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Game Maker Games - Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge
 Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge by Shawn64
Author's Description:

This is the ultimate rampage game. Fly around huge detailed cities causing mass destruction. You can earn money and buy more weapons or other upgrades. There are 24 missions in each city for you to complete in each city and 2 bosses per city. With 18 weapons to unlock you will always have something to do. It even comes with a custom music list function so you can rock out to your favorite songs while causing destruction. If you beat the game there is even a multiplayer mode where you can duke it out with a friend in a death match arena. In multiplayer you can use up to 8 weapons scattered throughout the level, which includes a remote controlled rocket launcher, flamethrower, chainsaw, and much more. This game is definitely a challenge if you are not familiar with the series. The missions in this game vary a lot. A few of them even bring back some classic arcade games in “Jetz” style. Overall there are 2 jammed packed cities but there will probably be an expansion for you people wanting more action. Be sure to tell me what you think. =)

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.02.26 th'DUDE
Rating: 9

this game is awesome, but just one thing...

it'll be cool if you could play the multiplayer BEFORE you beat the game, cause I CANT!
2005.02.24 DrLuigi777
Rating: 10

Yackemflaber, those were Jetz 1 cheats...Best Game Like EVER!Press C While Playing to Enter These Cheatsmastaweaponomg-Everythingmoneyisyummy-$100,000jumper-make Ogmo from Jumper come on the screenendofitall-get the megagun
2005.01.08 coolvin91
Rating: 10

One word describes this game: 'Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!' The graphics, effects, music... It's all perfect!!!!! GREAT job!
2004.12.03 gm_man
Rating: 10

Extremely Cool! Especially the killing-thingy and the flame thrower and the electricity gun and bla bla bla! Overall it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!
2004.11.27 Black_Wind
Rating: 9

Great game! I can see the hard work that you put into the game. This is only my second game in the series that I played. Good job!
2004.11.22 Yackemflaber
Rating: 10

AWSOME GAME! 10/10!!!I found some cheats!
Press C while playing to type these in:
Bzoka - Use bazooka
Crimax - Use crimax machine gun skin
S64000 - Tons of money
Grany - Max Destruction
Grnad - Tons of grenades
Flms - Flame thrower
Elctrc - Electric gun
Wtrgn - Water gun
klmrppl - Add 15 people
2004.11.13 Alpha59
Rating: --

I have the demo's and now i'm downloading the full version! You get my comment soon!I already give a 8 for the demo's...
2004.11.06 thesodamachine
Rating: 9

Very good indeed, but I do believe this would be a good place to put the Jetz series to rest.
2004.11.01 goldenman
Rating: 10

It is the best game that I played made by gamemaker
2004.11.01 knight666
Rating: 9

Very, VERY cool.Too bad it runs at 4-6 fps at my comp, so I have to take off a point...
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