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Game Maker Games - Fall From Grace
 Fall From Grace by Cesque
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Review by Jabberwock
Fall From Grace is a medieval platform adventure game distantly similar to the Castlevania series in style, though much of it takes place outdoors. It's oriented around story and gameplay in basically equal measures, and there's a surprising amount of depth to it.

The game engine is, for the most part, well done, though it has one or two serious downfalls. Specifically, the elevators often get stuck, and rather than swimming across a body of water, the player can just 'skip' across the surface, which ends up taking a lot away from the game. In terms of gameplay and gameflow in general, there are a few small problems as well, though once again the game does well overall in this aspect. For one thing, the interface and the magic system aren't explained too well; it took me several minutes to figure out that I didn't start the game with any mana, and that in order to cast a spell, I first had to get some by using a certain item. The enemy AI is also fairly weak- they just sort of walk back and forth, for the most part, hurting you if you touch them, but I guess it doesn't really detract too much from the game as a whole.

The difficulty curve is fairly smooth, but it has one or two big jumps which feel a bit disruptive to the game as a whole, and it's annoyingly easy to die, so at many parts you are forced to carefully regulate your health, which is often tedious. Once again, not a serious problem, but it can sometimes be discouraging.

The graphics in Fall From Grace are quite good and for the most part stylistically consistent, but there's a definite amateur quality to them. The blood looks a bit iffy, and instead of particles and alpha transparency the author uses the 'disappear' effect built into the GM sprite editor, which just doesn't feel quite right. The people and enemies are all well-animated, and the spell effects are decent; however the landscapes are almost a little too simple at times, and there are no 'transition' tiles between one tilest and the next, so the change is sometimes jarring. Also, many of the backgrounds don't really fit the rest of the graphics; they're too realistic, and it doesn't look right. The same goes for a few of the other graphics in the game; their level of detail is either greater than or less than that of the rest of the graphics, and it comes off looking unpolished. One other minor complaint is that the text occasionally extends outside the boxes during dialogue, which seems to be a fairly common problem with Game Maker RPGs and RPG-like games.

The music is all tailor-fit to certain areas of the game, and is well-done and fairly pleasant to listen to. There are also quite a few sound effects (in fact, there's an effect for almost everything in the game) which I thought were of mixed quality. Some were fitting, but others were just annoying.

What I find most admirable about this game, however, is its great size and incredible depth. Many GM games are the work of a few weeks or a few months; this game, quite obviously, is a work of much greater time and care. Every area in the game exudes care and detail, and this, coupled with the depth of the storyline and the sheer number of areas, items and enemies, lends Fall From Grace a quality rare among GM games. The game world is detailed and well thought out; I found myself wishing that it were less linear and you could go where you pleased in RPG fashion. The story is not extremely original, but then, I suppose every story line has been used many times already, and this one isn't quite worn out yet. In any case, it presents some rather interesting philosophical ideas (as the game is based around a religious war).

That being said, this isn't a game you can play for a few minutes at a time and hope to beat; there is a lot of depth here, plus there are several playable classes and plenty of secrets and side-missions, not to mention the fact that the game, though flawed, still manages to be quite addictive. If you like the game, you'll probably want to play it two or three times.

If you're sick of short games with little depth and are looking for a change of pace, this very well may suit your needs; it's definately not perfect, but it's worth a try nonetheless.

Author's Description:

A platform game with some minor RPG elements and a fantasy setting. Combat, magic, 3 character classes to play as, solid storyline, great music by Smoofano and a lot of secrets and easter eggs included.

Download Fall From Grace (EXE, ~4.6 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2006.10.12 angrykoopa
Rating: 9

This is one crazy game. Good work, Cesque.
2006.10.06 Radnom Games
Rating: 9

Very well done. Although in some parts the graphics did seem quite simplistic, the animation, at least, was very well done. Some nice ideas here as well, and some fun gameplay. Some parts did seem a little unbalanced in the dificulty section, there was a sort of quite erratic and steep learning curve there.

I give it a 9 :) Great work
2006.08.12 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

A star already, Cesque? Must be good. :P

Anywho, I'll play this later, but it probably won't work on my computer or run at 3 FPS, so I really wouldn't be able to rate it properly...
2006.08.11 Nobody
Rating: 8

Sweet memories... This game rocks Cesque, only the fact that you managed to complete it and the diversity of the levels makes it awesome... A true masterpiece.
2006.08.11 Rokuji
Rating: 8

Great game, but i couldnt get passed the first door in the level with the knight. I'll try the other guys later.
2006.08.11 Cesque
Rating: --

Attack the door to destroy it and get past. Oh well, maybe it wasn't very intuitive. ;)
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