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Game Maker Games - Soldexus
 Soldexus by Pneophen
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Review by tapeworm
Soldexus is a platform adventure game patterned after the Super Metroid-inspired Castlevania games. It follows the format closely, and does a good job of it.

In this game, a guy named Ian seems to have died. Shortly after his death, he gets roped into a sort of deal with a shady individual. Ian's task is to retrieve a certain item from a large castle full of monsters. Armed with a borrowed body and a magical sword, he sets off.

Controls are straightforward and responsive. You can jump, slash, and perform special moves (after learning them). You also can press F to bring up a map and status screen. While exploring the castle, you occasionally find items that give you special moves or additional attack or defense power. You can also buy such items in a shop that you come across. (You earn money--and sometimes regain health--by defeating enemies.) There are also save rooms and warp rooms--again, the basic elements of a "Metroidvania" game.

The music in Soldexus is unassuming but of good quality. It's basically what you'd expect in a game like this. Same with the sound effects--they fit in naturally wherever they're used.

The game has many nice visual details and effects. Each area has a very different look to it and unique enemies. There is a sameness to the rooms in an area, but they differ enough that exploration never becomes tedious or disorienting. Although polished and attractive, the graphics have that slight roughness about them that's found in a lot of independent games--it's a look that I like. There is some fairly gruesome imagery in places. It's cartoonish and nothing beyond what you'd see in the aforementioned Castlevania games, but I guess it's still worth mentioning.

Finally, this game is a lot of fun. I enjoyed coming across new areas end enemies, gaining new abilities, fighting monsters, and even the frantic search for a save room in a difficult area. And, speaking of difficult, this is a very tough game. Even if you use the "easy" setting, you're in for a challenge.

If you like the Castlevania games I keep referring to, or even if you've never tried them, Soldexus is worth a look.

Creator's Description:
Explore a castle with heavy opposition.
Can you survive the difficult road ahead?

Download Soldexus (EXE, ~5.1 MB , Content caution )

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Opinions about Soldexus

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.12.17 Valius
Rating: 10

This is one of the best games i've played in along time. Alot like castlevania and metroid i loved finding all the items and exploring the map. The skills were cool and very useful, and the fact that you get another character to play with after you beat the game is awesome. i give your game a 10 i loved everything about it
2008.07.23 The HammerHead
Rating: 8

Impressive... Very well done for a GM game. I think you could have done a better job on the world art, but the characters were very good.
2007.08.04 NintendoTeen
Rating: 9

This game was great :D
Graphics were nice, and it was fun.

The scenes were humorous by the way.
2006.12.31 Chaucer Games2
Rating: 10

AMAZING! This is almost TOO good to be made with game maker. It was flawless. Well, I say that, but it could have done without the blood and cursing. No, I don't care if it makes it authentic! Anyway, good graphics, the sounds were perfect, and same for everything else. If you decided to set your career in game design, you'd be richer than Bill Gates. I wish there were higher rating numbers.

And without a doubt, this IS THE best Game Maker game ever. Period.
2006.12.15 Ultima Games
Rating: 8

Pros: Nice Graphics, Cool Sword, Nice gameplay
Cons: Bad prologue, Hard Monsters, Swear Words
2006.12.05 Contrendo
Rating: 9

This is a very good game. You must have worked on it for a long time. it got nice graphics and effects. It is very professional. It is to hard though. If you make a sequel (wich I think you should) it should be a little more forgivving.
+ Long
+ Nice graphics and effects
+ Excelent gameplay
- Hard
I will give this game 9.3 in rating.
2006.11.21 ruhtrA
Rating: 9

Very good game.

Ouchy1, the 'slash at his face' thing doesn't work, he just keeps blocking
2006.09.29 zon3r
Rating: 5

Nice game, but too boring. The overuse of swear words really drives me up the wazoo, and on top of that the main character is an idioso maximus (sorry. little brother vocabulary alert).

Don't take this rating the wrong way. I just am not good at RPGs with the exception of phantasy star (which has guns. yay!)

My rule: if it doesn't have mass destruction, don't get it.

But some games I like even if.

Hmmm....off topic now, aren't I? To me, it's just another average game. Excuse me. I have to go play Legend of Shadow.
2006.09.23 Ouchy1
Rating: --

The second boss is pretty hard, what you have to do is first, get very high attack and adrenaline. Then relentlessly attack him in the face, ragardless of the damage you take. once hes down to half or less life, put him in a corner and keep wall jumping over him. when he does one of his attacks that he doesnt use his sword for ( e.g, sky laser attack)attack him.
2006.09.12 Baltirow
Rating: 8

I have to agree with drdemention that the sword swipe with pixel-hole transparency was a style-clash.

