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Game Maker Games - La La Land 2
 La La Land 2 by TheAnemic
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Review by tapeworm
This isn't a very long review, because La La Land 2 isn't a very long game. I always like Game Maker games that have a surreal feel to them. Sometimes it's intentional, and sometimes it's not. In this game, it's intentional, and it's done well.

This game is like a fable in that it's very simple, it's very short, and it includes a sort of moral lesson. You control a character named Biggt, and all you need to use are the left and right arrow keys. You can expect to finish La La Land 2 in one sitting, even if that sitting is a short one.

Were I to write much more, I'd risk my review becoming longer than the game. Try it out for a short, interesting experience.

Creator's Description:
The epic sequel.

Download La La Land 2 (EXE, ~4.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about La La Land 2

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.03.21 P.P.P.
Rating: 7

It was fun and surreal.

But I'm having trouble getting my mind around the message. Part of me thinks it's 'The poor don't deserve pity money' but another says 'the rich are vultures who build their fortunes on the backs of workers'.
But I guess that's more my problem than the game's
2009.02.19 Oh wow Secret Cow
Rating: 10

O hai, well I think that people who expect some people here are expecting too much 'game' from this game. It's like eating hypermodern food or something: It's an experience.

And an experience is what what I got from this game. A crazy one at that - the whole thing felt eerie and dreamy. It made me think and feel. When people stop labeling this as a game and more as an interactive movie, you'll open yourself to the enticing absurdity of the entire La La Land series.
2007.10.13 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 1

Actually, we do understand it.

'Game - a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more [players] who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.'

According to the dictionary, and most people, this is not a game. It shouldn't even be posted here. Don't get me wrong, I like the story, and it's interesting and nice and all, but a game it is not. (1/10, since it's not actually a game)
2007.01.26 wulf
Rating: --

it seems that not many people understand this game. maybe because they didn't expected it to have a meaning and no real gameplay
2006.09.29 zon3r
Rating: 4

What is WRONG with this game?

I go get the pile of goo and give it to the fish. The game is done. Hooray. If that's the end...uh, okay.

I LOVE the graphics, though. Excellent work! It reminds me of Johnny's Nightmare, but Johnny's gameplay, music, and story are way better.

no offense.
2006.09.20 cactus
Rating: 9

I love this game. I can't understand how people can say that it sucks. It's like a short cartoon with a moral message.

I got one similar to Darthlupi's, except that I thought it had more sympathy for the rich nobles. In my interpretation, they too needed money to survive, and while they might not have needed all of their wealth, the guy you gave all the money to sure didn't need it either.
2006.07.30 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 9

Wait for the song to end... Catch the tears... while you have money and then give it to the fish...thingy... After that you will go to another level... In which you do more...It's cool game... I'm making a sequal
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: 7

OK.... first off I belive we all have to accept that this isn't a game. It's more of a trippy short movie. Still good in its own sense, but definitly not a game.
That was fricken crazy! I just loved that kids voice. It was so calm. And the counter-positive theme: stealing from the rich just makes more poor and more rich. Sort of like a cycle. Sweet.
2006.05.31 Pokeshadow2
Rating: 10

2006.05.21 Re_jex
Rating: --

well... obviously its not a normal game... art.. well, that term gets used looseley alot, and if you want you can call it that... I still call it... the future of TV. Soon people will be watching/playing stuff like this on TV and loving it. ehh... gross.
2006.05.17 radiofrog
Rating: 9

Very surreal, I love it.

The Radiohead minotaur was a nice touch.
2006.05.08 AndrewFM
Rating: --

This is.. wow...

This perfectly recreates the atmosphere of a dream, and its wonderful. Dreams are usually very hard to decipher, and overall just strange, yet always have some deep meaning underneath their odd shell; this game really brings that out.

Yes, its not a game, its deffinitelly more of 'art' like Rutger Bevers said, but beyond its simplistic quality, people arent realising its not meant to be 'played' like a game... its not supposed to have difficulty or length... its not supposed to be interactive... its supposed to simulate a dream, as a work of art.
2006.05.07 maotemagical
Rating: 8

This game is pretty original, i liked it =)
2006.05.02 biggt
Rating: --

Well i guess that's that then sure.
2006.05.01 general_user
Rating: --

umm, I am sorry to disagree about this being art, I have seen art, and I even know what post-modern art is, this is not art, it is a poorly done government protest, and by poor I mean really poor.
2006.04.29 scimitar
Rating: --

One word: wow.

