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Game Maker Games - TOLIX 2
 TOLIX 2 by Blitzkrieg
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Review by Mocha Man
It's labeled an Arcade game, but Tolix 2 combines elements of an exploration game-- a maze of rooms with varying scenery and puzzles-- with those of a classic platform game, including collectibles, patrolling baddies, clean pixeled graphics, and watery areas with an air meter. Furthermore, your ship can shoot, as in an overhead action game such as Raging Skies, and there is an interesting and skill-intensive control system similar to that of Thrust. Your ship is affected by gravity and takes damage from walls and other obstacles and aliens, but it can destroy certain things with its guns. The goal is to explore the colorful rooms and collect as many rubies and diamonds as possible before you hit too many walls and die.

I make it sound complicated, but if you try it, Tolix is a simple, satisfying, challenging, and addictive game. The well-chosen music is the kind of calming-and-inspirational puzzle game music you associate with nature documentaries and massage parlor commercials, where it swells and fades and you don't notice how repetitive it is. blitzkrieg's graphics are colorful and clean, and they don't try to be anything really over-the-top because the game's strength is in its gameplay. That isn't to say that there are times when I would liked to have seen a subtle particle effect. There are certainly some clever animations, namely the deformation of the bumpers when you hit them. The sound effects work, although some suit the calming style less than others, and some are weird in a cool way.

I have my peeves. When the ship gets falling quickly, and that can happen very easily, collisions can be unpredictable and you may see yourself lose all of your health in a split second as the ship ricochets between two other objects. Thrusting when the ship is falling rapidly downward won't slowly accelerate the ship upward-- it will reverse the direction immediately, which steals the possibility of certain tricky stunts which could have been advantageous to the game's level design. Holding an arrow key while the game switches rooms won't re-trigger the key when the new room loads. This game also has a very steep learning curve, and I am probably one of the few people who enjoys that.

Altogether Tolix 2 is a creative, clean, and addictive game which may easily exceed your expectations if you looked only at the screenshots. Recommended if you can tolerate a few wild runs getting used to the controls.

From the creator
Guide your ship through 25 rooms to collect diamonds, rubies, and unlockable rewards. Watch out for the aliens, and watch your air guage when you're underwater!

Download TOLIX 2 (EXE, ~3.36 MB )

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2006.04.15 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 8

Incredible! Unfortunately, its to hard for me! Since this isn't a first gameish thing, heres your score.
10 points
+2 all original stuff
-2 very fast pace, to quick and short
-1 no difficulty arrangement(easy is too hard!)
-1 short
You get an 8! I'm rating this game harshly, since you obviously have experience. If I used my normal, sympathetic rating you would get a 14.
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