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Game Maker Games - Seizure 2
Seizure 2 by CharcoaL125
this game is 3 games in 1.

"Look at a Screen",
"Grindcore lyrics"

Grindcore lyrics is an entirely new game mode in which you simply listen to a song while looking at an image that has what I hear the guy saying in the song. It's great.

That is a real screenshot.

The filesize is big, but IT'S WORTH IT.

Download Seizure 2 (EXE, ~8.84 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.18 Mostis
Rating: 3

-Mostis Review-

Well, after playing Seizure: The Game, I decided to review the sequel. It turns out, this one was actually better than the first! I don't know how they done it.

Gameplay 2/10
The gameplay was just the same as the first game, except a little more interesting. The "bad guys" were not actually letters that spell the word "bad guy" but actual creatures this time. The controls for some of the squiggles (now redesigned) were reversed. And finally, a final boss! It was still easy though...

Graphics 4/10
Graphics were slightly better this time. I liked the new animations and flashy colors. It was even more likely to give you a seizure.

Music/SFX 3/10
Yet again, no sounds, but fantastic music! There was even a new gameplay mode where you could listen to music and you get lyrics for it. Not bad.

Replayability 2/10
Probably the same as the other, if not slightly higher. I don't see any reason to play again unless you want to see what happens if you let the final boss touch you. Even then, maybe not. It's still good the first time.

Ideas 6/10
This game develops off of the prequel even further with the original idea of an easy game that can induce seizures. And, because of the improved gameplay, quality also goes up.

Overall: 3.4/10
Well, it's definately an improvement, which is good. If I was an inexperienced reviewer going solely on opinion, laughter rate, and easyness, I'd give this game a 9/10. But I have to be official. I would really like for there to be a Seizure 3!
2006.04.29 scimitar
Rating: --

I have to say, compared to the Seizure: The Game, this one is not as traumatizing.

The multiple game modes was, ummm...interesting.

The use of short animation clips was pretty inventive.
2005.12.24 Psychedellic Octavarium
Rating: 7

Das coo'!!!!
tis crazy!!!!
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