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Game Maker Games - Insane Shampoo Maddness 3
Insane Shampoo Maddness 3 by Kafeithekeaton(LOF27)
For Sparl.

Download Insane Shampoo Maddness 3 (EXE, ~2.37 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.11 drdemention
Rating: 5


now yell that as loud as you can while tearing your heir out with one hand and stabbing your eyes with a sausage fork with the other. GOOD GOD! MY INNER CHILD HAS EATEN A GRENADE AND IS NOW FALLING ALL OVER THE PLACE IN A SHOWER OF MEATY CHUNKS!!!! ORGH! EEGH! BLARGH~~~ the backgrounds were fun and interesting, and so was the music. The ending music was oddly familiar.
2006.06.12 Aboriginal
Rating: 3

I would actually recommend this game to anyone who's bored and can't find anything to do. It only takes 5 minutes and the whole time it keeps you amused. I give it a 3/10, and that's definately what it deserves. Just try it, you'll leave feeling like, 'What the shell did I just do?', and never look back.
2006.06.06 Optical Illusions
Rating: 1

Don't steal the idea im stealing!
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