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Game Maker Games - SHOOT Deluxe
 SHOOT Deluxe by Erik Leppen
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Review by Jabberwock
At first glance, SHOOT seems to be nothing more than a generic arcade shooter- and, let's face it, that's basically what it is. In concept, it's nothing special; you fly around the screen shooting down fleets of brand-x, easy-to-destroy ships while keeping an eye out for powerups. It's really only the execution in a game such as this that can separate it from the unwashed masses that populate the archive. In this case, fortunately, the game's execution is quite good; the controls are smooth and intuitive, and the game is (as far as I could tell) completely bug-free. There is also a fairly large selection of powerups which are each fairly useful in some situation or another, though none of them is extremely original.

Also, despite being, for the most part, a generic arcade game built off an unoriginal concept, it still has a little bit of innovation to it- the fact that enemies sometimes come at the player in heavily concentrated 'waves' that give large score increases if destroyed, for instance. Besides this, it has hotseat 2-player mode, which is always a plus in my book, and is improved in this aspect by the fact that the players turn into 'helpers' if killed.

The graphics are simple, but extremely polished and packed full with particle effects- so many particles, in fact, that in the later stages the game lags badly. Of course, you can use this to your advantage, as the game is so fast-paced that I, at least, probably wouldn't survive long without the extra help afforded by the game's tremendous lag.

The music is pretty generic fare, though I suppose it fits the game fairly well and is a little bit catchy. 'Retro' is the word that comes to mind when describing it; same with the sound effects, which are also fairly basic- shooting, exploding, etc. However, one noteworthy aspect of the sound in this game is that it's used as a gameplay element, albeit a minor one, to warn of the approach of a wave of enemies or to let you know that a 'bonus ship' has entered the screen. This isn't something you see too often in GM games; sound often has no connection to the gameplay at all.

My only real complaint is that the game lacks variety. There are a few powerups, a few enemies, and, well, that's it. What you see is what you get, essentially.

Despite this, and most important of all, I found this game to be a great deal of fun. Perhaps it's the way that the number of enemies gradually increases to insane levels as the game progresses; in any case, I find myself playing it more often than many 'better' games. It's not the greatest or most original game around, but it's simple and fun, and worth a play every once in a while if only to kill time.

Author's Description:
In this 2D side-scrolling shooter you must...well...shoot the enemies. Enemies are displayed by simple hooks and I tried to give it a simple graphical style. Pickup the various bonuses, there are a lot of them, to increase your firepower temporarily. Lots of particles, so it can go a bit slow on a slower computer. The original Shoot was made in BASIC, but after getting Game Maker I was sure to remake this game.

Download SHOOT Deluxe (EXE, ~5.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.04.26 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

In retrospect, I love this game, which this review does not adequately reflect. Let me add a star.
2006.10.01 Tijn22
Rating: 9

This is a very nice game:
Nice Graphics (the menu could have better buttons)
and the gameplay is perfect!

2006.08.15 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 8

29,353,755 in solo mode. I have a screenshot to prove it. :)

I love shoot em up games, and this one is easy, simple, yet challenging, and very addicting. My finger got sore from holding the click button down on my laptop for so long, and its getting worn out as it is. Maybe the ship could auto-fire, since you never need to stop shooting.
2006.08.09 TeeGee
Rating: 8

I'm totally in love with this game and I'm not big fan of arcades. Sometimes simplicity is really best way to go! Addition of helpers in 2 players mode is great idea.
2006.08.08 MOG 10
Rating: 8

This is a nice simple arcade shooter. I need just a arcade shooter. Good I like this.
2006.08.07 Rokuji
Rating: 7

It was pretty fun, but once it got to the point where the screen was so populated that i couldnt see, and it lagged so much i could hardly move, i couldnt take it, and quit. :(
2006.08.07 CoolMoose13
Rating: 8

This game was ridiculously sweet. Mad props to the creator, awesome job on making a scrolling shooter.
2006.08.07 DamonX
Rating: --

15,199,559 in solo mode =)
A challenger?
2006.08.06 jmanjman47
Rating: 7

I thought it was very addictive. But me and my bro didn't even come close to joewoofs score :(
2006.07.31 Joewoof
Rating: 7

Pretty decent. The 2-player mode adds to a great deal of fun, especially if you have a younger sibling around. Me and my bro, in 2-player mode, raked in a total of 12,206,684 points! I challenge anyone to beat that. :D

The best part of this game is being able to mow down waves after waves of the most enemy ships in the least amount of time in any shooter I've seen.

I agree with Jabberwock though - it does rapidly become repetitive. Without the 2-player mode, it will rapidly become dull after only a few sessions.
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