This game is quite interesting, that is, in some nightmarish way. I did enjoy how bizarre it was, though.
2006.04.26 Rutger Bevers
Rating: 10

It's sad people are giving this game a score of 1 because it's not fun to play. This isn't a game, people! This is art. :-)

I like it very much.
2006.04.26 Jabberwock
Rating: 10

I'm re-reviewing this. After playing the last 2 installments, I've reconsidered and discovered the genius of this game. I've always liked strange/surreal things, this just needed time to grow on me.
2006.04.25 general_user
Rating: 1

I feel like I am being brainwashed, anyways i would reccomend that next time you make the game so you can actaully understand it.
2006.04.23 DJ Teh C
Rating: 10

wierd, but i like ur style. WIERD just wierd. but y is this game teaching us about ecology??????
2006.04.20 biggt
Rating: --

'but I think this guy probably *was* on drugs.'

2006.04.20 kdavs
Rating: --

I wasn't referring to you specifically Jaberwock, my comment was more directed towards the 'WTF this suxx 1!!!' comments. Although I do disagree, the music, though terrible, adds to the atmosphere of the game.
2006.04.19 Radnom Games
Rating: 4

Original/trippy does *not* necissarily mean good.

Kinda neat to look at, for all of a minute, then it's pretty dull. No gameplay value.

It's interesting though. Worth a download? Flip a coin.
2006.04.19 biggt
Rating: --

2006.04.19 Jam.Inc Games
Rating: 1

Only a couple of things to say.
First of all, what is the point in this game? All you do is go into a room with dim men and a crying cat, and steal a large pile of gold. I could NOT read the text at the beginning, and could even give you an epileptic seizure! I also HATED the fact that the game automatically quits once u finish it. Get rid of that AWFUL music. It sucks! You need some sort of midi file like pink panther or something.
The only good thing, is the originality of the graphics.
I don't see why this has a star, but the game is put together quite nicely. Far too short. Alot of improving is needed I think.

Even my games are better than this! And my games are awful!
Anyway, I think I will give this a 1 for the graphics originality.
2006.04.19 darthlupi
Rating: --

A was a bigger fan of the third installment, though I don't agree completely with it's message.

I felt that the point of the story was to show that the tears of the workers were giving drink to the rich and the money was their life blood. No workers of money, no rich.

Also, I gathered that the poor made wealthy do not really do the world any good at all by the Bling the poor purchased trying to be like the rich.

Very interesting. Just my stupid ideas formed from the game.

Also, I extrapolated that tapeworm may be as sane as the anemic. Just my thoughts.
2006.04.19 Graydon77222
Rating: --

of you people who think this game is the worst game ever, there are worse, like for instance my first game 'Rob the Bank' which is on this site
2006.04.19 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 1

I would have to say, horrible. This is sad that such a monstrosity gets a spotlight.
Gameplay: 1/10 What NOT to do with a game. Avoid like the plauge.
Sound: 2/10 It has a weird back voice to it. Not worth the 10 second wait to download.
Story/Other: 1/10 Wish it could go lower
Replay: 1/10 Not even worth a first play.
2006.04.19 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

This isn't a game precisely...
Okay, I don't say this often, because I think people use it way to often to discredit people who are more creative than them, but I think this guy probably *was* on drugs.
Overall, the game was at least interesting, and very trippy. However, the fact that it took me about 3 minutes to beat it (no kidding- it's really that short) and didn't really have any actual gameplay made me like it a lot less than I otherwise might've. Also, the music was terrible. Unplug your speakers if you're going to play this.
*FYI Starred reviews are for games that staff members found to be exceptional in some way- not just ones that are exceptionally fun or well programmed. And why is it that tapeworm is the only staff member who's been reviewing things?
2006.04.19 kdavs
Rating: --

A word of advice to the reviewers: stop trying to review this as if it were a game. This is something else, and judging it on the same scale as a typical game is simply retarded.
2006.04.19 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Hey, if I'd been rating this as 'just a game', it would've got a lot lower than 6.
2006.04.18 Supremeroro
Rating: 1

How could anyone make a game this bad???????????????
2006.04.18 F.S.
Rating: 1

----------> ??? ???
2006.04.18 kdavs
Rating: 10

Awesome game...well...it isn't really much of a game. Not that it matters anyway. Perfect length too, if it was any longer it would cease to be interesting. 0 points for gameplay, 10 points for the trippy, dreamlike quality of it all.

