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Game Maker Games - Johnny 9: The Return
Johnny 9: The Return by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Johnny is back :D.. 40 levels and new Johnny ability: Nose Enlarge..

Download Johnny 9: The Return (EXE, ~7.2 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.26 MrKubus
Rating: 10

I am NOT Kafeithekeaton, he just happensn to be a fan I Think, he's a cool guy, but hes not me.. ! But anyways, have a 10 mr. Sparlatacus ;)
2006.07.05 jmanjman47
Rating: 4

LOL the Johnny Series is gonna set a record. why don't you do us a favor and just make a really good game. Cuz your game making reputation is pretty crushed.

I liked some of the effort in the Johnny series. At least its original.
2006.07.02 nota1ot
Rating: 1

Just so you lot know, Kafeithekeaton IS Sparlatacus. He gives himself loads of 10s under his alter ego.
2006.06.09 LostOverThere
Rating: 1

Dude, take my advise, stop the Johnny series right now, and make something different.
2006.05.06 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 10

Sparl's sitting somewhere right now, laughing his rump off at all of you. I'm giving this game a ten just because it ticked a whole lot of you off. Seriously, do you people earnestly believe the guy's trying to make a 'normal game'?
2006.04.28 Maderick
Rating: 1

This game is stupid! what makes you think
anyone would like any of this Sh/t?
2006.04.13 Razor
Rating: 8

Man, I've been hoping for this game for a while now. :D
I love the style, and I never get enough of it.

Keep it up, man. ;)
2006.03.25 ImSneaky
Rating: 4

I'll take back what I said about the game not being finished, but honestly you should think about making the game just a wee bit easier, I am on the seventeenth or eighteenth level and it is nearly impossible to get to the exit.
2006.03.24 ImSneaky
Rating: 3

40 levels my right! This game is obviously unfinished, I got to this one level that is almost impossible, and the next level is just two blocks and no Johnny.
Note: This happened in Johnny 6.
Sound -- 2/10: The music got repetitive at times, and I was kind of about to throw my speakers against the monitor.
Graphics -- 3/10: Worse than ever, one enemie was a stickfigure with a two dots for eyes, a dot for a nose, and a straight line for a nose.
Gameplay -- 1/10: The games variables could be improved, e.g., the game suddenly stopped at times and wouldn't even move, until at least one minute later.
Background -- 0/10: You scribbled the second background and it just looks like a normal gray background with a bunch of blue crap scribbled all over it.
Overall -- 3/10: If you made a Johnny 10, I guarantee it would be worse. Your first two Johnny games had quite more effort than this one.
One thing, it was kind of neat how you made them enlarge your nose, but it just got in the way at times, too many!
Another thing, you are repeatedly using the dumb shrinking ability, and also it was simple to die in that mode.
I used to be a fan of Johnny but that didn't pay off. Can I make you a Johnny 10?
P.S., try to download the platform examples to make a proper Johnny game, even though the examples are annoying as hell.
P.S.S., Can you at least try to make the graphics neat if you decide to make a Johnny 10?
P.S.S., I hope Johnny 10 will kick butt!
2006.02.16 dudey_gj
Rating: --

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are a crack addict right?

sucks lol
2006.02.15 Grix
Rating: --

And the size.. 8 MB wasted on the music.
2006.02.12 Dr. shock
Rating: 1

Are you retarted or something? first you
say Johny 4 is the last one , then you make
a statement the johny 8 is just so everyone will
download it and now you make another one!
No one likes johny! get it through your stupid head! (Jack russel is the da man )
2006.02.12 stevenup7002
Rating: 1

I agree with Dr. Shock, the Johnny series sucks, even Tarry is a better game. The graphics were made carelessly, you just scribbled them with a mouse. The gameplay sucked too, I couldn't get past the first two enemys, you just have bullets coming out of their bodies uncontrollably, you can't even shoot them. Make a mask for johnny, nose climbing is impossible, it makes the game unrealistic. The game has no replay value whatsoever.

Graphics: 1/10
Sound: 1/10
Gameplay: 1/10
Replay V: 1/10
Overall: 1/10
2006.02.11 GamerHippo7
Rating: --

Johnny...... NINE?!?!? Final Fantasy's got NOTHING on you. Well anyway its unplayable. You've got an 'unexpected error' go back and look for unfinished variable actions.
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