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Game Maker Games - Kirbylized
Kirbylized by Pie_4
A great Multiplayer game based on everyones favorite pink puffball, Kirby! It requires teamwork and skill! You could play SinglePlayer, too, because you never really need to control both players at the same time.

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Comments (Add your own):
2011.11.23 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

If only I could delete my own comments, I didn't even learn constructive criticism at the time.
2006.12.16 Lario_Flovo
Rating: 1

Hey? Listen, when making a Kirby game, when it comes to life span, you should focus more on Kirby, not Mario. You don't want Kirby to have instant death.
2006.11.08 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 1

And also, you call this a cool game? I think this game is real crappy because you can't use any copy abilities, you can't jump. Pie_4, your Kirby games are the worst ones that are ever made, and I am also an expert at Kirby. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE REGULAR KIRBY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.10.20 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 1

This Kirby game is repetitive, you should check out my Kirby game Kirby's Comic Adventure when I finish it in 2007. I heard no sound effects, only music.
2006.04.23 pyrotoz
Rating: 6

Pretty cool, needs more gameplay elements and sound effects. Love the split-screen effect.

P.S. Try making a game which isn't to do with Mario or Kirby to give yourself more gameplay options.
2006.03.11 GamerHippo7
Rating: 5

It was so-so.

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2006.03.08 kirbycool
Rating: 8

Its pretty good... I like it cause of kirby... Not you best game, but not your worst...
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