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Game Maker Games - Invader
 Invader by dessgeega
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Review by tapeworm
You've probably played some version of Space Invaders before. But what if you could play as one of the invaders? Specifically, the one piloting the flying saucer that crosses the top of the screen--after having been shot down. That's the basic premise of Invader. Emerging from the wreckage of your ship, you navigate an unfamiliar world, trying to escape to the surface.

Fortunately, you can move freely rather than in a side-to-side marching pattern. You also have two pistols, which you'll need to break up barriers and fend off hostile creatures you'll encounter.

The world of Invader consists of a series of tunnels. Sometimes the tunnels branch, and it's quite easy to become lost--you might even want to draw a map. One important part of a maze-like game is variety. In this game, you'll pass through several different environments, which are colorful, attractive, and often visually reminiscent of Metroid.

Music is another of the game's strengths. Composed specifically for this game by Andonuts, it fits the areas nicely, complementing the retro look and adding a lot to the game--in quality as well as file size and loading time. Speaking of which, if you launch the game but don't see any indication that it's loading, don't give up--it takes a minute on some computers.

Invader isn't especially long, but it is challenging in places. Some rooms feel like you're playing a sort of action puzzle game. You might also find yourself unexpectedly looping back to places you've already been. But I didn't find anything about the game overly frustrating, and I enjoyed it enough to keep at it until the end. Past the end, technically--there are several extras that you unlock when you win.

If you're in the mood for a stylish action/exploration-type game that you can finish in one or two evenings, try Invader.

Download Invader (EXE, ~16.5 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.06 David Lindberg
Rating: 3

Wow... This game STINKS!I mean, of course, the design of the monsters are ok. And the rest of the game sprites are... U a little ok too. But the gameplay, and the game idea, is, what do you call it... AARGHH
2006.08.09 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

At first I didn't really like this game, I guess because it was completely different from what I expected. It has a great atmosphere and some nice level design, though, so it grew on me eventually, and now I doubt it'll ever leave my hard drive.
2006.06.24 tomatoeworm
Rating: --

umm, the download link is kinda broken, unless if dsl sucks
2006.06.06 Dark Sirrus Games
Rating: 8

very cool but alittle hard. i gave up after i kept returning to places ive already been time and tima again. WHERES THE END? 8/10
2006.04.23 BorisE
Rating: 7

I have to agree with Wolverine, that filesize needs work. Anyone figure out the secret? If you play the 'laser game' and go straight up you get to a branch that you cannot get to normally. I don't see what to do when you get there though.
2006.04.22 Wolverine
Rating: 8

Played this yesterday linked from somewhere else. It's pretty good. Bit bloated in filesize maybe, but its fun (though difficult). Reminds me a lot of Ultimortal's 'Hero' in gameplay terms.
2006.04.21 jchalase
Rating: 7

After you get to those purple things, I can't pass that. Other than that good grafix and BGM.
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