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Game Maker Games - Aboriginal's Maze Game
Aboriginal's Maze Game by Aboriginal
This is a classic example of a Maze Game. It has some unique flexibility and is designed for "a few quick plays" every now and again. Its most appealing aspect is the Maze Editor, with which you can quickly create unique and challenging mazes. The most unique feature would be the power to jump on a z-plane.

Download Aboriginal's Maze Game (EXE, ~2.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.27 Aidan12
Rating: 10

This is such a cool game, man! I love the level editor!
2006.06.08 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 6

Link's still broken on the main Ab, but the one you posted in the comments work. Might want to fix that still though, so it doesn't accidentally get deleted.


For the most part the games made with Game Maker that I've played usually involve shooting things from aliens to grassy sheep that fire lasers, but Aboriginal's Maze Game is quite different than that, making the player rely solely on logic to solve puzzles. That's what I like about this game; it challenges the mind.

Anywho, when you start off the game, you are a boy with no apparent reason for being in the maze. You go through a series of tutorials with eye pleasing graphics guiding you along, and when you get done with them, you enter the actual mazes which are more complex than the earlier ones.

Now for the bad parts of the game: it's got its glitches, frustrations, and things that were not thought through. One was when I was running through a level, I got a ring and collected some jewels and then died, but when I died I kept the ring and new rings and jewels appeared where I had just previously taken them. This allowed me to use another ring where I wasn't suppose to and get the previously gotten jewels over again, so that the loss of points I got from dying was superceded by my new gains. Another was that after messing around in one level, it was impossible to beat, and I had to exit and start the level over. This game needs some work, I'll say that.

Graphically speaking, this game isn't too great either. It's mostly composed of ripped graphics(and sounds while I'm at it) and has few custom sprites. Also, those are are custom are of generally low quality, although they do work with the given environment.

All-in-all this game is a good way to burn half an hour, but it might frustrate people since it gets a tad slow at points. It's worth a shot if you have nothing to do, and it's got a level builder for those of you that are really bored.

2006.06.08 Aboriginal
Rating: --

Thank you very much for your review, Kafei. Because of it I fixed the download link and the ring thing. I also tweaked the jump engine.
2006.05.30 Aboriginal
Rating: --

Alright, fixed. It had to do with a hidden file called progress.mg. You can download it at www.freewebs.com/aborg/downloads/files/mg/progress.mg.
Also you could re-download the entire file or check www.freewebs.com/aborg/troubleshooting/mg for help fixing the problem off-line.
2006.05.29 Lava
Rating: --

In the second level where there are 2 flags,When you touch one an error occures,Please fix it!
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