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Game Maker Games - Illegal Communication
 Illegal Communication by cactus
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Review by Jabberwock
Illegal Communication is a stylish 'cyber-adventure' unlike any game I've seen before, GM or otherwise. Unlike many GM games that make the attempt, the game succeeds brilliantly at drawing in the player with its purely mysterious, abstract atmosphere, and despite the apparent simplicity of the graphics, sound and gameplay, this is a game with a great deal of depth to it.

The game really sort of defies traditional genre classification; it contains elements of platform, arcade and puzzle games in basically equal doses. I don't want to give too extensive a description, as that sort of would eliminate the fun of figuring out what to do and how to do it (incidentally a large part of the game). However, as a small disclaimer, I'd like to mention that the game is very difficult; unneccesarily so, in my opinion, specifically since there are save points, but your progress is deleted if you exit the game. Some may not find this a big problem, as the game is short enough to (theoretically) play through in one sitting. It certainly bothered me, though. As far as storyline, what is there is very abstract, though the careful player may be able to decipher it.

The first thing you will probably notice when playing Illegal Communication is the highly minimalistic graphics scheme. In fact, minimalistic is rather too weak a term; monochromatic would be more accurate. Everything is either black or green, and, with only a few exceptions, abstract and starkly geometric in design. There is hardly any shade variation, either; however, this is part of the highly unique stylishness of the game, which I'll address in a moment.

The sound effects are all very well done, and, like the graphics, simple but effective. The same cannot be said for the music; it was, indeed, simple (it consists of a single track), but I felt it only served to detract from the overall mystery and wonder of the game. However, I know others have enjoyed it, so maybe that's just me.

The graphics, sound and gameplay combined are what make this game exceptional, however. The great part of this game is the style. Of course, style is something that is both abstract, and therefore difficult to describe, and not apparent (or appealing) to every gamer. In this case, when I say style, I mean that the flickering monochrome graphics lend the game a surreal, retro sort of feel, and the gameplay adds an almost foreboding feeling on top of that. The overall effect is something similar to that of hacking into a government computer network (or so I would imagine). That being said, I suggest playing it in the dark with the sound off.

Oh, and apparently there is some kind of moral/meaning entrenched in this little game. Tell me if you think you've found it- I never did.

Author's Description:
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Download Illegal Communication (EXE, ~1.32 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Illegal Communication

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.04.20 madmurf
Rating: --

This game plays great,with a track ball,not so great with a mouse.

7.5/10 with track ball.
2010.04.19 yalmic
Rating: 7

Instead of dying when you hit the wall you should lose health.
And I hate not keeping save points when I quit.
But besides good game
2007.07.22 The Third Man
Rating: 7

I thought it was really great until the final boss; I died about 100000000 times on him, and eventually I gave up. Then I realized I would have to do it all over again.

The only other problem was the shooting mechanics, which didn't really seem to work for me. I died about 9 trillion times because of not being able to shoot in the direction I wanted to.

Otherwise, though, it was a great game. Immersive, challenging, and original. I just wish I could've seen the ending.
2006.09.01 Trogador
Rating: 7

i found the control scheme both innovative and disorientating, but that didnt stop me from enjoying the game.
2006.08.14 Axle-5
Rating: 6

Fun... but MUCH to hard! I didnt get that far... Still tho..... fun
2006.08.05 piggybankvillan
Rating: 9

well i definently liked how you made the words come out and how it looks as if your in the computer.....very nice. but i didnt like the objective though i couldnt figure out what to do and i didnt like the how it kinda hovers cuz im tryin to adjust my mouse but then it runs into the wall. but above all its a pretty nice game.
2006.08.03 cactus
Rating: --

This game was made for those who are looking for something a little bit different. For those who wants a challenge that will test their skill. And for people with optical mouses :)

I'm sorry you guys don't like it. Maybe if you come back again in a year or two - with newly gained patience, optical mouses, and some resentment against the more average GM games - you'll find some quality that you will be able appreciate that you didn't notice before.
2006.08.03 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 7

give 7 for irritation
2006.08.02 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 3

I found this game extremely... Okayed... But it was to difficult... Games shouldn't be made for the challenge of the creator but for the challenge of the public... The creator is going to be good at it hopefully. considering this person should have tested it...Maybe Key Controls with gravity movement... and friction.... Of course...
2006.08.01 Re_jex
Rating: --

Arrg! No saving! When the small thing attaches to my head when I am a walking box, if I am moving towards the wall on the right, I get stuck inside the wall. Due to the no saving and no restart button, I have to restart the entire game because of this small bug.. Its happened twice and I just can't stand it. Fun game though.
2006.07.31 Suicidal monkey
Rating: 5

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to hard!very original game but like BLAH BLAH, becomes very fustrating, getting far and dying to restart!
2006.07.30 Pie_4
Rating: 2

Im sorry to say that this game is really stupid... I don't like it, anyways.
2006.07.30 Blah Blah
Rating: 6

The intro was really smart and made it seem like it would lead on to a good game, but it easily became frustrating at the beginning. It was annoying to continuously be cautious with every move of the mouse. The obstacles gave a satisfaction after completing them. The boss at the end was really fun and challenging.
2006.07.29 jmanjman47
Rating: 7

I knew this game would get reviewed eventually. This game is very original in all aspects. Its really not that hard once, as people think. Just gotta watch out for the wall. Good game cactus.
2006.07.29 Knuckles
Rating: 1

Wow,the website wont work,COOL!! Geez....
2006.07.29 PnE Productions
Rating: --

The download wont work for me. Seems like I'd be good though.
2006.07.29 cactus
Rating: --

Download here:
2006.07.13 LunchRush
Rating: 9

The first thing I thought when I played this game was 'Gee, what a loony.' Upon completion, I realized just how right I was. Kudos to Cactus for providing us with this fantastic game. Length was too short, but hopefully there'll be a sequel. I liked the 'I don't want to die!'
2006.07.10 tesseract
Rating: --

really a fantastic game. the style of controll is very fun and requires some finesse. the music was earie and perfect. i was completely blown away by the end boss. well, maybe moved is a better word, the things said seemed so out of place and pathetic. really an effective choice. it made me feel as though the whole game was taking place inside the mind of a robot that was developing emotions, but fighting against it. my only wish is that this game were longer.
great great job.
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