Overall this game is very well done, even though the map screen did look a bit placeholderish when compared to the ingame graphics. The level graphics were a bit too bland too my taste (more polishing should have been done, such as the tables+chairs) and the 'gaps' when you walk on a slope were jsut plain ugly.

I am a bit stuck though... the second boss I am fighting seems a bit too overpowered (the one with the mask and the freakishly long-range sword attacks). Around the time you can see whether you have to be atop of him or stay the heck away, you are already too late with the jump... i.e. you cannot react to his attacks, which seems a bit ridiculous.... Maybe I should use the infinite wall jump (using the dash upgrade)?
2006.07.21 operating_thetan
Rating: 7

okay i modify my last comment which i made in a smart assed mood (i don't use the word darn unless i'm being sarcastic) this game is pretty damn good, but its not without its faults. the graphics were to be expected, there were some nice effects in there but they could have been better. my main gripe is with the difficulty of the game. DUDE WTF? this game is so ridiculously difficult at some points its unplayable. it would have been funner had it been more forgiving, but i digress. still i sweet game considering it was made with gamemaker, i salute you pneophen if only for the fact that i actually played this game hoping to get to the end.
2006.07.12 operating_thetan
Rating: 9

this game was pretty darn good!
2006.06.23 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: 9

This game is awesome, I was going to give it 10 but after I got into it a fair while it became very very hard, and I was playing the easy mode. However, it was addictive so I kept trying (and failing miserably) for a long time before I gave up. The graphics are awesome, and the sounds are cool. THIS GAME ROCKS
2006.06.02 MARKGAMEZ
Rating: 9

2006.05.31 Dark Sirrus Games
Rating: --

ive seen alot of games, trust me, and this one is very well done. i give it a 9 bc in comparisen with the best ive ever played this one is one of my more -liked games.
2006.05.29 Mavacat
Rating: 9

A worthy rival of Darthlupi's Legend of Shadow! My only complaint is that you die too quickly (though I guess that was the intention)
2006.05.20 drdemention
Rating: 9

Wonderful. Great. Excellent. Legendary. Akin to seiklus in explorative gameplay, which I'm sure we all love. I'm about halfway in. A few comments...
I had the same error as the other guy, namely 'at position 46: Unknown variable close', but not in the train, though it was on death. Fortunately it did not detriment the experience. I don't see why everyone is ragging on the use of screendoor transparency on the sword(though I'm playing windowed mode- fullscreen lags hideously for me), it's probably integrated with the character sprite with separate masks. I commend you for figuring out how to use alpha mapping in GM. (took me forever because of the glitch in the help file saying 'hue' instead of value) But the way the enemy difficulty upgrads when you pass through that room in the 'volcanic labyrinth' zone with the defense powerup was annoying. I defenitely think this game is best played on a gamepad(mine is the xbox 360 controller), with left stick for directions, 'a' to jump, and the upper 'click' buttons for attack and special (start for pause). I enjoyed gradually leveling up my character and the new abilities I got (level 7 sword wave !) And the way it integrated with the game. All in all, I've got to hand it to pneophen, he's done a bang-up job.
2006.05.15 Jabberwock
Rating: 10

Much as I hate to say it, after playing this game through as both characters and getting 105% of items (heh heh heh) I think it might contend with seiklus for best GM game ever, just because it's so much bigger and has more replay value. Pneophen, I hope you're working on that sequel that the ending to promised; I can't wait.
2006.05.13 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 9

This game rules. You run around a large castle infested with monsters, demons, and zombies to find the soul gem for the grim reaper. You find powerups and money and even shops...
Really great!
2006.05.03 potnop
Rating: 10

IDK, I thought the level design was pretty good. It takes a lot to design a complex Metroidvania environemnt like this. It was pretty damn hard at first, but then I upgraded. I beat it at last. Cool stuff happens in the game which GREATLY increses replay value. I'm playing it again right away already, and U guys might also when you beat it. Still this is one of the best GM games. I actually stuck with it and felt like I was playing a commercial SNES game from the past. It looks awesome on full screen if you have hardware support, the gfx are all nice and smooth looking.
2006.04.30 Uzaki
Rating: 9

This game rocks! Although the level design could be given more thought to, this game is extremely addicting, challenging, and fun. This game is seriously hard, but I've only started. I'm currently at the Volcanic Labrynth. This game has alot of humor, cool graphics, and nice 3d backgrounds. I'd give a ten, but the level design isn't as good as it could be.
2006.04.26 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 8

Awesome game, wonderful graphics. Just beat it. It bothers me that I thought I was done and now there's another mission. Nice touch, but a little too much for me. Final boss was WAY too easy. Either way, took me all day. Found an error on the train, though. When I died, this popped up:

Error in action number 1 of Step Event for object Slicer:

Error in Code at line 43:

if (action = 3 & ctrl = 1 & gothit = 0 & close = 30 & gothit = 0)

at position 46: Unknown variable close
2006.04.22 smolkomotion
Rating: 6

Nice cutscenes and art style but the level design is the problem.

