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Game Maker Games - Platform-Fight
Platform-Fight by Zzo38
Based and inspired by Super Smash Bros Melee, a fun game with many characters, levels, and modes, plus presets. Presets are charcters, levels and other things you made yourself and put in. There aren't a lot to start with, but that is so that you can make your own and post them so other people can use it as well. This current version is version 1.0a. If you find any bugs or suggestion,comment or anything else, you can post them here. (Remember this game is finished, it isn't a demo! Read this description again if you don't believe me.)

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.03 fadohacolu
Rating: 4

Okay heres the deal. The graphics totaly suck. its one thing to make simple graphics, buyt another to make just plain bad ones. However, the menu was impressive, and there was alot to the game, considering the size of the file. The gameplay was a bit hard to understand, but the maps were all unique and interesting. Only thing I would have done is told how do move and jump and whatnot and also told us what those items did. The physics were nice, but everything seemed slightly too random. But it wasn't bad. I'd give it a 4/10 and BTW Sh*t, what is wrong with you?
2008.02.03 fadohacolu
Rating: --

Um, why the freak isn't that dumb music stopping wheni shut the game down?
2007.06.16 DrackGames
Rating: 10

WOW! HOLY MOLY! THIS IS SO GOOD! I CAN'T BELIVE YOU GUYS ARE SAYING SUCH BAD THINGS ABOUT THIS! I LOVE IT! ITS HOLY GOOD! MAKE A SEQUEL! Oh yeah... Sh*t that was not a nice thing to say, your review was as bad as your name. lol.
2006.08.08 piggybankvillan
Rating: 10

I agree with Pie_4 this game is awesome sure the sprites may be bad but its awesome gameplay you try making this game i give it a 10 and adding it to my favs :D
2006.08.08 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

and yes you can jump its z thanks bye c you all latar.

check your self b4 u wreck urself
piggybankvillan :D
2006.07.12 Suicidal monkey
Rating: 1

WTF is wrong with you pie. shlt is right(i never thought i'd say that). that game makes NO SENSE it suks ass. pies mario kart was good. but this games gameplay is just gay
2006.03.15 Pie_4
Rating: --

i think your post is just as good as your name... Have you even tryed making your own characters or levels? Then maybe you wont hate it so much...
2006.03.15 dizzyforpigs
Rating: --

Dude, I can't download the game. Could someone re-host it somewhere?
2006.02.22 shit
Rating: 1

This SUCKS!!! you cant even jump, the sprites are horrible, and it should never have been made, the midi is okay and the menu leaves a lot to be desired.
2005.12.29 Pie_4
Rating: 10

This game is really good with many modes. I like it alot, though the graphics arent that good. Its still fun so i give it a 10! 10 10 10 10 10!
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