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Game Maker Games - Stuffy
Stuffy by Oddwarg
You control a dog-fox-thing, and you can destroy or save the world. It is most likely that you will end up destroying the world, its the most popular.

You will meet holes, bombs, and lots of hazards that can affect the outcome of your play.

Walk and swim with arrows. Jump with space. Activate special events(bombs, etc) with enter.
Most standard controls are intact(escape=quit,F5=save,F6=load)

Download Stuffy (EXE, ~3.5 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.13 drdemention
Rating: 7

A fascinating game unlike any other on this website. And one I reccommend anyone play. You have to gothrough it a few times to discover the various pathways the story can take, branching whenever there is a 'DO NOT' sign to obey or disobey, save for the first, which just releases a fish that tries to eat you. The end result of your obedience/disobedience can be anything from fighting a radioactive sewage mutant and getting the girl to defusing a nuke and saving the world. There are more, if you keep trying, and the explorative gameplay is quite fun. The graphics may not look first-rate, but the gameplay is a real treat, with well-implemented (though apparently not original) music and difficult boss battles. I agree with SG that the game is short, but it is satisfying as well. I still haven't beaten
"M I N E D R O P P E R"
but I'll keep trying.
The death mechanism is good- the room restarts. This is much better than restarting the game, as you'll likely die among giant sawblades, minefields and offscreen pits (they're only safe if the signs suggest they're not)
I also noticed F5 and F6 were set as save and load. I used them a few times.

using my rating system, I give you...
2006.04.28 Maderick
Rating: 10

Join Rpgmaker World! it needs more members!
I am it's 6th one, hurry! the moderator will delete this message when he sees it!
2004.05.22 Shattered Glasses
Rating: --

This is a rather interesting game. You're a fox (his name is Stuffy) who travels in a strange world filled with atomic bombs, caves and cities with huge buildings. The most exciting thing in the game is that you have choices: you can launch the atomic bombs on your own planet or you can save it. This gives the game a great replay value. Problem is, the adventure's short.
Waaaay short. Such a good idea like this should have been more developed. What I mean is, you can see all the endings in less than an hour. But don't think this makes the game bad. It's still fun to play.
I noticed that some of the musics were from the Sonic games. I like them!
Great game, but short. Too bad...
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