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Game Maker Games - Drink Tea or Die: Extreme!!!
Drink Tea or Die: Extreme!!! by Kafeithekeaton(KAFKA)
You must drink tea or you will die, TO THE EXTREME!

Download Drink Tea or Die: Extreme!!! (EXE, ~2.81 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

sorry for asking this but i found gamemaker in july of 2006 and i need some help making 'modes' If you can help me that'd be pretty cool i guess. and theres not much else i can do. but please try and get a hold of me at piggy_bank_villan@hotmail.com PLEASE l:D
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: 8

yeah its NOT the WORST thing i seen on gamemaker but yeah the graphics aren't the best but some people cant draw and some people can no offense but i think your halfway just make a game with a better point which you might of i havent seen em then though well anyways I think it deserves an 8. Good job.
2006.07.09 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

Thanks for the comments guys, and actually it's not worse than the other clones. MrKubus said this was his favorite of the bunch. :P Also, the others don't have the REAL eXTREME MODE! I don't think any of your games have eXTREME, either. ;P
2006.07.07 Pyntix
Rating: 1

Wow. 2.81 megabytes of rubbish. This was even WORSE than the other clones...
2006.07.05 jchalase
Rating: --

Hahahahaha. I just can't stop laughing.
2006.07.04 Pie_4
Rating: 8

pointless yet fun! I like it! Graphics suck, though...
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