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Game Maker Games - Ark 22
 Ark 22 by Srehpog
An unidentified mid-orbit collision brings the R90-A "Ark" 22 to the surface of a desolate planet. It's cold, it's harsh, and it's millions of miles from home.

You are alone.

Winner of the Game Maker Awards 2006 Best Overall Game and Best Gameplay.

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Opinions about Ark 22

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.29 Recneps
Rating: 10

This game is really awesome.
One of the only GM games that actually feels professional
2010.02.28 user_ferai
Rating: --

I noticed the file is missing. Here is a temporary link to the version I downloaded a while ago: http://kam86.fileave.com/Ark 22.zip

I haven't changed anything from the author's original release, but if he objects to my distributing his game, I'll be sure to remove the file
2009.06.06 user_ferai
Rating: 10

An excellent action RPG! All original content, and it just begs for a sequel. I hope the staff reviews this game soon.
2008.12.17 bksonic
Rating: 10

This is better than most next-gen games. Why? Because you actually enjoy it instead of enjoying the graphics (which ae still amazing)
2008.07.11 EagloBane
Rating: --

I will admit that this is a great game. HOWEVER, there are some aspects that are way too difficult. The speed boat and the monster, for instance, is just too frustratingly hard. The speed is too fast, the monster has too many sections, you get hurt when you run in to the health/ammo boxes...I could go on and on about it. If you could make this easier, then perhaps I would enjoy it more. I won't rate the game until I beat it...which doesn't seem likely at this point.
2007.12.12 blaucomelmar
Rating: --

Great game! Played for only five minutes and got completely addicted! Lots of dialog, missions, items... great work! I'll rate when I finish it (and could take a while).
2007.10.04 Grabnar
Rating: 10

ok i am curly from before but i forgot my password and decide to just make a new profile(the other name sucks) now i don't know if this is only me but i can't seem to get past the first ice cave i can get right to the exit but i don't have what i need to get out. this is probably just me but i though i might alert you anyway just in case. and if it is just me might i get a little help(maybe a mini walkthrough?) any pms are welcome. and even if this i a minor glitch it's still a very polished game!
2007.01.15 I Love Terav
Rating: 10

The best GM game I have ever played and as said before, is easily better than lots of Nintendo ect. games.
2006.11.07 zon3r
Rating: --

Excellent game. I'll post a user review here once I finish the game.

Hah, I got the gun.

But it's not like the uber awesome Screw Attack. Which, even though Samus is a girl, manages to somehow kill things...
2006.08.11 curly
Rating: 10

dude this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(10/10)
2006.08.02 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: --

I'd expect a non hosting member to say something like that... This game is good... And I'd suspect that your took good advantage over the parenting system... Even though I think you did it over to much... It can cause many things to behave in the same way and can cause the game to become dull... Don't worry about me I suck at making games any way... Infact I didn't even play your game so what Am I saying but it is easy to assume with an RPG that this game has many enemies to defeat and those enemies come with a parenting system.. and not the collision system where when everything collides with everthing...( That can get real screwy) But uhh yeah It looks like a good job... I think I'll play it rigth now... Nice job using all your resources... I can see only prof. resources could only match each other. so well so any random resource wouldn't do well unless it was adjusted to size... So uh yeah thats abot it.
2006.08.02 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: --

And make sure people comment. I know what it feels like when you make this game (your proud of) and everyone downloads it and doesn't comment... And the people who do ... Just want to complain or have to tell you something to add...
2006.08.01 mrscience
Rating: 10

Attention all RPG-lovers: this is a classic. Easily rivalling games done by Nintendo, Sega, and the like, this is by far the most epic game ever done with Game Maker. I am truly impressed.
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