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Game Maker Games - Omega Void
 Omega Void by random
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Review by tapeworm
I've been impressed with several of random's past puzzle games, and Omega Void is another compelling title that takes a unique direction.

In this game, you guide a ball through a series of rooms filled with obstacles. You control the ball as if it were your mouse pointer. This can be a little odd at first, but it's intuitive enough. It's also interesting to see just how quick and accurate you are with a mouse.

The look of Omega Void is very basic--it's mostly solid black and white. There's simple background music that, along with the fluid motions of the ball and obstacles, gives the game sort of an upbeat mood. Which might help you stay optimistic when frustrated by some of the more difficult levels.

Omega Void has a good learning curve. The early stages are easy, and new elements are gradually introduced, then made more difficult and presented in different combinations. It doesn't take long before things become more intense. As random describes it,

Some levels require mouse control, some levels require mouse speed, and the later levels require both in staggering amounts. There are 40 levels in all featuring things like fans, moving walls, lasers, rising acid, and night vision levels.

The goal is always the same--click the S to start, and then navigate to the E.

While playing this game, I thought several times that a certain level would be the one where I'd become frustrated and quit. But then I'd get a little farther and see that I could do it if persistent. Many levels carried a good sense of accomplishment when I completed them.

Although some elements of Omega Void are fairly typical in puzzle games, the overall approach feels original and puzzle game fans should find it worth their time.

Download Omega Void (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.27 mysour
Rating: 9

This is a great game, I don't like being reminded how much I stink at games, so I didn't like the death count too much. But anyway, I wanna let you know that you did a fabulous job, and to encourage you to keep going. I started something like this a while back, its still in my projects bin.
2006.07.21 operating_thetan
Rating: 10

i love this game. its so addictive its like crack i swear. my only gripe is the fact i have a crappy mouse so i died several times by no fault of my own but because my mouse would stick. i give you a 10.
2006.07.20 Pug Fugly
Rating: 8

This is a great game, a true test of skill. The graphics, although minimalist, do their job perfectly here.

A real challenge - maybe a bit too challenging in some places!
2006.07.20 Alert Games
Rating: 8

Very addicting. Also made me insane! :P

I always got close on one level but always died, so I had to quit. :-/

I like it. could have made more effects... ;)
2006.07.20 Blah Blah
Rating: 8

A bit frustrating in some levels, but still this game is alot of fun! The game is pretty long, making it more rewarding when you finally beat it, which I finally did through gritting teeth and trying again. Great game but don't expect to live very long.
2006.07.20 Oliv
Rating: 8

I cheat, I have a tablet :P

Fun game.
2006.07.19 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: --

I'm not sure if your aloud to make two comments or not but, if anyone says your graphics suck... Then all these people are looking for are real professional games like XBox 360 stuff... And another thing if this game had good graphics, or probably even more color variety, it would become sickening and boring. But do to the restricted amounts of color it makes the game easy for people like my little twin cousins. Gracious senor... in your efferts to achieve world peace once more.
2006.07.18 Waku
Rating: 8

This game is so well done! I love the music in the back, with the reverb. I actually put down my fork, on my dinner plate, and got really into it.

Superve, and many more.
2006.07.18 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 10

I like the concept of the game. I'm not sure yet but it would be cool if you could have some enemies some how. not just obstacles. hopefully who ever made this is 12years or under or has an IQ lower than 71 (which is mental retardation) because this is really gay happy music
2006.07.18 MOG 10
Rating: 9

Whoa!!!! This is a quality game. It's like one of thoes get the hoop aroungd the electric wire without setting it off thing. Except with the mouse! I give you a 9 no just because it's a brilliant idea!!! But because you executed it perfectly. The graphics sound and the puzzles are all inotive!!!! The game itself gets tops up. It has achived calmness. A thing many deveopers try to achive in thier game but fail. But Yours has succeded!!!!! Thumbs up!!!
2006.03.11 KboutR
Rating: 7

The screenshot may look unattractive, but this game quite fun and addictive. The graphics are very simplistic, but the game contains enough original ideas to make the player happy, and the game keeps interesting in all 40 levels.
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