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Game Maker Games - Sameul Eechmen Part 2
Sameul Eechmen Part 2 by Ian (aka Dr. Sameul Eechmen)
This is an expansive FPS that I created. You move through the levels as Sameul Eechmen bursting into Nazi headquarters, finding new weapons, and shooting even more Nazi Robots. Enjoy!

Download Sameul Eechmen Part 2 (EXE, ~2 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.09.13 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

This game isn't too great, don't judge me by it!
2006.02.07 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

Thanks, I've fixed the d3d_end(), but I forgot to upload the updated version...I'll try to do so. Thanks!
2006.02.06 Goose
Rating: --

wow, its really hard. i got stuck on the freewebs page not found part. :p
2006.02.06 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

Ok, that's odd...The link WAS working, i'll try to fix it (if this link is broken, all my other links are broken... which really sucks)
2006.02.06 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

Thanks a ton goose, I'd forgotten to type the '.zip' part of the file name. The link should be fixed.
2006.02.06 Goose
Rating: --

i didnt play too much but from what i can see, all id do is make it a bit faster and add music. also when you press esc you need d3d_end() or whatever it is because if it is still in d3d mode the main menu is upside down. nice game though.
2006.02.03 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

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