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Game Maker Games - Johnny's Nightmare
 Johnny's Nightmare by clysm (tapeworm)
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Review by Jabberwock
Well, everyone's favorite long-nosed maniac is back for another adventure, this time under the guidance of tapeworm's programming. It happens to be rather more reliable than that of Spartlatacus/PG Games, though tapeworm purposefully retains one or two of the original Johnny games' eccentricities.

In keeping with the rest of the series, Johnny's Nightmare has no real story to speak of, other than that, in some twisted nightmare world, Johnny's precious nose has been stolen, sending him on a quest to get it back- and then, for some inexplicable reason, blast fifteen more levels' worth of nightmare creatures into oblivion with his super-powers. It's not much of a story, but it's supposed to be a nightmare, so who really cares?

The platform engine used is appropriate for the style of game- the gravity is gentle, giving the gameplay a soft, floating feeling. The game is never really very frustrating, especially since there's a 'save anywhere' feature (using F5 and F6). Johnny can take quite a few hits before going down, as well, so that isn't really a problem. Like the rest of the game, the gameplay is simple, but it works well.

The graphics in the game are a motley mix of the minimalistic and the outrageous (sometimes even going far enough into the realm of strangeness to be terrifying). Particle effects are added liberally at every opportunity, increasing even further the dreamlike feel of the game. The enemies are all very strange, some downright scary; in particular, the last boss made a big impression on me, as did one variety of enemy, which float around, ghostlike, in white coats and surgical masks. Overall, the visuals are simply astounding.

As with many GM games, the sound consists solely of music- in this case, three very unique tracks, all of which are interesting in their own way. The first track (incidentally the same one used in Johnny's Odessy, just a different arrangement) specifically is one of the best uses of music in a game that I've ever heard- usually the music in games is either unremarkable or annoying, but not in this case. The latter two tracks are not nearly as 'perfect,' but they are both interesting to listen to.

All summed up, this is one of the most original games I have ever seen- despite the fact that it's a fan game to begin with- and I replay it often (not much of a feat, as it's pretty short). Here we have yet another glimpse into the incredibly creative mind of tapeworm, and if you've enjoyed his previous work, I can predict that you won't be disappointed.

Author's Description:
A fan game based on the Johnny series by Sparlatacus. My second, in fact.

Download Johnny's Nightmare (EXE, ~5.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Johnny's Nightmare

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2011.02.28 Gåsen
Rating: 8

This is one of the GM games I've played the most, actually. Every now and then, I think about it and have to play it. It's so freaky, out-of-control. Sometimes it's a bit annoying but nevertheless, it must be played through at least once to experience all the insanity!
2010.08.21 Recneps
Rating: 9

Awesome game.
Though it gets hard way to fast.
Thank god for the F5/F6 save/load system.
2008.03.14 fadohacolu
Rating: 7

AT first, I was like, WTF, but now, I see why this game is totaly amazing. The graphics seemed cheesy at first, but I soon learned that they were perfect for this game. This game truly captures what a dream is like, and raises some extremely important questions, like, if that Wheeled Hotdog With a Face shoots vegies at me, am I a bad person?
2008.03.06 debp
Rating: 6

a pretty good game. i'm stuck on the giant clown with the giant balloons though. how do you get past? ive never been a great fan of the johnny series. just played the games and then deleted them.
2008.03.02 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 7

Pretty nice! I prefer Johnny's Odyssey though.
2008.03.01 moran
Rating: 8

It was really frusterating getting caught on corners all the time. Should've masked that. I admit using the nose to catch platform edges is a unique idea. There are just so many trippy things that appear in the 'dream' that I really admired. A lot of cool ideas. Love the haircut guys. Really original concepts all around. This game is a rare example of how creativity and innovation can easily beat a professional-eque game.
2008.03.01 Globalshock
Rating: 10

This was my favorite game ever. I just love the flow. The saving/loading system could use some improvement though.
2006.11.12 yoshiman
Rating: 10

...wow.. ive seen good games, but this... thisa is awesome! the best ive played.
2006.09.24 zon3r
Rating: 8

This game is retarded. Retarded spiky balls fall randomly. Enemies show up randomly. Idiotic johnnyheads float around randomly. A creepish air raid siren is the music.

Simply put this game is so completely retarded and fun that it is great. The music is so well done that you get creeped out just by listening, and the graphics for the levels are amazing and so random that they are cool. I love playing through just to see all of the cool scenery.It's just one of the best platformers ever designed. It may be buggy, glitchy, and random, but it plays well and you can't help but grin when Johnny gets his nose back and you are able to fry baddies with your electrical phsycic nose beam.

Great job tapeworm!
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: --

Umm... not to sound bossy or anything, but I think that the creator of this 'Johnny' spinoff games should really consider making games with other characters, so he won't encourage Sparlatacus (Kimberly) to make more of his lame Johnny games.
2006.08.16 Tribot Triad Enterprises
Rating: 9

Great game. It's almost like the original Johnny dropped into the funky, abstract world of Seiklus (complete with Seiklus-like graphics =D ). There is also a slight feeling that reminds me of the La La Land games...

Great work!
2006.08.15 virus616
Rating: --

That was fun. I liked how the game got to be like a puzzle at times and the amazing particle effects (the watermelons, though I believe it's just a large amount of objects).
2006.08.13 Fredde
Rating: 8

This game was really nice. I played it over two times. I loved the music (at least rupert and the toymakers party). It gave the game that 'weird-dream-feeling' and i somehow felt that it was a wicked and scary place.
However i'll now try the other Johnny-games out ^^.

