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Game Maker Games - Johnny 10
Johnny 10 by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Full title:
Johnny 10: Resurrection Of Mr. Candy Monster From Hell Part 31

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.22 FSX
Rating: --

Just a comment, everyone says this game is moronic.

Isn't it supposed to be?
2006.11.18 Demon-Newspapper
Rating: 1

I hate series games with more than 4 titles, this one was worst with the first, your a noob make something worth playing!
2006.07.28 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

Nobody likes it, eh?

Not the best Johnny, but it's pretty cool. The problem is that you guys are rating it like a normal game, which it ain't.
2006.07.17 CGC002
Rating: --

You. you asy johnny 4 is the LAST one. Then johnny 5 is out. johnny 10! C'mon! STOP MAKING THIS NOOBISH SERIES! Nobody likes it anyways!
By the WAY HERES MY RATING -9000000000000000000000000000 and so on.
2006.06.24 ImSneaky
Rating: --

Oh damn it! Once again another crappy Johnny game. I have not downloaded this, and I reluctantly will! This sounds crappier than all of your other Johnny games. I have the urge to make you a Johnny 11, but then again I might make it crappier.
Remember I told you just what to make in Johnny 8? And all you made it was just a crappy piece of bull****!

Make a game better than this!

e.g., Johnny 12: The Final and Coolest Version

Only you aren't just saying that to make them download and kill our friggin computers!

If I were you, I would stop the Johnny series!
Read every single review you have on your games and you'll wise up!
2006.06.14 Mostis
Rating: 2

--Mostis Review--

I may not be familiar with the long-running Johnny series, but apparently it must have a history of glitches and sloppy thrown-together game mechanics. When I started the game and saw the title screen, I thought very low of it. Unfortunately, my first impression was held throughout the whole game.

Gameplay 2/10
There was no game information, so it took me a while to get used to the controls. The character stuck on some spots, and it was hard to find the fire button. Next thing was the weird stick-figure things launching unidentified missles in all 8 directions, which I could not get past. I ended up stopping right there. This game looks like it was made in 30 minutes.

Graphics 3/10
The game had some pretty odd looking graphics, which looked horrible. If the creator went along with them at this level of uglyness, maybe it was thought to be abstract art. There were also no animations whatsoever-the character and enemies remained a single, motionless sprite. This 'sliding' makes many games unprofessional looking.

Music/SFX 5/10
The music, suprisingly, wasn't all too bad. I'd give it a 8/10 if it weren't for the lack of sound effects. What's a game without those?

Replayability 1/10
This game was so bad, I decided to never look at it again. I can't stand playing this. I'd rather fight a war single-handedly against the entire population of the world. (Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration...)

Ideas 3/10
The level design looked very unoriginal and unappealing. I have seen many games like this one. I don't want to go on.

Overall: 2/10
This game defenately needs some work if it plans to attract any other players. Unless they are the type that plays games with either a very low rating or a very high one. All in all, this game should be avoided until after some serious improvements are made.

--I do not mean to start any wars, physical or otherwise, with this review.--
2006.06.14 Maderick
Rating: 1

What the? wasn't Johnny 4 supposed to be the last one? Oh no wait! It was Johnny 8, Oh! hold on! It seems there another Johnny game, smeg, it sucked :p
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