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Game Maker Games - Animal RPG
Animal RPG by Oddwarg
From Oddwarg's site:

A rather long platform action/adventure-game.

You are some kind of animal, and your world has been invaded by an unstoppable army of robots. Your final goal is to find and activate the weapon that can defeat the enemies.
Visit towns and buy upgrades, destroy huge robots, and gather the keys to the doors you must pass.
But when you might think you have reached the end, you have probably not, yet...

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.12.08 EagloBane
Rating: 6

Ok, let me begin by looking at some of the positive aspects of this game. First, the variety was good. Every place had a different environment that never made the game feel repetitive. Second, I liked the concepts such as the getting of small keys to unlock doors to challenges for finding bigger keys. Third, most of the music was pretty good. Finally, the bonus quests were good additions to lengthen gameplay.

Now the not so good aspects. First, I found the combat system incredibly lacking and counter-intuitive. Destroying an enemy by running into it defeats the whole purpose of dodging or tactics, so basically one must do is jack up their max health and ignore the damage-causing enemies' blades or projectiles. Second, the sprites, while generally originally, gave the game a very messy look. Nothing really fit together, and the metal ramps scattered throughout the game are a great example. Third, the story was weak and hardly developed at all. Fourth, the character collision was annoying and unbelievable, since he could apparently balance over a deadly ravine by the tip of his tale or nose. And last, the menus, level-up system, and hud display were all seemingly haphazard. The innumerable messages that you had to slog through were not very well executed.

So while it's a decent game, it's not a very strong one all things considered. At least I enjoyed myself.
2007.10.11 funkyrock
Rating: 10

this is a good game with good music
2007.06.01 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

Quite the fun game until you hit a dead end.
But robot battles and catchy music are what kept my attention; until they both vanished.

Yeah, endgame. Fake endgame. I's been real frustrating finding the weird keys, soup ingredients, and elemental gems.
As a matter of fact, I still lack one key, one Red Ball, and two gems. I've been up and down this game all day, to no avail.
2006.12.21 piggybankvillan
Rating: 10

I rather liked this game very much where as me adding it to my favorites. Not much games get there but you got the talent to be on it. I would also like it if youmade a GM6 version or atleast the link for it so I can advertise it on my site. I hope you can back in touch with me later. My e-mail is piggybankvillan@hotmail.com thanks.

2006.10.02 kingkid15
Rating: 10

Out of all the Game Maker Games I have ever downloaded from this site, this is the best one. Normally I play the game for a day or two then get bored and quit. This game actually had me playing for weeks!!! I give it a 10!!~~ :)
2006.09.27 Hubert
Rating: 10

Well now that I've finished it, it was great the sprites and gameplay and everything here's another 10!
2006.09.12 Hubert
Rating: 10

That was a pretty good game... haven't gotten too far though, but anyways that was a very good game and here's your prize a big fat 10.
2006.01.14 CPowell
Rating: 7

Wow, this is a very nice game! I like the claw level upgrades, and the shop in general. I still haven't beaten it. Just need the last big key. I think lol. Are all the graphics original? It didn't seem like they all were, but excellent Job.

Graphics - 8/10
Nice animations and things.

Gameplay - 7/10
Some little things I found were a nuisance.
Such as little corners poking out on the hills that make you stop. Sometimes the stairway pipes are a little obnoxious, but not decreasing from the gameplay much.

Story 5/10
I find the story a little lacking. So far at least. The evil has infiltrated the lives of these animals, and you must defeat it. Classic.
Still, there are some neat things stuck in, like finding the keycard and going in the lab to find the big key room.

Overall - 7
Very nicely done, I couldn't have done it myself, lol.
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