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Game Maker Games - La La Land 5
La La Land 5 by TheAnemic
The Monkey Song!

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Opinions about La La Land 5

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.03.21 P.P.P.
Rating: 10

I laughed, I cried, and then I died a little inside.
2008.04.29 Mentalpatient109
Rating: 10

That was a beautiful game and my favorite out of the whole series. Better than SOUP. I don't understand the moral, but who the hell cares? It was awesome. It caused me to view things differently, which is always a wonderful quality in a game. I see no reason why I should no give this a 10.
2006.12.28 Chaucer Games2
Rating: 10

Once again, this game is a perfect mix of all elements. That last level in the wheelchair completely gave me a heart attack. I had the constant feeling of being followed. I LOVED it! Now, if only La La Land 6 would come out...
2006.10.04 BabyBowser
Rating: 10

Can't you just shut up if you can't say something good?
The La La Land series are excellent.
2006.09.29 zon3r
Rating: 2


TheAnemic, you have officially creeped me out.

Really. This game is so horrible, so terrifying...


It sucks.
2006.09.11 mrscience
Rating: 9

My personal favorite of the La La Land series thus far, excepting the original (which I have not played). The only criticism from me on this one would be the final stage of the salesman's life; he moves so slowly that the effect was forgotten in place of boredom, for me. Still... chilling.
2006.08.31 dude
Rating: --

The comments on these games are almost more interesting than the games themselves.
2006.08.11 jmanjman47
Rating: 5

I'm sorry man, I have just never liked the la la land series. But I do understand the concept of it however. I don't think the game deserves

' 1/10 tHiS sUccx! '

The only la la land that I actually liked to play a bit was the third one.
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: --

Hey coolvin, I haven't played the game yet (curse internet site hosting!) but maybe this is the message:
The man selling the bibles and putting people to sleep could be representative of Christianity. When everyone reads the bible and goes Christian they hope for more than life, heaven, a place where everything is perfect. It is thus, that sends them into a dreamy state about always wishing to belive in fairytales and perfection. In essence perhaps the bibles represented religion being brought to people, an oasis and safe heaven from real life that causes people to stray from the truth: life is just a big, long, hard struggle and things aren't easy. Man was made to grovel in the dirt. Perhaps the creator is trying to tell us that religion masks the truth.
If I wrote this all friggin' weird or you didn't get this at all just think of this as the moral: Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.
p.s : I hope I got the moral right, my apologies if this was not the true intent of your game.
2006.05.30 freelancer
Rating: 1

you know anemic after playing all of your games all i have to say is that somethings are better left off the internet... mario clones, and games about weird cat people who teach bad morals
2006.05.21 Re_jex
Rating: --

This game hurts. it fits the definition of a rating 1 game though: I would rather get a root canal without anesthetic.. I don't have to know what thats like any more...

Other news: you remind me of the guy in charge of this site: http://www.savetoby.com/ , only he has a pet rabbit and you have a.. pet... monkey?
2006.05.17 radiofrog
Rating: 9

Wonderful. Please make more of these.
2006.05.15 Jabberwock
Rating: 10

This is a great game, and if you don't like it... well, go ahead and not like it, because that gives me something to feel superior about.
2006.05.02 biggt
Rating: --

The whole idea of insurance is that you pay for it prior to an accident. You hardly need to be a constructive worker to understand how insurance works. Just a rational human being. And judging from your persistent criticism i understand your confusion.
2006.05.01 biggt
Rating: --

public health insurance. if you don't want to take lsd, that's your prerogative.
2006.05.01 coolvin91
Rating: 5

Um... This game isn't even beatable. In the weird song area, when you get to the bed, you just bounce off of it... Compared to the fourth, this is a let-down.
2006.05.01 coolvin91
Rating: --

Nevermind, I figured out how to move on... I got the morals in the other games, but I couldn't figure this one out... You are a preacher who gives Bibles out and makes people sleep each time and every time you go into the level again, more and more people are sleeping until you're in a wheel chair and everyone's asleep... I don't get it. If someone could interpret the message in the game I would really appreciate it. And what is it with Bibles causing people to sleep. I find that kinda rude and sac-religious...
2006.05.01 Chocojay
Rating: --

'public health insurance. if you don't want to take lsd, that's your prerogative.' Quote

Im not a Construction worker, but, wouldn't most people have to pay for this so called Insurance... NO LSD or MSG ;) ;)
2006.04.30 Chocojay
Rating: --

I now understand the moral of all the La La Land games! It's to waste peoples time they could spend doing something other than holding one button down for 5 minutes... i only wish i could put a rating that is in the negatives...
2006.04.30 Chocojay
Rating: --

Oh i would also like to add that how would biggt, or whatever his name is, afford a wheel chair when he clearly doesn't have money to feed himself therefore, somehow, causing him to be crippled... idk im not a doctor but man, NO LSD ;)
2006.04.29 scimitar
Rating: --

Once again, another intriguing game that will probably give me nightmares, this time about being a crippled Bible salesman that laces his merchandise with sedative.

As with the last game, this one seemed to be more, well, like a game. Although that might not be bad because it makes the games longer and more interactive, the total chaos of the earlier games is giving way to, dare I say, sense.

No matter, this is another masterpiece.
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