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Game Maker Games - Tourist Isle
Tourist Isle by Kafeithekeaton
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Review by happysister
People who like games such as Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon might like this game. Tourist Isle is a simulation game where you build a vacation island for people to visit. These kinds of games are uncommon and unique in the Game Maker world, as far as I know. That factor alone got me interested.

Game play is just like in Sim City. You start out with a certain sum of money and you must use it to build attractions for visitors to keep themselves occupied as they admire your beautiful island paradise. There is a small variety of things you can build to serve this purpose such as restaurants, beach spots, and fishing piers. There are other things you can build besides tourist attractions as well. For instance, enemy aircraft kept invading my island (I guess they were jealous because it was getting all the attention) and so I had to build a barrack and train up an army to drive them away. The game engine was pretty well done, but it was a little confusing to me on how to build things at first. A wider range of places to build would have made the game nicer as well. Perhaps an amusement park or a zoo could have been added.

The game has music, but not much. There is a music and sound on/off function which is always a nice thing to implement in a game. If you get tired of the looping song, you could stop it and maybe throw in a CD to listen to instead.

The graphics are original, and could’ve been touched up a little. I did enjoy watching the tiny people and cars run all over the island though. The “dancing” trees, however, scared me at first.

One thing I liked about the game was that everything you needed could be accessed in the menu at the bottom of the screen. You could save and load games by clicking on the buttons there, as well as access the help screen and exit the game.

So, all in all, I think Tourist Isle is a well done game. The creator seems to have put in a decent amount of effort into making it. I would like to see a sequel or second version with more building options and enhanced graphics and sounds, but because of its originality, I say it is very nice and worth the download.

NOTE: Right click, save target as

Download Tourist Isle (EXE, ~1.5 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.16 factnfiction101
Rating: 7

I would like this game and play it longer than 30 minutes if you worked on a few areas:
1) Graphics
2) Your option system (music, sound, saves, etc...) or made the buttons look fancier or something.
3) Fix the bug where you can click on numerous buildings and move them all at once. Like if you bought a sawmill and then a hotel, you can move both of them at once.
4) Increase the amount of buildings you can buy.

This could be a pretty good game worthy of a star status if you fixed those minor gripes I had with it. Good job on Help file (Game Info). Looking forward to a part 2.

Actually I think I'll play it again.
2006.08.14 curly
Rating: --

the link don't work please fix it
2006.05.13 Levo45
Rating: 8

This game is awsome. I bet it was hard to make but u pulled it off, its games like these that are overlooked and forgotten this hsould be number 1!
2005.05.05 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 8


I may make a sequal, but not soon. I've been thinking about it. If I do, it will probably be sometime next year.
2005.04.29 mrlego9
Rating: 8

Entertaing. i master the game in 20 mins( had like 20 solgers and still making mula)Would like if there was a sequl with missions.
2005.03.18 kirbycool
Rating: 5

It's not very good in my humble opinion. :(
2005.02.03 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

very good game, make it easier to build though!!!
2005.01.24 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

YEAH! Thanks for the review. Anywho, for those of you playing it, press,


several times in that order to get something weird to happen!
2005.01.23 Ergo
Rating: 8

This was a pretty good game. Not extroardinary or anything, but above average.
2005.01.21 dontask_37
Rating: 8

It was a good game but could have been better if you moved the buildings and stuff with the mouse instead of the arrow keys as that was slow and tedious.
2004.08.23 gametroy
Rating: --

ok well i finaly got the hang of the game... not bad. the graphics could be better and the instructions could make alittle more sence but other then that good work.
2004.08.22 gametroy
Rating: --

wierd game... its hard to get the controls down... especialy when you don't read the instructions (like me). but its not that bad of a game.
2004.06.18 MarcKal
Rating: --

Reminds me of Tropico.
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