game play. It's easy to notice that the user interaction wasn't the focus of the creator: a layer of humour overlays the gameplay; but in this case it isn't a bad thing. Although the game offers very little variety, if any, in terms of game mechanics, the funny side of Sock Race is what makes its beauty: I cannot imagine the same game with a serious base. You are first introduced to the wit during the speedy introduction, where the subtitle "Something fast" can be read. The game then kicks into gear with the particular pixel art as the game starts.

The sprites are presented as rough, awkward and overly simplified graphics, although they remain clean and constant. Anyone familiar with the author, Brian the Great, is aware of his talent as a valuable pixel artist. While regular players may expect a lot more from the graphics than what the game offers, the visuals do a great job at following the game's tendency. In other words, the sketchy graphics were done on purpose to enhance the coat of humour.

The first time I played Sock Racing, it gave me the impression of a Coolmoose13-inspired type of game: just as original in its design and idea but different in terms of playability and depth. If you can enjoy small and out of the ordinary games that bring a smile on your face because of their crankiness, you better try Sock Racing!

The Creator wrote:
The game for the lazy gamer. Bet money on a sock and watch them race. If yours get first, your stake is trippled, second gets doubled, third gets it back and worse lose all they bet. Have fun and get rich!

(note: hold mouse button on bet button to max or min bet)

Download SOCK RACING (EXE, ~1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.01 onesis
Rating: 9

This game is so fun, I love it, but it could be better. First and most important, the player should be able to enter thier highscore (their money) into the highscore table. Second, you should make it multiplayer (on the same computer); each person can make a bet and they compete with how much money they have. Third, you dont have to do this, but you could make the track twist and turn and stuff (like a car race track) instead of it being just strait. Other than that this game is original and very fun.
2007.01.11 dopefish711
Rating: 9

This game is very entertanian and funny. No sound though :(. It was funny because I kept betting on one and even though he usually came 1st or 2nd he once was letting me down and I was screaming GO! GO YOU ***GOT!
2006.11.18 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

NVM, I figured out how! :D YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.10.13 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

Ok, I REALLY need to know how to make a more than 2 player fighting game. I know how to mostly everything so you won't have to teach what variables are and stuff.

E-mail me how!!! :(

2006.09.30 ZombieGames
Rating: 7

very fun
i like the sprites yay for socks
2006.09.17 limit
Rating: 8

Very good, it could have used music, or some sort of sound, but in any case, I found myself sitting here watching my sock run again and again. Good job, put some music in
2006.09.17 limit
Rating: --

P.S. This game is real easy to cheat, clicking the mouse during the race makes your sock run faster; everytime
2006.09.15 Katakus
Rating: 7

Lawl. What an amazing game! XD
2006.09.14 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

Funny, but there's not a whole lot of gameplay. And my stupid socks were always letting me down. :(
2006.09.13 Nobody
Rating: 8


p=1 o=2 p=1 p=1 e=2 n = 1
2006.08.23 {DS}
Rating: 10

10/10 you win!
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