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Game Maker Games - Ninja Flu
Ninja Flu by cactus
You are a member of the Iga clan, and boy are you having a bad day!

It turns out the bird flu has reached the sanctuary of the fallen Iga warriors, and the infected ninja angels has started to drop out of the sky like rotten tomatoes. As a true Ninja you take it upon yourself to save the day by doing your best to contain the infectious virus. To your aid you have the trustworthy old homing ninja missiles! Now blow those angels up before they reach the ground!

As a twist to make the game more interesting, you cannot control the brave warrior freely. You must type commands for him to act the way you want him to.

The commands are:
-"Left", "Right" and "Stop" for movement
-"Missiles X" to send out X missiles (replace "X" with number)

Be careful, though! Missiles are limited... Good luck in getting a good highscore!

Download Ninja Flu (EXE, ~1,15 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.02 cactus
Rating: --

Thanks! Unfortunately I found a bug, please re-download the game :(
2006.04.01 FearedMachina
Rating: 8

Minimum 30 charactersWow Cactus, you've outdone yourself (and everybody else) in one day... Ammazing.

I loved the simple graphics (though better animation would make this game perfect), and I was tripping over the command system, actually typing things to make your guy move and fire :P

I didn't get too far because as of now I suck at this, but it's really good. And only in one day, wow.
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