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Game Maker Games - Operation Muffins
Operation Muffins by Dr. Eechmen
Operation Muffins was origionally released a few months back, but i decided to remaster it, and here it is in it's new form. Operation Muffins is an extensive FPS with multiple guns, grenades, mines, friendly AI's and more. Deathmatch mode allows you to use your skills in a skirmish with hordes of enemies. Story mode is a continuation of the Super Leech story line, focusing around bringing a group of Neo-Nazi fanatics to justice.

Download Operation Muffins (EXE, ~2.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.10 Mr Yum Yums
Rating: 6

You know, all of you games' links are broken. This one, however, works. COOL. It was okay. I liked the 3D models, and hat's what really gave the game it's SHINE. If you havn't seen Midnight Offices 3D FPS you should.
2006.07.05 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

In response to roast turkey's review...I would like to say this. The ammount of lag depends on your graphics card and memory. This game will lag on some slower computers (including mine...and Mr. Turkey's) but I have tested it on one of my friend's with no lagging (unless you stay in one place for 30 min, letting enemies constantly spawn..slowing down the game). That brings up another point: on the deathmatch levels, the longer you survive without killing many enemies...the more lagging. Im working fixing these and many more problems in my upcoming game. I thank anyone who has helped me by Beta testing or giving any feedback whatsoever...even the one (unnamed) person who flamed me about how he was offended by certain parts of the origional version (no longer available for download...sorry).

-Dr. Eechmen
2006.06.19 mr 3d
Rating: --

Pretty good game. not very amazing textures, but still good.
Just one question: how do you do such amazing steering of your game, with the mouse and stuff?
please help me Dr. Eechmen!!
2006.06.14 roast_turkey
Rating: 5

Nice game Dr. Eechman. However, there are some problems. First of all, the graphics of the gun and the animation from regular mode to 'scoped' mode are not really great. Second, it seemed like you were playing the same level over and over again. The only difference was wallpapers and how many enemies there were. Also, whats up with not being able to shoot or walk through explosions? I mean sure, you can't run through an explosion in real life, but it's a game. Also, the storyline really wasn't that great. I mean, it had me laughing at some parts because of the fact that I was hunting down Bunny Fufu in Argentina, but other than that, the storyline needed some work. Also, the deathmatch mode was fun, but sometimes lagging in parts. This lagging overall ruined my experience during deathmatch mode. Also, on the armory level, the friendly A.I. really wasn't that good. They kept getting stuck in walls and stuff. But, to your credit, as one of the beta testers of your game, I really like the fact that you fixed Mission Impossible. The first time, the enemies that were supposed to spawn spawned in walls and stuff. Unfortunately, because they all spawned at spawn points in the beggining of the game, my computer once again started lagging. Also, there's a overall feeling of uncompleteness to your game. It's good that you made a fun fps that will be fun for a while. Some of the animations were good like the helicopter. And the gas mask level added a little variety to the game. But, unfortunately, the uncreative level design, lagging in deathmatch, and uncomplete feeling take away from the experience. If I were you, I'd make sure your game was complete before you released it.
2006.06.05 Aboriginal
Rating: 4

All in all this game receives a 4/10. I wouldn't recommend this game too strongly to anyone. Dr. Eechman, you have a good engine going here, and with some alot of work, this could be a good game.
Read the full review at www.freewebs.com/aborg/reviews/operation_muffins_v1_44.htm
2006.06.01 Walker
Rating: 7

Cool game, kinda bizarre though. Overall good!!
2006.06.01 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

It's come to my attention that the link died..I believe I've fixed it, if you have issues with the download, pleas pm me. Thanks.
2006.06.01 E.B
Rating: 8

A decent 3D game =O

You get: 8

2006.06.01 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

I found a glitch on the warehouse level in DM mode...and fixed it. The new version is uploaded, and I'm glad to see people are enjoying Operation Muffins. Thanks!
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