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Game Maker Games - Happ
Happ by I.S.
This is a game where you control Happi Happ, to guide her through her country in one piece. Your second mission is to defeat the evil demon, SuperAngryAndRainbowyWeirdo. Happi has to avoid enemies like; pants, spikeheads, and other baddies. Happ is a simple game, there is a skipping the level button, which can only be used if you absolutely can not beat the level which you are on. So, I won't tell you because some kids will just use the skip key to skip every single level. It doesn't have any resemblance to a Johnny game, except the engine of this game. If you compare the engine to a Johnny game, you can see the resemblance of the engines together. Only Happ, has green blue hair, and Johnny is bald. If you really concentrate, you can get past some of the impossible levels! Also, you can get help, you might not remember this but here is how you get the F1 information. It's not F1, it's; J+A+D+E+I+S+B+E+S+T+F+R+I+E+N+D+S+W+I+T+H+H+A+P+P+I+H+A+P+P. If you want to know who Jane is, review this game calmly so I can make a sequel.

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.12.22 GamerHippo7
Rating: 2

7 Minutes to download?!?!
2 minutes to load~?

Graphics: Everything just kinda sits there. The only .GIFs are the enemy projectiles which don't do anything. I started out avoiding them, but as I progressed, I noticed that you have no health, and enemy projectiles just delete themselves on contact with you. There's a lot of demo backgrounds from MSpaint, and other familiar places which smacks out some originality.

Gameplay: I found myself lost at times, because the level exits are not visible. You could fall down a hole and complete a level, or just touch the other side of the screen. It plays like a platformer, but misses the elements. You defeat enemies by simply being above them when they jump. There's no check as to what happenes if you are so many pixels above. The enemies spaz out too. The AI is simply characters sporatically moving back and forth and up and down at rapid pace and occasionally jumping. 1 Hit and its back to start. A few levels in, there are at least 7 enemies jumping all over the place and theres NO possible way to get past them. Your character also shoots candy corn out of her head by pressing space. This doesn't do anything. They delete themselves on contact with enemies, and reverse their trajectory when you press the left or right arrow key. The view is trippy as well. You're walking one second and the next, a boy with a misshapen head tackles you, and you die...

Sound: The use of Mr. Overmars' 'OW' sound effect found in the example.... thats about it.

Music: 1 Techno MP3 that doesn't fit the game.

I couldn't play this very much at all. The spastic title screen made it difficult just to START the game. There's stuff EVERYWHERE!!! The only way to get past it is to jump on it, or over it. Otherwise you die.

-Read up on platform mechanics and try to put your own spin on it. Using examples is fine, but expand. Use .GIFs, DO NOT PRELOAD YOUR SPRITES!!! This game takes too long to load,
2005.12.22 ImSneaky
Rating: --

I do agree that this game isn't very good, because I made this a while back. Yes, there are a lot of things I have to change in the game. There is health, and it took me a week to make this! I also do agree that it takes to long to load, there are enemies that move way too fast, and also I put a song there that wasn't suited well enough. I made this back in May, give me a break, I'm nine years old! I am not the perfect gamemaker like (clysm) tapeworm, or anybody else!
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