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Game Maker Games - UFO
UFO by F.S.
UFO is a retro-game, based on the classical Space Invaders.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.20 jmanjman47
Rating: 6

This game was alot better then Kangani. What are you working on now?
2006.06.15 Mostis
Rating: 6

-Mostis Review-

In UFO, you play the part of a UFO trying to blast squads of Earth rockets out of space (or as far as I could tell with the graphics). The game reminds me of Space Invaders, except somewhat harder and easier.

Gameplay 6/10
The game was very easy to learn; I was a blasting ace after 2-3 tries. The game seemed hard, or near impossible at first, then I realized an excellent strategy which may or may not have been intended: you can fire continuously (as rapidly as you can press Spacebar) and take out many, many rockets this way, looking out for the enemy's missles. The trick is to take out the bottommost row first, because if you don't do that quickly, you will collide with the rockets. This means that every second counts, and I like that in a game, but the problem is that it's a little too hard in this aspect. The enemy ships seemed to move down too fast.

Graphics 7/10
The game's graphics fit the old-school style of gameplay really well. It took a while to figure out what everything was, which is common in 'old' games like this one, but that may be a bad thing, because if you can't tell a powerup from, say, a spiked ball, then there's problems. The backgrounds were a dull solid black color, but that fit with the retro graphics pretty well.

Music/SFX 6/10
The music sounded all right, but the problem is it was a little too boring. Games like these need more fast-paced, 'actiony' music to fit the moving back and forth and shooting. It sounded more like elevator music. The sound effects were better, but repetitive. They were about average for arcade shoot-em games.

Replayability 7/10
If there's anything an arcade shooter like this one is good at, it's making you want to play again and again. I ended up playing this one a good amount of times. Mostly because you want to find out exactly how far you can get in the game. But it doesn't seem to get any harder between 'zones'. The only difference I noticed is you get an increased number of points on each zone for shooting an enemy.

Ideas 5/10
This game resembles previous games like Space Invaders or Galaga, but that doesn't make it a clone. It is a reversed viewpoint: instead of 'you are the human destroying the aliens' it's 'you are the alien destroying the humans'. This makes the game somewhat original, but it still plays the same as the other shooters mentioned previously.

Overall: 6.2/10
This game is not exactly a work of art, but fun to play for a good many tries. I'd say, if you want to try this game, go ahead. But I wouldn't recommend it.
2006.03.26 jchalase
Rating: 8

Good grafix! But it's a little too fast and hard.
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