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Game Maker Games - Lipflake -
Lipflake - by MaotSoft
Lipflake abilities: *Turn his hands into snakes *Burn Stuff *Freeze Stuff *Become a Shadow *Become a Giant Snakeman *Become a Spider *Become a Fish *To float Anyway..just play it!

Download Lipflake - (EXE, ~1.92 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.29 Rokuji
Rating: 6

Ok.. It's all good now. I played through your game entirely. It was a nice game, good graphics, cool effects, looked good. It was pretty fun, with lots of abilities, and things to do, however the game was far too short and easy to use these things to its fullest extent. It was pretty much just a tutorial to a game with excellent potential. Though the graphics were good, they werent very colorful. I hope that in the next game you use a more colorful and fun environment. The only other problem was the grammer. It wasn't very good at all. But thats a minor detail. Overall it was more of a demo then anything, a taste of a great game. I'm looking forward to seeing these interesting concepts in a real game. some advice - make longer levels.
2006.07.28 Rokuji
Rating: --

Finally the link works :). It looks great, the graphics are fun and interesting, however the second you are able to do gameplay, you can't move. You get stuck in the ground. Have you tested this game yourself to make sure it works? No offense, but it doesnt seem like it. I wont review it yet, since i wasnt able to do anything. Please fix the game!
2006.07.24 Rokuji
Rating: --

I'm afraid that for this link, you need to be a member of the website. ;_;
2006.07.15 Rokuji
Rating: --

Thanks for commenting on my game! However, i'm afraid your link still doesnt work for me.:(
it just goes to a picture of the 100free.com logo. the geocities link doesnt work either.
2006.07.11 Rokuji
Rating: --

Alright,maliq11 is an idiot. However, your link did not work for me. can you change it? try using dlstudio, that place gives you a direct link.
2006.07.11 maotemagical
Rating: --

100free.com doesn't work very well,.. did you try to right clicking and download?

Here's an alternative link but USE IT IF THE OTHER DOESN'T WORK (the bandwidth of geocities is terrible)
2006.07.07 maliq11
Rating: --

well.......i didnt play it becasue i think it is not cool.
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