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Game Maker Games - Mario Racing Version 3
Mario Racing Version 3 by Goomdaddy
Basicaly the same as Version 2 but with more characters and better music. Also includes character stats in the F1 box.

Download Mario Racing Version 3 (EXE, ~1.75 MB )

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2006.02.10 Mostis
Rating: 7

You did a good job with this game, but my brother (playing as Waluigi) was stuck in a spot and couldn't move or do anything. Overall, it's excellent, especially the music. You could make a 1-player mode though...
2006.01.22 mrscience
Rating: 9

Yeah! The music in this is much better, and overall this is an impressive little piece of work. There are some nice improvements made on the first and second versions. Because I am overly critical though, I have to say there are still some relatively simple ways to make it much better:

1. Give it the option of being one player. This can be done by allowing the user to select the player 2, and then simply giving the game programming to have it move towards the y value of player 1, and you'd have a computer-controlled opponent that could prove to be a formidable adversary in a one-player game. If you don't wanna do it that way, you could have it more up and down at random intervals, although I suspect that would be a little too easy. Use your imagination on something like this and you'd expand the audience of this game to the people who don't always have someone at hand who wants to play with them. That's partially how the original Super Mario games were so popular - you had the option of playing a one-player or two-player game.
2. I would suggest perhaps making the window twice the size. This could be difficult if you don't want it a fullscreen game, but if you do you could always just change the scale percentage in the Global Game Options. This is just a personal preference of mine; I found this game a little difficult to see and I imagine it's even harder for those of us who are vision-impaired.
3. As I suggested with the first version of this game - give it an icon. Just take a sprite of Mario on his bike or something and resize it into a 32x32 window into that Irfanview program I mentioned on an earlier comment, then save it in .ico format and load it into the game.

Keep up the great work; overall I have to say I'm rather impressed.
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