You have to far to go between fights and when you die to the fun. Make the save points AFTER the boring jumping through empty rooms part so when people die they can be close to the action.

Looks great, feels great and is stable but has gameplay issues big time.

Would have gotten better rating but doesnt live up to the hype.
2006.04.19 Jabberwock
Rating: 9

This is one great game. At first I didn't care for it much, but it sure grew on me fast. Difficult, but almost never too much so. One of the best GM games.
2006.04.15 jmanjman47
Rating: 8

Very well done platformer with nice graphics.
2006.04.13 guzu
Rating: 9

This is one of the best game maker games I've ever seen.
I agree with what fatpiggy8 said, but his rating '6' is too low for this game.
Hope that you make some modifications to the game.
Great job
2006.04.13 Orangepaint
Rating: 9

Wow what a great game! I really like the whole wallrunning thing its really fun.
Im kind of stuck though, got to the 'Generator Room' and have no I dea what to do there, but i'll keep looking around.
2006.04.09 fatpiggy8
Rating: 6

I think this game needed IMPROVEMENT. The controls in the beginning were hard and you should have made more lives. Good graphics though.
2006.04.08 Live Wire
Rating: 9

Very nice game, and graphics, nice storyline and with humor ^_^
2006.04.05 Ouchy1
Rating: --

And yes, it is fullscreen! Would you care to look in the options??
2006.04.05 Ouchy1
Rating: 10

Sorry, i forgot to rate it. Again, THE BEST GMG GAME EVER MADE!
2006.04.05 thernody
Rating: 8

It's great except for the flaws Wolverine mentioned. The level design kinda killed it for me at times though. Overall, it's a great little game. :O
2006.04.04 kramgogo
Rating: 9

This is a great game. One of the best GM-Games i've ever played.

Rating: 9
2006.04.04 sc(+)pe
Rating: 8

Really good game, exept knowing the controlls to enter the game made it hard to start. And it wasnt full screen.
2006.04.04 Ouchy1
Rating: --

Simply put, amazing. The best GM game ever made.
2006.04.03 samuraikill
Rating: 10

Nice job. Its a great game I had a lot of fun playing it and the main menu is awsome and so are the graphics.
2006.04.03 HCS0001
Rating: --

I tried downloading your game, but it stops downing after 5%! This sucks!!!
2006.04.02 Tobias(NL)
Rating: 8

Yes I like Castlevania for the psx too, and I like this game also!!!
The ''light effects'' from the sword and the candels are very neat.
2006.04.02 FearedMachina
Rating: 9

Very awesome, your first game? Ammazing. I can recognize talent when I see it, and this is it. The only thing that stumped me was the screen door transparency on the blade, when you could have used alpha.

I loved the 3d/2d mixture you used aswell, an all around good game. We need more of those. Make a sequel.
2006.03.29 Wolverine
Rating: 6

It's a pretty good attempt at the Metroid/Castlevania style of gameplay though I do feel it needs more work. The level design seems uninspired and thoughtless at times. The graphics are fairly good for a homebrew game though it puzzles me why the swordswipe uses a 'screendoor' style of transparency when there are mist effects quite clearly showing true transparency in the game. It's quite a tough little game too and can be very tiresome. Overall though it's a very good game but I personally feel it's highly flawed, especially if trying to be like Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (my all time favorite game on any system). Hope to see a much improved sequel sometime.
2006.03.12 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

This is the best game maker game I have ever played for sure. I mean it.
2006.03.09 wrathwell productions
Rating: 10

This game is great!!! You should download this game because it is really REALLY good. This game is like the castlevania game for the ps1, where you have to explore a huge castle and open up areas by getting different moves and by hitting different switches. The first thing that surprised me in this game is the graphics. They look nice and the animations are smooth. I also like the fact that it is like castlevania because I liked that game. The game has a sort of freaky spooky mood when you first start it out, which is really cool! The gameplay is great, and it gets much, much harder as you progress, but you can find secrets that boosts your attack or defence, or you can just buy them along with other things, such as new moves. If you are going to make an other game like this, try to add different weapons to find and other things like that, it would make it even better than castlevania! This game is definitely good enough to sell! AWSOME JOB!!!
2006.03.08 Mikmacer
Rating: 9

Wow! This is surely one of the best game maker games i have played.
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