Thanks, for a great time of gaming and much inspiration.
2006.08.11 Jabberwock
Rating: --

What reason would I have to suck up? Believe it or not, I actually like this game, and I'm sure many others do as well. Just because it doesn't appeal to you, doesn't give you a reason to insult us. Besides, the lack of animation was on purpose. It's alright if you didn't like the game, but don't go being a moron. We like this game, and I at least liked this game before I even knew tapeworm was an admin anywhere (yeah, I'm a little slow). You think we're sucking up? Number 1 staff rated game on the site- not made by an admin.
2006.08.11 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: --

Why do you like this game>... Because all you do is walk and fight random worthless enemies...How do you beat the clown??? I kept popping the baloons but it wouldn't die
2006.08.11 MOG 10
Rating: 6

This game is ok. But you didnt use being in a nightmare for more gameplay options. It also sort of felt like a nightmare but more a platformer in the night. I like Painajainen more for it using being in a nightmare but it was an ok platformer. Stupid spike things....thank you for the quick save though.
2006.08.10 RICANJO
Rating: 7

I have to admit, it was much better than the other Johnny games, but I still got bored quickly of it, and I found some parts harder than necessary.
Also, the Johnny series was about using the games glitches to progress, whereas this was more about skill.
It's graphical style is very similar to the Johnny series, except updated, which is nice :3
Still worth a try I think.
2006.08.10 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 6

Like this game... Does anyone really think it's good... Does anybody honestly think seiklus is good... Yes the enviroment in seiklus is outstanding... But hunting for those color puffs. It has no excitement in it... For younger people it could be good but will easily tire out because they'll say 'I already been here... I can't find it...' I hate to be negative... But actually I have learned a lot of programming techniques from these games just by looking at them...
2006.08.10 BIGFY
Rating: 3

I didn't like this game.
Original is good but not always. But some random stuff put in a game, and giving it a nightmare title doesen't explain the complete stupidity of the game. There are some details but this game is just not good. First of all the major mistake this game has is that the main character doesen't have an animated sprite, I just can't feel a platformer when a guy moves slowly and just stands still.
Not all admin games are good, you people are just suckups. No offense tapeworm but you can do allot better.
BTW not original, just some random stuff put together
2006.08.09 Rokuji
Rating: 7

This was a really good game, but i dont know how you can be a fan of the johnny series. But this, was certainly a great game.
2006.08.09 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 6

Stop sucking up to this guy... The game isn't that great... How is the game even strategically playable when those spike things fall at random???

There must be a cheat... or something because the beginning is almost completely easy or nearly impossible... I only give you a 6 because you didn't slack on graphix... IF it's suppose to be like La La Land (or an art of work) then I should've given you a 9.. But still a six because it's so irritating.
2006.08.09 Waku
Rating: 8

This game is outstanding! I expected to see some choppy stick figures and no story plot, but it took me by suprise.

It has so many different levels, constantly keeping you thinking, it's just a little to jumpy though, half the time your just walking.

Really fun, nice music, and good elements. I really liked the particle effects and stuff.

Nice music, matches the gameplay and stuff, but there are no sounds. It kinda feels like the games on mute with music playing in the background.

Amazing graphics, despite a simple line for the ground, but johnny looked highly detailed and I was impressed with that.

Fun, and really original. Everything is so smooth and dreamlike as said in the review, but I thought the wall glitch was quite annoying, especially when your on a ledge and you get stuck and fall.

[B]Lasting Appeal[/B]
REALLY good, I would say that this game could be played more than 5 times.

Excellent Game. Deserves a good 8.0, my only complaint is having no sounds, but the graphics save the game.
2006.08.09 Nobody
Rating: --

Johny without a nose is like a boob without a nipple! Or worse, a nipple without a boob!

Anyway, the graphical style owns. :)
2006.08.09 max_r_61270
Rating: --

I've got a question: why do you keep posting reviews of these Johnny games, which are almost always dreadful, when there are hundreds of other amazing games that no one ever downloads because they get lost in the endless awful submissions and reviews of these endless awful submissions?
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

I am freaked out!!!! When I was like 4 I drew pictures of this guy and now hes here im astonished to see this, Hold on i need some time to recover......
2006.08.09 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Did you play the game, or even read the review? This wasn't made by Spartlatacus, upon whose games you've probably formed your opinions of the Johnny series. It was made by tapeworm, perhaps better known as the creator of Seiklus.

In my humble opinion this is one of the most amazing games in the archive.
2006.08.09 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 2

I'm pretty sure it is.. Since you enjoy endlessly walking and smothering you enemies in magical dust... How do you beat the clown?
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: 7

you keep poppin those balloons then you beat the game
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

no the other johnnys werent that old i remember drawing a pic of johnny when i was 4 thats the weirdest thing....... hmmmmmm.
2006.08.09 ForceDevice
Rating: 8

I think Johnny's Odyssey is better...but this one is great too!
2006.07.14 jchalase
Rating: 10

Try reviewing it in Augest. GOOD GAME.
2006.06.10 Jabberwock
Rating: 10

Can't believe I forgot to review this. At least as good as Johnny's Oddessy, and better than the original Johnny games (though I did greatly enjoy Johnny 3 and 5). Very nicely done.
2006.05.17 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

wow, that was amazing. Far better than the original johnny games
2006.03.14 White Mist Games
Rating: 8

Great game, clysm (tapeworm)! Much better than Johnny's Odyssey! (Not that Johnny's Odyssey was a bad game)
2006.03.11 KboutR
Rating: 8

Johnny's Nightmare is a great platformer, with an amazing amount of originality in it.
2006.02.09 cactus
Rating: --

Awesome game. Even better than Johnny's Odyssey. The details are amazing!
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