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Game Maker Games - Nowhere
 Nowhere by Sparlatacus (PG Games)

I love this game. — Billy

Download Nowhere (EXE, ~1.25 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.29 ImSneaky
Rating: 6

Forget that last comment, I did not play the game. First you need to keep bumping into something, then you have to avoid falling things. Then avoid white things randomly moving around the room, then go to the left when you need to pick the door. Then touch some weird looking sprite and the game quits. Interesting, but short.
2006.11.22 ImSneaky
Rating: 5

Ugh, this game couldn't get weirder. You start out controlling 'Johndough', who I suppose is like Johnny? Well, anyways the levels were too easy and I couldn't beat this one where you have to jump really high over something and I had to Ctrl + Alt + Dlt. Honestly, you can make good games but please don't make crappy ones and submit them here please.
2006.08.18 Lazrael
Rating: --

Not much content here, but it surely was challenging, although seemed completely random. Can't say I really enjoyed it though. Whether it was made just as a joke or as something else remains a mystery to me.

Also Ali Bastian I see you are very biased against the creator, and you cannot appreciate this sort of games at all, but you should really cut those hateful comments. I think everyone who reads comments got the point at your first comment but you went on with 3 more.

If you think this game violates any rules or regulations of GMG then perhaps you should use the reporting function.

It's not like this would be the first bad game ever to hit the GM scene. The countless horrible 640x480 resolution fangames of Mario / Sonic / Zelda with the GM sky background and one generic midi playing in the background are a bigger plague than something like this, which in fact actually uses original resources no matter how crappy they may be.
2006.08.18 Ali Bastian
Rating: --

Well in the third comment, I actually gave him a little more credit than I did originally. And about me being biased against this game's creator, I kind of am becaused this guy has submitted about thirty games and every one of them is pretty much junk. I think people he should actually spend time working on their games and submit some that are decent istead of just throwing together games in less than an hour and repetitavely submitting sloppy games.
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: 1

You call this a game!? First you start off with a info screen that you can't even get past unless you push some random keyboard button that I don't even remember, and then if even if you have the patience to keep hitting random buttons until you get past it, it just takes you to a screen where you control a sloppy figure that can only move right or left a few steps before appearing where it started! Are you trying to be stupid, because it sure looks like it to me.
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: --

Seriously, just STOP CREATING AND SUBMITTING GAMES if you can't come up with anything better than this trash. Go read a book or get a job, or SOMETHING!
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: 3

Actually I spoke too soon. There is a bit more to this game than I originally thought so I upgrade its rating to a 3, but nevertheless it's still pretty much lame, and like far too many of your games, it wouln't exit unless you use CTRL - ALT - DELETE.
2006.08.17 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 10

It's a nice game. You should play it.
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: --

Ugh, no wonder this guy keeps creating these cheap games. He has a core of dedicated fans who keep encouraging him!
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