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Game Maker Games - Bugworld
 Bugworld by EricDB
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Review by darthlupi
My Impression
BugWorld is one of those strange evolution/life sim games that became popular for a while on the Game Maker Forums. This one however kept me busy and happy for some time.

I had fun raising huge armies of Scants and making them fight over food. I was greatly saddened at the death of my little plant eaters when the evil Caterpillars ate em.

This is a life sim that I felt was as entertaining to watch as it was to interact with. Two big ole pinchers up on this game.

What's it about?
Well, you use the mouse to select and create different types of bugs, plants, and obstacles. Different bugs interact with each other in different ways. The Scants (they pretty much look like ants) will search for food and fight the Scants from opposite nest when they come in contact. There are bugs that eat plants, and bugs that eat the plant eaters. You have to help balance the ecosystem to allow all of this to continue, or if you are feeling evil you can see how much carnage you can cause.

Author's Description
BugWorld lets you watch an ecosystem evolve, and tinker with that system as you see fit. Ferns, Multures, Hunterpillars, and Red and Black Scants all fight for food in a virtual environment. You can create, feed, starve or kill any of them at your whim, or just watch them do their thing. You can create mazes or arenas for the Scants to fight each other in, or see how large you can grow a Hunterpillar.

Download Bugworld (GMD, ~0.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.08 twizko
Rating: --

""i cant play because for some error of objhud"" same =[
2006.11.16 factnfiction101
Rating: 8

This game is the grand master of sim insect type games. If this game was an actual game then it would be probably the best sim game here.

Even though it's not a game, it's still fun to sit back and watch. If the insects had more interesting AI then it might be better.

I still don't understand how you can have so many objects on the screen at one time (I got it up to 24k instances before my pc almost died :D). Since it's a GMD file, you guys gotta love that :D

and Kafei you silly, you forgot to rate the game, lol.
2006.11.04 Koreans1000
Rating: --

i cant play because for some error of objhud in the drawing thing can u fix it or somethingor lyke tell me how to kix it caus i feel left out
2006.11.04 Koreans1000
Rating: --

no offence but because ur not responding to all these ppl r u dead?
2006.04.04 dude
Rating: 8

I edited the game so that when ants collide with the other ant's hill the hill is destroyed. I had a lot of fun making the ants go to war because of lack of food. Especially when I did the above edit, because it's like 'Oh no, they destroyed our base.' Yeah, fun.
2006.01.04 Gugolinko
Rating: --

I really want to play this but when i press run game it says something about some kind of code error?! FIX IT Please!!!
2005.07.24 red_blupi
Rating: --

Stupid game... And I downloaded it only for curiosity...
2005.07.01 sc(+)pe
Rating: 10

Wicked Awsome!. I like to make an arena with the rocks and have a red and black ant duke it out. Then I make 50 red ants on one side eand 50 black ants on another. ITS FUN! XD
2005.05.10 HowlingWerewolfGames
Rating: --

I cannot download it! It gives me a error message!
2004.11.20 Deeje the Great
Rating: 9

man, your game rocks. I played it for long hours, trying to balance the ecosystem and starting ant wars. In the end i starved the multures and the ants had a feast. Great job!
2004.11.01 AndrewFM
Rating: --

you can get the gmd from the site. Its not too hard to edit if you have a general knowlege of GML. I find this more fun, creating new preadators and creatures, generally expanding the ecosystem, while tinkering around with GML scripts and codes and learning more yourself.
2004.09.03 dinc
Rating: 9

This is a really fun game.I could just play god for hours.I especially like to make the scants fight
2004.06.20 MarcKal
Rating: --

BaronVsCorsar is right. You should make a sequel with more predators and prey. Also, make more creatures.
2004.03.26 BaronVsCorsar
Rating: --

I love this sim game, it's really smart. The graphic is not impressing me, but this is not a importan feature in a sim game.
Just one thing: the huntipillars have no enemy, so the ecosystem is unbalanced.
What about a new version with a hunterpiller predator?
2004.03.19 kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

Before you people think I am sucking up to all the Mods by rating their games high, think again. Why do I rate their games high? I have played these games, and they rock. I also don't trust other people's games. I have seen some freaky looking games, whose titles just scare me. This game though, deserves at least an 8.5 out of ten. Why? The graphics are done well, it has a good ecosystem, and it has interesting gameplay. I liked making superants, giving them power, and they would ill off the other ant's base. My friend also enjoyed this game. He loved setting up wars, and having them fight. It was neat. So why not give it a ten and why say Pixi is only topped by elu? This game has few flaws. Such as, it could be more diverse and the huntipillar could have not mutiplied as fast as bunnies. Then the system went off balance. So why did I give pixi lower? It is more sim like. This is an overall game design. This bridges the gap between Red Alert and Simant. That is a large gap too. If you are a life sim lover, this will keep you fairly amused, though there are better, but if you just want a game, this is a game everyone should try! Good Job Eric!
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