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Game Maker Games - Sketchland
Review by cactus
Sketchland is a charming little platform game with simple and stylish graphics. The game stars a cute little fellow called Trenty (or Trentyguy), who has been sucked into a sketch book. Unable to find a way out of it, he decides to explore the surrounding environments.

The gameplay is pure platforming, and not much more. You can walk with the arrow keys, jump with up and if you press down while in the air, you will perform a Mario-style block/enemy crusher. The only small twist the game has, is that the enemies can shift between blue and red. While they're blue, Trentyguy won't be harmed by touching them. However, once they turn red, you better stay clear of any contact.
The first couple of levels are short and easy, but the game becomes a lot more tricky as you progress. Add in the fact that you only have three lives and a very short energy bar to finish the game (without any extra lives for you to grab), you'll see that the game packs a bit of a challenge.
Another thing that makes the game more challenging is the presence of a few (not too) irritating bugs. The jumping pads aren't coded very well, since you can sometimes jump on them without getting a boosted jump. Moving platforms seem to be something that many people struggle with, and this game is no exception. Fortunately the list doesn't grow much bigger than that, as the other bugs I found were quite minor.

The presentation of the game can be described as both good and bad. The graphics are simplistic, but mostly well designed and there's a lot of decent animation which makes the game more fun to look at. It doesn't exactly look like a sketch book, but the idea is carried out well enough to be obvious to an extent that the player will notice.
However, the polish isn't exactly great. The splash screens are really boring and don't go along well with what's presented during the actual gameplay. And the are some ugly message boxes popping up every now and then that makes you feel like punching your monitor. The transition between levels is non-existent, and some of the enemies look very dull and uninspired. The story is only present in the beginning of the game, and doesn't develop at all through out the game.
The music sets the mood well for the game, and the sound effects are really well selected. However, there seems to be a lack of sounds overall. More of them would have been welcomed warmly.

Overall, the game is above average, and if you enjoy platforming, you should definitely give it a try. The graphics alone are charming enough for it to be worth it.

Download Sketchland (EXE, ~3.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.12 polarbob
Rating: 5

Your game was very creative. I loved the thme you kept throughout the game. I'm a suckup for platforming games, and yours was a fun experience. The reason I gave you a 5 was because of 2 reasons. The sound was very repetitive and got annoying after a while. B: It was too short for me to give you a 10. Howeverif I disregard the length I'd give this a 9.5.
2006.10.06 jmanjman47
Rating: 9

Wow! so creative. The graphics are so addicting IMO. This is one of the most creative and original games I have ever played. Thank you for bringing this to us.
2006.06.04 cactus
Rating: 7

The link seems to be broken. I liked the game a lot, though. So I made a mirror for the file.

2006.01.11 GamerHippo7
Rating: 5

The Ink Demon, and final boss of my game Cameo's Color Quest's name was Sketch......... I was almost scared to play 'Sketchland' hehe just kidding... nice game ..but ...... a little too short and melancholly.
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