And congradulations on offending so many of the previous reviewers. Its one thing to offend with vulgarity and obscenity, but to do so with simple wierdness is a real accomplishment. You should be proud.(not sarcasm)
2006.04.17 biggt
Rating: --

'One thing.. What the H*LL was tapeworm thinking?? No offence, but this game is perhaps the worst GM game I've ever played.. You can't even read what the lines says, becuase the text moves all the time.. And you just move left and right, in like, 3 minutes, and that's it.. Damn this game sucks!'

oh my,how cucucurious.you should drown me.
2006.04.17 Pie_4
Rating: 6

... INTERESTING... whats up with the goo being worth money? and whats the crying cat in the nobles room? What the HECK is that talking in the background?!?! AND WHY IS IT SO SHORT?!? its fun, though... sorta...
2006.04.17 tomerk
Rating: 7

At first, I thought this game was horrible. But because of all the good reviews on the forum, I tried it again. It grows on you. I like the funny graphics.
2006.04.17 Zaron
Rating: 3

This is quite possibly the most confusing and pointless thing ever. I thought 'Okay, there's a moral to these, from what I hear.' Unfortunately, though I could indeed read the text, I could rarely decipher what it said in a decent amount of time. And then the end made as much sense as everything else (read: none).

While I can see some amount of honest effort, it's overall completely surreal crap that hurts my brain.
2006.04.16 DonVinzone
Rating: 5

This game is so.....different. I personally don't really like it. The graphics are bad, and they move so incredibly fast, just like the texts. That is my main problem. It's so hyperactive....a bit too much for me. Also, I personally don't like the fact it doesn't really have a goal...it feels kinda unfinished. However, it is original...and therefore it is not that bad.
2006.04.16 Chocojay
Rating: 1

ummm well lemme go stab my brain through my ear with a knife made of needles... then ill try this game again... oh yeah and ill take some LSD after... ;)
2006.04.16 wrathwell productions
Rating: 1

I don't see why this game is so good. all you do is run left, hit a wall, then run right, hit a wall, repeat. WOW! That is not fun at all. Why did this get such good ratings, and a star. That means, mine and everyone else's game must be the greatest game in the world, because they are much better than this! Sure, everything looks wierd, which is... wierd, but alright, but there is no point to this game at all.
2006.04.16 Fuzzbuster_games
Rating: 8

i dont really like this game but i like it because its so differnt

but it was scary every thing looked scary
2006.04.16 dude
Rating: --

One word sums this game up: ok...

This deserves a star but it's one of those games that needs to be left unrated.
2006.04.16 Psychopat89
Rating: 1

One thing.. What the H*LL was tapeworm thinking?? No offence, but this game is perhaps the worst GM game I've ever played.. You can't even read what the lines says, becuase the text moves all the time.. And you just move left and right, in like, 3 minutes, and that's it.. Damn this game sucks!
2006.04.16 Mr. Wiggles
Rating: 1

I agree with everyone who thinks this is scary. This is such a big file size for such a short game... It doesn`t make sense. I`ve been having nightmares ever since I played it.
2006.04.15 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

I love this game. It is amazing. It makes me feel as if I am in a dream. Nothing could be improved in this game, but the length.
2006.04.15 Re_jex
Rating: --

This game could be improved. By taking it out of my nightmares would be an improvement. ehhh.
2006.04.15 GamerHippo7
Rating: 7

It was. It was different. It had the trippiness of punishment, mixed with ...*thinks REALLY HARD* .............................................. mixed with... heck who knows.. but it DOES deserve a star... I'ev never played anything like it. Not too sure if that's good or bad
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