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Game Maker Games - Hover Tank 3D
Hover Tank 3D by Martin Crownover
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Review by Jabberwock
3D GM games have a notoriously awful reputation, and it's certainly not unearned. The vast majority are just alterations of Mark Overmars' FPS tutorial, and their graphics are often not even 3D at all.

At last, we have a 3D game that breaks the mold. Hover Tank 3D is a true-3D action game with a plethora of features and solid gameplay- plus (did I mention this?) it's 3D.

In HT3D, You play as (surprise, surprise) a hovertank, which is exactly what you'd expect it to be. You control its movement using WASD, and you aim and fire its lone gun with the mouse. Nothing to it, right? Wrong. In theory, the game is quite simple- there aren't even any powerups to worry about. But the hovertank is a hard vehicle to master. For one thing, it's supposed to synthesize its own gravity, but it doesn't do such a great job of it. Because of this, you'll find yourself bumping into and off of walls a lot, at least if you're anything like me. That being said, the controls take quite a lot of work to master; I don't think I ever really managed to get the hang of them.

The graphics are all 3D models, and they're mostly fairly simple and geometric, with a bit of a retro look to them. Despite (or perhaps because of) their simplicity, they're generally pretty aesthetically pleasing, which I suppose is what separates this from the many other 3D GM games that have been made. The levels in the game are wide, rectangular fields with solid boundaries that are usually dotted with an assortment of obstacles. Other than their arrangement and some difference in color, however, they're mostly fairly similar, which is, in my eyes, a bit of a weak point.

There are several game modes in Hover Tank 3D. First we have the Story Mode, which is the core of the game. The story that the game follows is fairly generic, but it's presented with humor and unusually well-written (in comparison to most Game Maker games) dialogue. The main fault of the story mode is that the missions move too slowly. If you get a game over on level one, for instance, you have to sit through the same dialogue and explanations as last time, with no option to skip. For someone with little skill at the game to begin with (specifically, me) this can be too tedious to bother with.

One feature that I think will attract many players is the addition of a multiplayer mode. Yes sirree, we're talking real multiplayer here, over the world wide web. It's obvious that a lot of work went into this part of the game, and I think it has paid off. You can choose to play in any of 6 Deathmatch arenas. Also, for those of us not blessed with a fast internet connection, there's the option of playing against a well-programmed computer AI in a Deathmatch, or in two other modes, Capture the Flag and Power War (in which you must destroy the enemy base to win).

Lastly, we have the sound. Sound is used amazingly well in this game; there is an effect for practically everything, and they all fit perfectly. There's no music, but I doubt anyone will miss it, as in its stead we have some nice ambient wind noise to fill the space. However, if you really feel you need music, there's the option of downloading it. It always increases my respect for a game creator if they manage to implement sound well into their games- this is a great example of sound done right.

If you've lost faith in 3D Game Maker games, or if you're just looking for some quick action, I think I can safely say that this is a game for you, and I suggest you download it.

Author's Description:
Hover Tank 3D is a highly customizable 3D action game. Set on the world of Polychron, you use a Hover Tank to battle through over 5 unique modes, including a story-based Mission mode, Power War, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and online Multiplayer Deathmatch.

The optional music pack (8.39 mb) adds a lot to the game, and can be found at http://games.martincrownover.com/files/ht3d_music.zip

Download Hover Tank 3D (EXE, ~6.15 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.02.08 GMR
Rating: --

How did you use 3D in gamemaker
2006.12.29 Mynameisonic
Rating: 9

Well this game is pretty sweet, but the title screen is almost solid pink on my screen, and it runs a little slow. Probably just my computer though.
2006.10.04 Taicade Studios
Rating: 10

Woah. This is a prime example of what GML can do when utilized to its fullest. Spiffy!
2006.09.04 superdevon40
Rating: 10

dude, you could make some serious $$$$ by selling this game on a website.
2006.09.04 superdevon40
Rating: --

no seriously, this game is is past comercial quality, but even if you didnt decide to sell it, its still an amazing game, how long did it take you to make it?
2006.09.02 Spector__Killer
Rating: 10

This game is truly the greatest 3D gm game ever!
it would be nice if you could play power war or capter the flag on mutipler though.
2006.09.01 gamemakinryan
Rating: 9

Definitely a 9, The gameplay is so smoothe and flowing, and the addition of the extra features like multiplayer and other modes like capture the flag and power war, it has an overall lasting power that you don't find in too many GM games nowadays. I commend the creator for making a stepping stone into 3d and breaking the mold into the 3d game maker world.
2006.09.01 AcornGamer
Rating: 10

Wow... Incredible, i just wish more people would go on that server list thingy where you can battle other players. How do you set one up anyway?
2006.08.31 Mantis
Rating: 10

I downloaded this game several months ago when it was on a different site. I never thought it would be this easy for me to decide, but I think this is the best Game Maker game ever made. I swear, I don't know why you didn't just sell this online. It's that good. You could have made so much money, but I respect that that isn't a high priorety for you. Unbelievable. The online is amazing and unexpectedly flawless. A major milestone in the future of home-made games...although I agree with Limit's comment on the story (but that score of 6 was just plain wrong). Excellent work!
2006.08.29 Aaron Sarfaty
Rating: 10

salute! this game is awsome! teally it is the first time 3D games on GM are a ral 3D like the big games
2006.08.28 limit
Rating: 6

Definately one of the best 3d GM games, but there really is no story. Sorry, but that matters to me
2006.08.28 never_smiling_wolf
Rating: 10

Oh my! This is smoother than silk! I NEVER thought GM could make this good of a game! I wish I had a better way to say it, but this is PERFECT!
2006.08.26 Nobody
Rating: 8

Congrats with the review dude... ;)
Nice game too, only my pc doesn't really like it.
2006.08.26 Alert Games
Rating: 8

Really good. Although there were some general flaws. Pretty slow as well. I rarely play this game unfortunately.
2006.08.26 storm405
Rating: --

HEy bud,cool game.Can you give me your email adress!? want you to join r company ty!
2006.08.26 _Player2_
Rating: 10

2nd best game ever made with game maker.
2006.08.25 Hootie hoo
Rating: 10

Undoubtedly the BEST 3D GM game ever. The review's a bit late, though.
2006.08.25 christiandaniel7
Rating: --

Just forgot to say that the tutorial is pretty long and annoying. Other then that, THIS GAME ROCKS!
2006.08.24 Rustem
Rating: 10

The game cooooooooooool!!!
best 3D game.... :D
2006.08.24 christiandaniel7
Rating: 9

I didn't know Game Maker was capable of making such great 3D games! This is truly an awesome game!
2006.08.24 dude
Rating: 8

This game is pretty awesome, but it has one major flaw: The inability to aim well. By the time you shoot over a long distance the enemy is on the other side of the field. So please, make the bullets faster.
2006.08.24 V4zCeNt
Rating: 8

This is the best 3d game on game maker. Unfortunately that isn't saying too much. Lots of fun though :D
2006.07.09 jmanjman47
Rating: 10

Outstanding! A must see GM game.
2006.05.03 Absolute Zer0
Rating: 10

Wow! This game is amazing! 3D and Multiplayer, how can you beat that? By far the best GM game yet!
2006.04.26 Bearded Dog Productions
Rating: 10

wow, I would have to agree and call this the best 3D game in Game Maker. it's outstanding in so many ways, customization, story, skirmish, online play, and in-depth on/offline game stats. Kudos!
2006.03.21 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: 10

This game is awesome! Please make more like it!
2006.03.18 ronnoc
Rating: 9

This is the best 3D game in GM. Wonderful.
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